Lewis & Clark River Expeditions


To be completed by every adult participant 18 years of age and older.

Wyoming' s Snake River

I recognize that there is an element of risk in any adventure, sport, or activity associate with the outdoors. I am fully aware of the risks and dangers inherent in river trips in a high mountain environment ("activity") and have been informed of known special hazards in such activity. A copy of such hazards is attached, which I have read and understand. I certify that I am fully capable of participating in this activity, and (if applicable) I certify that my family and minor children are also fully capable of such participation.

I acknowledge that I am required to wear a lifejacket during this activity. Instruction as to the proper use of the lifejacket is available from the guides. I am aware that the physical exertion required of river rafting and the forces exerted on the body can activate or aggravate pre-existing physical injuries, conditions, symptoms or congenital defects. I have been advised to seek medical advice if I know or suspect that my physical condition may be incompatible with river rafting.

Therefore, I assume full responsibility for Personal Injury and Bodily Injury to myself and my minor children and/or minor children in my care, custody and control and for loss or damage to my or their personal property and any related expenses as a result of our participation in the activity Except to the extent such Injury or Damage is due to the Negligence of Lewis & Clark River Expeditions. I further understand that Lewis & Clark River Expeditions reserves the right to refuse any person it judges to be incapable of meeting the rigors and requirements of participating in this activity. Any legal claims that may arise from participation in the activity shall be resolved under Wyoming law in the courts of Wyoming.

Photo Release: Photographs are frequently taken of our river trips by staff or participants. Occasionally such photographs may be considered for inclusion in brochures or other promotional material. Your signature below signifies consent for the use of such complimentary photos.

I have read, understand and accept the terms and conditions stated herein and acknowledge that this agreement shall be effective and binding upon me and, if applicable, for and on behalf of my family and minor children, during the entire period of participation in the activity.

Client/participant, if of the age of 18 or older, please respond below

TODAY'S DATE: April 24, 2019



For over 45 years, river trips under several Lewis & Clark identities have provided safe and exciting river adventures for hundreds of thousands of clients. Our guides are experienced boatmen, but the presence of a guide or other staff is absolutely no assurance of safety or the lessening of risks inherent in or integral to the recreational activity. Each participant in a Lewis & Clark river trip understands and acknowledges that certain risks are integral or inherent to the recreational activity, that staff is available to answer any questions about such risks, and that such risks may cause loss or damage to personal property, illness, accidental personal injury or in some cases, permanent trauma or death, including without limitation by way of example:

1. Risk of hypothermia or drowning, heart failure, and trauma caused by hot sun or cold water, including being wet or cold, and uncomfortable.

2. Risks related to getting to, in or out of river rafts or boats caused by slippery, uneven or unstable ground or vessel surfaces.

3. Risks of head and other bodily injury from being thrown by the forces of water, out of the raft or boat onto rocks or tress or into dangerous rocks or cold water, gear, cargo, rigging, or other people.

4. Risks of exposure to sunburn, insect bites and stings or other wildlife or animal encounters.

5. Risks of injury during vehicular transportation to or from the river; and

6. Such other risks, hazards and dangers that are integral to high mountain river activities in a wilderness environment.

Each participant in a Lewis & Clark River Expeditions River Trip does so voluntarily, with full knowledge of the risks, and assumes all risks of such participation. Each participant has a duty to disclose any mental or physical problem(s) or limitation(s) that may affect participation.


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