Flying Buddha Women's Self-defense Workshop

Event Date: May 18, 2024

Event Location: Flying Buddha Studio

This seminar will focus on both the preventative aspects of self-protection as well as the responsive aspects of hands-on self-defense. This two-part seminar begins with a guided conversation that gives insight into an attacker mentality and develops our ability to recognize pre-attack indicators and predatory behaviors.
Participants will also learn the foundations of self-defense from striking and blocking to defenses for common grabs and attacks as they learn how to address the physical aspects of an attacker to be better equipped to physically protect themselves. In addition to learning individual techniques, you will have the chance to employ them in fun, challenging application drills that will have you asking for more! Students will be better able to:
Predict and prevent violence
Verbally de-escalate threatening situations
Combat aggressive behavior
Use practical self-defense striking and tactics
Escape holds, grabs, and other scenarios
Before participating in this event, you must complete and sign the required document below.