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Educational Program Policies and Internship Agreement

Upon receipt of your application an Education Coordinator will contact you to discuss your course of study. 

Please note that registration is limited and applications will be processed on a first come-first-served basis.  Your registration is complete when all paperwork is received, a consultation with an Education Coordinator has taken place, and a deposit or full payment of course fees has been processed.  You MUST be 18 years of age or older to apply.  Some courses do have strict prerequisites, if you are unsure that you meet the minimum prerequisites please contact the studio directly. 

Participants are required to complete independent study hours (self-practice, observation, and internship hours) outside of class work.  All independent study hours are to be documented and turned in to the Director of Education at twistedbodiestx@gmail.com. All hours must be completed at Twisted Bodies in Denton, TX.  A petition to complete hours outside of Twisted Bodies can be sent to the Director of Education for review.  To receive certification, you must pass the exam for the course in which you are enrolled and documentation of all hours must be received.



Pricing listed is the standard rate and does not include required materials, taxes/fees or reflect any ongoing specials or discounts.  All taxes, fees, and discounts are applied upon approval to enter the program and will be reflected on the final receipt at check out.  Prices are subject to change without notice, please confirm pricing listed with the studio upon payment.

  • 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training $3,500
    • In-class hours 150, Self-Practice hours 5, Observation hours 20, Internship hours 25
  • Aerial Yoga $1,600
    • In-class hours 60, Self-Practice hours 10, Observation hours 10, Internship hours 20
  • Complete Pilates Mat $1,200
    • In-class hours 50, Self-Practice hours 10, Observation hours 15, Internship hours 25
  • Complete Pilates Reformer $1,700
    • In-class hours 70, Self-Practice hours 20, Observation hours 25, Internship hours 35
  • Complete Pilates Chair $500
    • In-class hours 20, Self-Practice hours 10, Observation hours 10, Internship hours 20
  • Complete Pilates Cadillac $1,000
    • In-class hours 40, Self-Practice hours 10, Observation hours 10, Internship hours 25
  • Complete Pilates Barrels $400
    • In-class hours 15, Self-Practice hours 10, Observation hours 10, Internship hours 20
  • Pilates for Aerialists $1,500
    • In-class hours 30, Self-Practice hours 10, Observation hours 10, Internship hours 15 
  • Full Comprehensive Training $7,500
    • This includes all courses and hours listed above.  Please contact the studio for specified payment plans and arrangements.
  • Self Study Option Course Fee + Private Training Membership
    • Students who wish to complete trainings via private sessions and self study should contact the studio for specific arrangements.

PAYMENT OPTIONS:  Payment for the education program of your choice can be made online at ww.twistedbodies.com upon enrollment.  Payment may be made in full using a credit card or debit card.  Payments by check or cash must be made in studio.  Should you need to set up a payment plan please contact the studio via phone 940-514-1170 or email.  Please note that final payment must be submitted one week before the last day of class.  A down payment or payment in full is required prior to the start of any course.  Certificates of completion will not be awarded to those carrying an account balance.  Discounts are applied to the overall cost and not to individual payments.  

SELF-PRACTICE HOURS:  Attending regularly scheduled classes will complete self-practice hours, you must register to take the class.  Your Education Advisor must approve self-practice hours completed on your own time using Twisted Bodies equipment. 

OBSERVATION HOURS:  Observing any instructor listed on the Twisted Bodies class schedule will complete Observation Hours.  Please arrive 15 minutes before class start time, and politely inform the instructor that you are there to observe.   To observe private training sessions please schedule those with your Education Advisor directly.  When observing please sit quietly to the side of the room and save all questions or comments for after the class has ended.  This helps to minimize disruption to class. 

INTERNSHIP HOURS:  Internship Hours will be assigned by your Education Advisor.  These hours will consist of shadow teaching, teaching while being observed, and solo teaching with feedback from Twisted Bodies students.  Your Education Advisor will discuss your teaching progress and provide critical feedback periodically.   A final evaluation will be done at the end of your internship process.  Upon completion you may apply for a permanent teaching position with Twisted Bodies.

REQUIRED MATERIALS:  Each course of study has required readings and materials that accompany the in-class lecture portion of the Twisted Bodies Education Program.  Cost of materials are not included in the course fee or chosen program of study.  In addition to required materials, suggested readings and reference tools will be covered in-class.  Please make sure to check online at www.twistedbodies.com under the teacher training page for the most up to date listing of required materials.  Required materials are needed for the first day of class.

WAIVER OF LIABILITY:  The undersigned by signing this agreement indicates that s/he understands the risks inherent in practicing Yoga, Pilates and Aerial Arts and hereby assumes all risks incident to such activity and waives any claim or right of action against Twisted Bodies LLP, their affiliates, employees and agents for loss, expenses, liabilities, damages or legal fees incurred on account of any loss or injury to the undersigned or the undersigned’s property incurred in connection with and/or as a result of the undersigned’s attendance at classes, workshops, teacher trainings and events conducted by Twisted Bodies LLP, their affiliates or the use of facilities. 

ETHICAL GUIDELINES AGREEMENT:  To the best of my ability, I will adhere to the precepts of the social contracts and contracts with self, which include non-violence, truthfulness, and purity. I will conduct myself with integrity. I will present my qualifications honestly. I will always do my best to conduct myself in ways that honor my teachers and the seat of the teacher.  I understand that Twisted Bodies LLP reserves the right to ask me to leave the program if my behavior is inappropriate or unethical. Under such circumstances I understand that any payment I have made will not be refunded.  I understand that all written Twisted Bodies LLP materials are under copyright protection and cannot be reproduced without the permission of the authors. Failure to comply may result in legal action.  I understand that I have not completed the education process until all instructional, personal study hours and internship hours have been accounted for and I have passed both the written and practical exams. I have read and accept the above terms and requirements.

AGREEMENT FOR EDUCATIONAL TRAINING:  I understand that I must complete all requirements as outlined for my chosen course of study in order to receive a certificate of completion from Twisted Bodies.  Full refunds may be given if canceling purchase within in 72 hours of purchase date.  Partital refunds (up to 50%) will be given if canceling in writing to twistedbodiestx@gmail.com 90 days prior to class start date.  No refunds will be given if canceling 30 days prior to class start date.  In the event you can not attend the course, Twisted Bodies will apply your funds to a future course date.  

I Agree

November 14, 2019

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