This Residential Rental Agreement made on July 14, 2020 between KT Cabin Rental (landlord) and the Tennant.

KT Cabin Locations: River Road, The Horse Farm, The Bunk House, Red Roof, Green Roof,  Little Pond’erosa, Big Pond’erosa.

Tenant obligations: Tenant shall keep the dwelling reasonably clean while occupying said property. Departure cleaning is included in the fees; however, the tenant must perform duties listed in checkout instructions posted in each unit.

Insurance: Tenant shall be responsible for insuring his or her own personal contents/possessions against any fire, theft, or other catastrophes.

Right to access: Tennant shall allow landlord access to the dwelling to inspect premises, make repairs, alterations, or improvements and supply necessary services. Landlord will make every effort to notify the tenant prior to access.

Pet Policy: Smaller pets are considered. MUST be pre-approved by KT Cabins. A pet fee will be charged in these cases and must be approved prior to rental. In the event we discover a non-authorized pet(s) on our property, the renter will be charged a $150.00 cleaning fee per pet regardless of who the pet belongs to.

Security deposit: Tennant is responsibly for the security deposit of the cabin they stay in and will be refunded within 10 days after term of rental; provided a security deposit was taken and the tenant has fulfilled the rental contract. A credit card may be kept on file in lieu of deposit.

Damages: Any damages found upon departure will be assessed at cost of repair or replacement and deducted from the deposit. In the event the deposit does not satisfy the damages, tenant agrees to pay additional monies to satisfy the cost of repair and/or replacement. Hot Tub covers are checked before and after each reservation - if broken or damaged, guests can be charged up to $450.

Smoking: Smoking inside the house is strictly prohibited. (If discovered you may be asked to leave.) A cleaning fee of $250 will be added to your credit card on file.

House Parties: House Parties Are Strictly Prohibited. (You will be asked to leave the premises and forfeit all rental and deposit fees.)

Age: Must be 24 years of age to rent. 

Tenant Initial

Safety and Security

The tenant and all guests acknowledge that the property rented is a rustic log or log type cabin. There are hazards that relate to a rustic cabin/house/dwelling that are not common in hotels and motels. These cabins may have wood stairs, hot tubs, and rough walking terrain. Most cabins are located in wooded areas and may be subject to bugs, animals, and other hazards not stated herein. The tenant acknowledges that he or she will make familiar with all guests the hazards of occupying these types of dwellings and hold harmless the owners, landlord, KT Cabins, or any employees of the aforementioned, from any claims by injury or loss.

Tenant initial

Tenant agrees to be respectful of neighbors (if any). Tenant agrees to occupy only the general area of the rented cabin. Cabins 3228 and 3226 are located next to a horse farm with two additional cabins, known as Kings Hydro Farm. KT Cabins does not own or manage these properties. At no time should the tenant wonder, explore, or visit the adjacent property. These cabins also have a long gravel drive, therefore, vehicle traffic should be courteous when entering and exiting the drive.

3228 (Red Roof Cabin), 3226 (Green Roof Cabin), Big Pond’erosa, and Little Pond’erosa are located on 18 acres with a barn, picnic pavilion, and fish pond. Fishing is allowed (You may also be required to have a fishing license in the state of Tennessee). Non-adult persons must be supervised by adults at all times. Please be respectful in these locations of other guests.

NO HUNTING OR DISCHARGING OF FIREARMS ALLOWED. Please be respectful of wildlife by keeping a safe distance. Wildlife you could see include: deer, squirrels, numerous species of birds, and other woodland creatures.

See Additional house rules for each rental location.

Utilities: Most rental locations are located in a rural area. They are subject to loss of power and internet occasionally during storms or inclement weather. We have no control over these issues. For any maintenance issue, we have a 24/7 maintenance staff on call and make every effort to fix or repair the issue as quickly as possible. We ask that you contact our maintenance staff should you experience any maintenance issue. We may elect to upgrade you to another cabin if such is available.

Internet Connection: We have, in most cases, internet through a cable TV provider. We have routers and modems that allow you access to the internet. You must not attempt to reset any of this equipment. Please call the maintenance numbers listed in your cabin and we will assist you. If it is determined that the internet is active and available at your location and it is found to be an issue with your personal device, we do not offer support.

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By signing this agreement, you agree to all rules and regulations listed herein.

Tenant Initial


In the unlikely event that the property becomes unavailable for rent due to any reason, the landlord, referred to as KT Cabins, may reimburse to the renter the unearned rental rate for full and complete compensation of and to the renter.

I have read and understand the terms of this agreement. I, as the tenant, agree to all the terms and conditions of this contract.

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