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LESSEE STATES: I am an adult of at least 18 years of age. I have rented the described vessel as Lessee from the Dillon Marina (Lessor).

I agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Lessee agrees to return the vessel on or before the established return time, otherwise Lessee shall pay a $75.00 late charge and any additional time at the hourly rental rate, with any portion of an hour constituting a full hour. Lessee shall also pay any loss or damage Lessor may incur by Lessee's failure to return with vessel at the established time. There is no refund for early return of vessel. Lessor not responsible for loss of running time due to weather, illness, accidents or changes in plans. Reservations canceled due to inclement weather will receive a full
  2. Dillon Marina Cancellation Policies: A reservation may be cancelled at any time prior to 48 hours before your scheduled rental, with no penalty. Reservations cancelled within 48 hours will incur a cancellation penalty of 20% of the rental fee which will be charged to your credit card. Weather policy: In case of inclement weather (at the time of your rental), you may cancel your reservation with no penalty if the boat does not leave the dock. Once you leave the dock, there is a 2 hour minimum on every rental.
  3. Lessee shall return the vessel in the condition it was received or Lessee shall be liable for all damages and/or loss of the vessel and its equipment sustained during the rental period. Should the vessel be returned in a condition that requires extensive cleaning, a minimum cleaning fee of $50.00 shall be added over and above any other required charges.
  4. Lessee agrees that the vessel will be kept in a safe place when unattended by Lessee personally and will be used solely by Lessee in a safe manner and on the date and time indicated on the rental form.


  1. Lessee’s acceptance and use of the vessel will be deemed to be acknowledgement that the vessel is seaworthy.
  2. Lessee assumes all risk of loss and damage to vessel, or other person or property damaged by lessee.
  3. Lessee understands that due to changing water conditions and levels some hazardous areas may be unmarked, and therefore not described by Lessor before rental period.
  4. Lessee shall have exclusive possession, control, and command of vessel during the rental period.
  5. Lessor is not responsible for any property left on vessel, or lost or transported by Lessee or any other person in Lessee’s party on vessel before, during, or after rental period.
  6. Lessee shall indemnify and hold Lessor harmless from any and all liability resulting from injury (including death) to any person, or damage or loss of property suffered on or about the vessel by reason of Lessee’s use, navigation, or operation of the vessel.
  7. Lessee shall use the vessel at his/her own risk and releases Lessor from all claims, liabilities, or suits arising from Lessee’s use of the vessel, including personal injury to Lessee or property damage sustained by Lessee.
  8. Lessee warrants and represents that he/she has the ability to safely operate the leased vessel. 9.) Lessee assumes full responsibility for the negligence of his/her passengers aboard the vessel.

The vessel is rented subject to Lessee’s reading and accepting the terms and conditions set forth above.

LESSEE: I have read & accept the Dillon Marina terms and conditions for the boat rental as stated above.

Dated: August 6, 2020

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