The Winners Circle Stables, LLC

All boarding is self care unless other arraingemnts are made.

Monthly Fee: Two Hundred dollars ($220.00) per stall, per month.


Every Applicant shall comply with the following rules and regulations while at The Winners Circle Stables , LLC hereinafter referred to as the Stables:

1.     Visitors are required to sign in and out online upon entering or exiting the property at MyRaceFarm.com.

2.     Persons failing to sign in before entering the stable area are subject to immediate ejection from the grounds and may be charged with trespassing.

3.     The Stables requires current evidence that all horses approved for stall space are in good health and have a negative Coggins Test.

4.     The speed limit in the barn area is 15 MPH. Violators will be ejected from the grounds.

5.     Dogs may be permitted in the stable area, subject to registration with the Stables, properly licensed, and kept on leash. Trainer acknowledges that dogs shall be immediately removed from stable area upon notice by the Stables.

6.     Firearms are prohibited on the grounds at the Stables.

7.     Smoking is prohibited in all buildings.

8.     Any persons possessing unlawful drugs shall be promptly ejected.

9.     All children must be supervised at all times while ion the Stables property.

10.  Applicant agrees to abide by all posted barn and Stable rules.

11.  The Stables reserves the right to revoke stall space at any time.

12.  All motor vehicles & horse trailers entering the Stables must have valid insurance and registration at all times. Anyone operating any motor vehicle on the property must have a valid drivers’ license.

13.  Horse trailers and vehicles must park in a designated areas and are specifically prohibited from parking at the barns or on the road system.

14.  Stalls shall be used for stabling of horses only. Use of stalls for storage will incur a rental charge.

15.  Applicant shall be responsible for timely payment of any and all fees. Failure to make a payment of any fees hereunder is grounds for immediate ejection. Applicant shall be responsible for any and all costs and expenses of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees and interest on any unpaid balances.

16.  This application shall not be binding upon the Stables until signed by its management and when signed shall obligate the Stables to provide stall space only for the number of stalls requested on this application.

17.  It is clearly understood and agreed that this is a rental of stalls and the Stables reserves the unrestricted right to decline stall space, revoke the application, and to have any Applicant using stall space to vacate the stalls and move all horses, equipment, and personnel off the premises within 48 hours after notice to vacate. Such notice may be given at any time and entirely at the discretion of the Stables.

18.  The Stables may refuse admittance or reject anyone for any and all reasons at its sole discretion.

19.  Heating appliances and cooking on the premises are strictly prohibited.

20.  The applicant undertakes to keep the adjacent Stable Area and stalls assigned in good and clean condition. No alterations or removal of any stall materials are permitted at any time. Any damage caused by Applicant to such accommodation will be repaired by the Stables and the Applicant will be immediately responsible for payment of such repairs.

21.  All Horsemen must abide by local Town, County, and State regulations.

22.  All horses housed at the Stables must be registered with the Stables within 24 hours. This is done online at Buffalohorseracing.com.

23.  The Stables shall not be liable or responsible for any injury or loss caused or suffered in any manner to the horse(s), equipment, or personnel of the Applicant while said horses are on or off the premises, or while being transported in any manner on or off the premises, whether caused by the condition of the premises, by the negligence of any agent of the Stables or otherwise. The Applicant agrees to hold the Stables harmless against loss, cost damage or other expense, including reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by it or by any other person or persons by reason of the action of any horse or action of the Applicant while on the premises. All Rules are Regulations set forth by the Stables shall be incorporated in this agreement as of fully set forth herein.

24.  No Alcohol is permitted in the barn area.

25.  Helmets must be worn by anyone driving a horse or riding a horse.

26.  All horsemen are expected to act professionally at all times. The Stables prohibits harassing and/or discriminating behavior. Any reports of harassment and/or discrimination will be taken seriously and investigated. Management reserves the right to take appropriate action based on the

results of the investigation.

27.  Only vehicles owned and operated by the Stables are permitted on the track.

28. There is a service charge for stall rent paid with a credit card.


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| May 28, 2024


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