Client Intake Form & Release Agreement


General Statement

Welcome to Cambiati Wellness Programs! We are so excited that you are starting your journey to health with us. We strive to assist our clients in achieving better health by suggesting foods, vitamins, herbs, appropriate testing, exercise, and lifestyle modification programs. We do not diagnose or treat disease. Always consult your physician before starting any fitness, diet or nutrition regimen.

We have Registered Dietitian(s) and Certified Nutritionist(s) on staff but unless otherwise noted, our instructors, staff and volunteers are not nutritionists or registered dieticians, personal trainers, or physicians. We may help coordinate services for doctors through Cambiati Wellness but Cambiati Wellness is not the provider for or liable for the services performed by doctors, their staff, or independent contractors are not employed by Cambiati Wellness.

Acknowledgment of Risk and Informed Consent

I, the undersigned Client, certify that I am 18 years old or older and in good health. I hereby consent to voluntarily participating in the nutrition, testing, exercise and wellness program offered by Cambiati Wellness Programs (collectively the Program) and to use Cambiati Wellness Programs facilities and premises (if applicable) in accordance with Cambiati Wellness Programs rules and policies. I certify that I have full knowledge of the nature and extent of the risks inherent in any nutrition, diet and exercise program, including injury (such as musculoskeletal strains or heart attacks), illness or death, and that I am voluntarily assuming these risks.

I understand that information provided by Cambiati Wellness Programs, Cambiati Wellness, including its instructors, staff, agents or volunteers, regarding nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and health are NOT meant to replace medical care or treatment for any health problem or condition. I understand that any recommendation for changes in diet including the use of nutrition supplements, weight reduction and/or muscle building products is entirely my responsibility and that I should consult a physician prior to undergoing any exercise, dietary or supplement regiment or changes. I also understand that I should check with my physician regarding any contra-indications among dietary changes, exercise, supplements and medications.

I further certify that I am responsible for how any medical condition(s) I may have may be affected by the Program, including any nutrition, exercise, or supplement recommendations. I understand that I should check with my physician before following any suggestions. If at any time during an exercise session I feel pain or discomfort I MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY and inform Cambiati Wellness Programs personnel.

I further understand and acknowledge that Cambiati Wellness Programs does not manufacture fitness or other equipment, merely provides recreational services and is not liable for defective fitness or other equipment used in its Program. Further, I understand and acknowledge that Cambiati Wellness Programs does not manufacture supplements or other nutritional products recommended through its programs and is not liable for defective products.

I have read the foregoing information and understand it, and have answered the health questionnaire truthfully and completely. Any queries have been answered to my satisfaction.

Rules and Policies

Refunds on Products: We carefully care for our products and due to the delicate nature of the products we cannot return them. 

Appointment Changes: We work hard to prepare for your appointment so please call at least 48 hours prior to your appointment if you need to reschedule. Less than 48-hour notice may result in a loss of a session and may be subject to a cancellation fee up to the price of the appointment. Appointments must be completed within 6 months from the date of the sale unless you have chosen a year-long package. 

Refunds on Programs or Private Sessions: We want to hold you at the highest performance level and not completing this program would not serve you. No refunds are given because we want the best for you and because we book time with nutritionists ahead of time. In addition, we do lots of preparation at the beginning of the packages or private sessions. Don’t worry because you are going to love your results!

I have read and agree to be bound by Cambiati Wellness Programs rules and policies, as may be applicable from time to time, which are in place to ensure a safer and more enjoyable environment. Cambiati Wellness Programs may, in its sole discretion, modify its rules and policies without notice at any time. I understand that it is my responsibility to know and follow the most current rules and policies. In particular, I understand that I cannot use the facilities or engage in any activity at Cambiati Wellness Programs facilities while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication. Also, Cambiati Wellness Programs does not permit smoking, alcohol or illegal drugs (including steroids) and weapons of any kind, in its facilities. No photography, videotaping, filming or audio recording is permitted on our premises without written permission by an authorized agent of Cambiati Wellness Programs. Cambiati Wellness Programs does not permit and will not tolerate any inappropriate conduct. Such conduct includes, without limitation, using loud, abusive, offensive, insulting, demeaning language, profanity, lewd conduct or any conduct that harasses or is bothersome to other clients. I further understand that if I violate any of these rules and policies, I may be asked to leave and my membership may be terminated without warning, in Cambiati Wellness Programs sole discretion.

Proprietary Program Materials

I understand that all the materials provided to me or which I may have access to in conjunction with my enrollment in Cambiati Wellness Programs classes and programs, including without limitation class handouts, teaching materials, emails, presentations, videos, podcasts, slides, website content, exercises, and recipes (collectively the Materials) are confidential. The Materials, including any and all intellectual property rights in the Materials (such as copyrights and trademarks) shall remain at all times the property of Cambiati Wellness Programs. I shall not copy, distribute, display, publish, perform or create derivative works from (by electronic means or in any other way) the Materials without prior written permission from an authorized agent of Cambiati Wellness Programs. This includes forwarding or commercially exploiting the Materials and teaching the Program to others. Neither this agreement nor Cambiati Wellness Programs disclosure of the Materials shall be deemed, by implication or otherwise, to grant me any licensed interest or property right in, under or to any of the Materials and any intellectual property rights therein. These obligations shall survive the expiration or termination of my membership.

Waiver and Release From Liability

I acknowledge that any participation in the Program, use of Cambiati Wellness Programs facilities and/or use of fitness equipment, exercise/nutrition program and/or products or supplements as part of the Program is solely at my own risk. Therefore, I, on behalf of myself and my assigns and heirs, devisees and estate (collectively successors), hereby unconditionally and forever release, discharge and agree to hold harmless Cambiati Wellness Programs, and its affiliates and subsidiaries, along with each of its officers, directors, employees, instructors, volunteers, agents and contractors (collectively, Released Parties), from any and all claims, judgments, costs, damages, losses, expenses and liabilities (whether arising under a theory of contract, warranty, tort, strict liability, product liability or any other theory), relating to any claim I may now or hereafter have with respect to any death, personal injury, property damages, pecuniary loss or other loss, damage cost or expense (collectively Harm) that may be suffered by me or any third party as a result of, or in connection with, the Program, or any portion thereof, the use of Cambiati Wellness Programs facilities, and/or the use of any fitness equipment, exercise/nutrition program and/or products and/or supplements as part of the Program, even if such harm is caused solely by the recklessness, negligence, or fault of one or more Released Parties. I specifically understand and agree that this release will prevent me and my successor from bringing a lawsuit, claim or other action against any Released Party and from recovering any money damages or other legal relief any Released Party or any other released party in connection with any of the claims released above.

Cambiati Wellness Programs is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft of personal property that may occur while visiting our facilities.

If you have registered for class(es) or purchased products online using our website, you might have used pages operated and maintained by a third party. The information that this business collects and maintains as a result of your visit to its web site may differ from the information that we collect and maintain. Cambiati Wellness Programs does not endorse the products or services, or privacy policies of any third-party site. Please review these third-party privacy policies for further information.

THIS WAIVER OF LIABILITY (the “Waiver”) is executed with regard to services rendered through Cambiati, LLC and services coordinated by Cambiati Wellness on behalf of doctors with the undersigned (“Client”).

  • Client understands that the party providing the phlebotomy, IV therapy, or vitamin shots are services unrelated to Cambiati, LLC and Cambiati Wellness.
  • Client should be aware of certain medical risks and consequences which can arise with regard to any medical procedures, including phlebotomy, IV therapy, or vitamin shots. Client should consult with Client’s professional medical providers if Client has any concerns in this regard.
  • Client understands that there is a margin of error in any and all tests which Cambiati LLC, Cambiati Wellness, or Dr. Bhandari, MD may run with the sample taken from Client.
  • It is recommended that Client eat something before the blood draw and have food and appropriate liquid on hand to eat immediately after services.
  • Client represents that client has the legal right, power, capacity and authority to enter into this Waiver and understands this Waiver and the process of the blood draw.
  • This Waiver shall be binding on and shall inure to the benefit of both parties and their respective successors and assigns.
  • We operate as a mandatory mask/face-cover facility. Please comply with that during any visit to the premises as well as during services. Given current conditions, for your protection and as a courtesy to all, we ask that for your visit you shower, wear clean clothes, and comply with all recommended health protections including but not limited to face covering, gloves, keeping good distance apart, and other “best practices.”

If applicable this document will also serve as informed consent for your Intravenous (IV) Infusion Therapy or vitamin shots.

If applicable have informed the IV practitioner of any known allergies to medications or other substances and of all current medications and supplements. I have fully informed the staff providing services of my medical history.

Intravenous infusion therapy and any claims made about these infusions have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical disease. These IV infusions are not a substitute for your physician’s medical care.

I understand that I have the right to be informed of the procedure, any feasible alternative options, and the risks and benefits. Except in emergencies, procedures are not performed until I have had an opportunity to receive such information and to give my informed consent.

Notice of Privacy Practices can be found here: https://www.cambiati.com/privacy-practices-hipaa/ 

General Terms

If any provision of this document is found to be unreasonable or unenforceable in any respect by a court, this agreement shall nonetheless be enforced to the maximum extent to which it is found by the court to be enforceable. This agreement is governed by the laws of the state of California, without reference to its choice of laws rules.

I have read and agree to be bound by this agreement:

August 17, 2022

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