Car Ride Waiver and Release of Liabillity 





WARNING:  There are significant elements of risk in riding in a vehicle and any situations that may arise therewith.  

EXPRESS ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND RESPONSIBILITY:  In recognition of the inherent risk of riding in another persons vehicle (the activity) which I and any minor children for which I am responsible, will engage in, I confirm that I am (we are) physically and mentally capable of participating in the activity.  I / We participate willingly and voluntarily and assume full responsibility for personal injury, accidents or illness including death.  I assume all responsibility for damage to or loss of personal property as the result of any accidents that may occur.  I accept full responsibility for all parties known or unknown for the activity that I have agreed to.  

I understand that I am NOT getting a ride from any type of company and that Hook-Up-Surfing does NOT provide the following services: vehicle based tour services, pick up and/or drop off services.  

Occasionally individuals who also have affiliations with Hook-Up-Surfing may out of convenience to you personally offer to give you a ride in their personal vehicles.  Upon riding in their vehicles you are getting a ride from a friend; you are not engaging in any services rendered by Hook-Up-Surfing or any of Hook-Up-Surfing's contractors.  Hook-Up-Surfing does NOT give rides.  You also may be refused a ride at any time at their discretion as you also have the right to refuse a ride.  Individuals affiliated with Hook-Up-Surfing do not allow persons under the age of 18 to get a ride unsupervised, nor do they give rides to children in need of car seats.  By accepting a ride from them you acknowledge that you are over 18 and/or are the legal guardian of all parties who are under 18 and that no one in your party is in need of a car seat.  If anyone in your party is in need of a car seat, or an unaccompanied minor you MUST arrange for their transportation.  It is not the responsibility of the driver to know who needs a car seat, if you (the parent or guardian) allow anyone who needs a car seat to have a ride in a personal car going to/from a Hook-Up-Surfing activities you are FULLY responsible for any legal fines/fees incurred and any child death or injury that results.  

You are agreeing to riding in a personal vehicle owned by an individual.  You are acknowledging that you know, while riding in a vehicle including a vehicle that is going to from to or from a location where Hook-Up-Surfing, Jenn Lee Fitness, Quality Surfboards, and/or Blue Planet Surf Gear LLC renders services is NOT in any way connected or affiliated with Hook-Up-Surfing, Jenn Lee Fitness, Quality Surfboards, or Blue Planet Surf Gear LLC.  

The vehicle you are riding in is NOT a business vehicle and we require that you respect it as a vehicle owned by a friend who is giving you a ride.  You shall be gentle with opening and closing doors, or ask the vehicles owner to open and close doors for you.  You are not allowed to make the vehicle dirty.  You agree to bring/wear (post surf/SUP) a change of dry clothing and to not bring sand into the car.  No-one is allowed to ride in any car wet, no one is allowed to apply sunscreen or open liquid containers, or eat food inside any of the vehicles you may be riding in.  Spray sunscreen must be used at least 25 feet AWAY from any vehicles owned by any of our instructors/photographers.  



I hereby understand that I am riding in a vehicle that is NOT part of any business or business activity and that I am choosing to ride in a car with an individual person allowing me to ride in his/her own personal vehicle as a friend.  I understand that if I cause damage anyone's vehicle or cause it to become excessively dirty I may be required to pay for repairs or cleaning.  With consideration to riding in a car with any individuals connected with the following:  Ivan Duque, Jennifer Lee, Hook-Up-Surfing, DLNR Boating Division, City and County of Honolulu, Quality Surfboards, Blue Planet Surf Gear LLC, Jenn Lee Fitness Its / Their owner(s) contractors principals, Directors, officers, agents, employees and volunteers, I, for myself and any minor children for which I am a parent, legal guardian or otherwise responsible, any heirs, personal representative or assigns, do hereby release:  Ivan Duque, Jennifer Lee, Hook-Up-Surfing, DLNR Boating Division, City and County of Honolulu, Quality Surfboards, Jenn Lee Fitness, Blue Planet Surf Gear LLC, Its / Their owner(s), contractors principals, Directors, officers, agents, employees and volunteers from all liability and waive any claim for damage arising from any cause whatsoever including gross negligence. 



 May 25, 2019

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