Confederate Trails of Gettysburg, Inc. 

Visitor Acknowledgment of Risk


Please read carefully, then check and initial where shown before signing.

In consideration of the services of Confederate Trails of Gettysburg, Inc dba Horse Tours of Gettysburg their officers, agents, employees, stockholders, and all other persons or entities associated with those businesses (hereafter collectively referred to as “Horse Tours of Gettysburg”).

Your signature clearly and without question states you have read, understand and agree with all statements/ instruction from here on in this document:  

Although Horse Tours of Gettysburg has taken reasonable steps to provide me with appropriate equipment and skilled guides so I, the undersigned, can enjoy an activity for which I may not be skilled, Horse Tours of Gettysburg has informed me this activity is not without risk. 

Certain risks are inherent in each activity and cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique character of the activity. These inherent risks are some of the same elements that contribute to the unique character of this activity and can be the cause of loss or damage to my equipment, or accidental injury, illness, or in extreme cases, permanent trauma or death. Horse Tours of Gettysburg  does not want  frighten me or reduce my enthusiasm for this activity but believes it is important for me to know in advance what to expect and to be informed of the inherent risks. The following describes some, but not all, of those risks. 

I acknowledge that riding has inherent risks, hazards, and dangers for anyone that cannot be eliminated, particularly in a wilderness environment.


•The propensity of the animal to behave in ways that may result in injury, harm or death to persons on or around them. 

•The unpredictability of the animal's reaction to such things as sounds, sudden movement and unfamiliar objects, person, or other animals. 

•Certain hazards such as surface and sub-surface conditions. 

•Collisions with other animals or objects. 

•The potential of the participant to act in a negligent manner that may contribute to injury to the participants or others, such as failing to maintain control over the animal or not acting within his or her ability. 

•I may encounter variations in terrain that are my responsibility and I assume these risks including and not isolated to creeks, water, bridges, traveled road, wild things, stumps, forest growth, debris, rocks and cliffs, and other could be obstacles whether they are obvious or not obvious, man-made or natural. 

•Hiking in rugged country and possible encounters with wildlife, animals, and insects 

•Temperature extremes 

•Inclement weather conditions and the unavailability of immediate medical attention in the wilderness in case of injury. 

•The risk of handling firearms and being near others that have firearms in their possession. 

  1. I understand the risks, hazards, and dangers of horseback riding and have the opportunity to discuss them with Horse Tours of Gettysburg
  2. I understand that these activities may require good physical conditioning and a degree of skill and knowledge.
  3. I believe I have the good physical conditioning and the degree of skill and understanding necessary for me to engage in these activities safely.
  4. I understand that I have responsibilities. My participation in this activity is purely voluntary. No one is forcing me to participate despite the risks. 


I certify that I am fully capable of participating in this activity. Consequently, I assume and accept full responsibility for myself, including all minor children in my care, custody, and/or control, for bodily injury, death, or loss of personal property and expenses as a result of those inherent risks and dangers identified herein and those inherent risks and dangers not specifically identified, and as a result of my negligence in participating in this activity. 

I have carefully read, clearly understood, and accepted the terms and conditions stated herein and acknowledge that this agreement shall be effective and binding upon me, my heirs, assigns, personal representative, and estate and for all members of my family, including minor children. 

I consent to be photographed during these activities and to have my photograph used in advertising, informational and promotional materials for Horse Tours of Gettysburg and/or their associates. 

I have carefully read, clearly understand, and voluntarily sign this acknowledgment of risk.

 May 26, 2024  

I Agree

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Things We should know?

Are there any Physical and or Health concerns Confederate Trails Inc should be aware of in order to make sure you and all riders are safe during the ride? Conditions that can cause you to loose consciousness, have involuntary and uncontrolled muscle movements or faint should be brought to the attention of the staff, not to affect your Ride, but to give the staff the proper tools to handle if you are having a problem during the ride. We are always ready to help accommodate any health or physical concerns, and will do so to the best of our abilities.

If the answer is YES please state what you feel we should know prior to your ride so we can make sure we understand your needs in the event if you fall on any issues during the ride. A staff member may reach out to you prior to your ride. 


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If under eighteen years of age, parent, guardian, or custodian must sign the following indemnification: INDEMNIFICATION: In consideration for the above minor being permitted by Confederate Trails of Gettysburg Inc, to participate in the activities of Confederate Trails of Gettysburg Inc which include, without limitation, the use of its services, animals and equipment, I agree to the following acknowledgment of risk, release and indemnification: The undersigned parent, guardian, or custodian of the above minor, for himself/herself and on behalf of said minor, hereby joins in the foregoing Acknowledgement of Risk Release and hereby stipulates and agrees to save and hold harmless, indemnify and forever defend Confederate Trails of Gettysburg Inc their directors, officers, agents, employees and volunteers from and against any claims, actions, demands, expenses, liabilities (including reasonable attorneys' fees) and NEGLIGENCE made or brought by said minor or by anyone on behalf of said minor, as a result of said minor's participation in the activities of Confederate Trails of Gettysburg Inc. I, for myself and on behalf of said minor, further agree not to sue Confederate Trails of Gettysburg Inc, as a result any injury, paralysis or death that said minor suffers in connection with his/her participation in the activities of Confederate Trails of Gettysburg Inc,

By signing below the Parent or Court-Appointed Legal Guardian agrees that they are also subject to all the terms of this document, as set forth above.
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