Maxon Shooter’s Supplies and Indoor Range
75 E. Bradrock, Des Plaines, IL 60018
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I, the undersigned, acknowledges that firearms possession and usage pose serious and inherent danger if mishandled. Therefore, common sense and safety are required at all times. To better assure the well being of shooters, visitors, customers, employees and the premises, all persons on DPE Services Inc. DBA Maxon Shooters Supplies and Indoor Range (“Maxon”) property are required to obey the basic rules and policies stated herein. The customer will be held responsible for any damage he/she causes to Maxon property. It is unlawful to use this facility with or for any malicious intent. Maxon reserves the rights to deny access, products, or services to and immediately remove (without refund) any person: deemed unsafe or a threat to themselves, other individuals, or to the facility in violation of applicable federal, state, county or municipal laws or regulations; in violation of any Maxon rules and policies; and/or unwilling or unable to comply with instructions, directions, etc., of Maxon employees or their authorized representative. All shooters or spectators indemnify Maxon to the fullest extent permitted by law, at all times while shooter or spectator are on Maxon’s property.

  1. All firearms for range use must be unloaded and cased when entering or exiting the facility.
  2. No persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or intellectually disabled are allowed to use the range. 
  3. To use the range you must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid FOlD card, if under 21 you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian with a valid FOlD card.
  4. No more than 3 persons per range booth.
  5. No food, drink, tobacco, or gum are permitted in the range
  6. Two people are required for firearm rental.  The renter must have a valid FOID card and be 21 years or older.  All ammunition for rental guns must be purchased from Maxon. 
  7. Maxon reserves the right to inspect and deny use of any customer supplied ammunition, firearms, target, etc.  The following are prohibited: fully automatic or black powder firearms; steel jacketed, armor piercing, tracer, Wolf brand ammunition.  Exploding, metal, wood, personal image, disparaging, inciting or ground level targets are prohibited.  
  8. Hearing and eye protection must be worn at all times within the range.
  9. Targets must be hung from hangers (available from Maxon) attached to target carriers.
  10. Anyone that is witnessed not using an approved target hanger will incur a $20 fine. 
  11. No uncased firearms or cartridge loading are permitted outside of the shooting booth.
  12. Always treat your firearm as if it's loaded.  
  13. Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.  
  14. Always keep your muzzle pointed down range and within your assigned shooting booth. 
  15. Always keep your firearm action open and gun unloaded until ready to use and during cease fires. 
  16. Absolutely no rapid firing. 
  17. Absolutely no drawing from the holster.
  18. Never go forward of the shooting bench. 
  19. Know how your firearm operates (i.e. controls and safety features); use only correct and reliable ammunition. 
  20. In case of a firearm malfunction that you are unable to safely or effectively fix, promptly lay the firearm on the shooting bench with the muzzle pointed down range and notify Maxon personnel. 
  21. Shoot at your target only- not range fixtures, equipment, walls, floor, ceiling, or other's targets. 
  22. All firearms must be unloaded and cased before leaving the range booth. 
  23. Your spent cartridge casings may be collected only from within or behind your booth.
  24. All shooters are required to behave responsibly, safely, and civilly. If you observe any unsafe condition or action, please immediately report it to Maxon personnel.

I, the undersigned, my agents, executors or administrators, for the consideration of being allowed to enter, rent, and use the facilities, firearms, supplies, and services of and services of Maxon and for all other goods and valuable considerations, do hereby absolutely and unequivocally agree to release and hold harmless Maxon, its officers, employees, agents, instructors, assigns and successors, from any claim, demand, or liability whether claimed by myself or another arising out of any injury, loss or disability connected with the use of Maxon facilities, firearms, supplies, and services. I certify that, prior to using the range and all other areas of Maxon, I have read, understand and agree to abide by all stated rules and policies and voluntarily accept this disclaimer and will follow all local, state, and federal laws.

Date: December 11, 2019

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