Professional Disclosure Statement

Daniel McQueen, MA

v3 2019

Daniel McQueen, MA

Psychedelic Therapist & Educator

Medicinal Mindfulness LLC & Medicinal Mindfulness Events LLC

3000 Center Green Dr, Suite 210, Boulder, CO 80301


Primary Phone: (303)562-4128




My calling as a Psychedelic Therapist is to support my clients as they step into their highest and deepest expressions of Self. This requires transforming our past into fuel for our future potential, and the hard task of living into that potential.  I support my clients by being a bridge between how their life has been to how they want it to be.  

This work is complex and takes on many forms, from facilitating individual Psychedelic Therapy experiences, guided meditation sessions, individual coaching, classes, and community engagement.  Although I am trained as a clinical psychotherapist, with a Masters degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University, I identify professionally as a Psychedelic Therapist & Educator, and I do not provide psychotherapy services.  I’ve worked professionally with cannabis as a psychedelic since legalization in 2014, and I am continually amazed (and even still regularly surprised) by its potential as both a therapeutic tool for healing, as well as a profound tool for psychedelic exploration. I specifically work with new journeyers, the psychedelic curious, as well as advanced psychedelic journeywork practitioners.

I have over 19 years of transformational and healing arts experience, having studied multiple spiritual and psychological traditions, including advanced training in energy healing, transformational alchemy, and shamanic practices. I am also trained in MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy. I specialize in working with people who use psychedelic substances and cannabis, and in safely supporting them on this path through answering questions, engaging concerns, and navigating big life transitions. I assess safety, help integration, and hold a strong, objective, open and affirming working space with acceptance and compassion.


Areas of Specialization

  • Psychedelic Harm Prevention, Education & Integration Support
  • Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy
  • Transformational Breathwork Facilitation 
  • Microdosing Coaching & Psychedelic Consultation
  • Giftedness, Life Transitions & Career Coaching
  • Ceremony & Mindfulness Coaching
  • Psychedelic Safety Assessments


Psychedelic Therapy & Psychedelic Therapist Definition

As a Psychedelic Therapist I identify culturally as a “Medicine Person” and I am an active member of a local Native American Church.  I only work in legal settings, and with legal medicines.  I only work with cannabis sativa (where it is legal) and breathwork practices.  I do not provide other psychedelic medicines to my clients, or work with illegal substances they provide.  I am not a resource for finding illegal substances or underground medicine practitioners.  Cannabis is a sacred plant ally and classic psychedelic most similar to psilocybin mushrooms when used in this way.  Similar to some traditional medicine settings, like Ayahuasca and Native American Church peyote ceremonies where the facilitator also imbibes the medicine, I sometimes imbibe cannabis during some of my healing sessions with my clients to support the transformational healing process.  This is completely optional and I won’t imbibe cannabis if requested.  I can also answer any questions regarding use and safety before we begin a session.

Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy is a specific multi-paradigm approach defined by the Medicinal Mindfulness training program and includes psychotherapeutic/clinical elements and assessments for safety, but also mindfulness practices, ceremony & ritual, somatic approaches, spiritual orientations, and within an energetic/transpersonal paradigm.  Psychedelic Therapy can also be used for the treatment of clinical disorders, but is a full body/soul holistic practice that is not limited to the psychotherapy/clinical/medical model.  While not necessarily named “Psychedelic Therapy,” this modality conforms with how most skilled/experienced/ethical “underground” psychedelic practitioners work


Education and Training  

I have a B.A. in Communication from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and a M.A. in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University.  I have advanced training in Transpersonal psychology, energy healing, transformational alchemy, professional training in MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy, and I have apprenticed under a number of shamanic teachers for most of my adult life.  I have training and experience in Gestalt, trauma/PTSD, addictions, sexuality, dreamwork, spiritual emergencies, healthy systems, and personal/spiritual transformation.  Although I rely upon the advice and feedback of a council of skilled advisors, I do not have a clinical supervisor, nor am I working towards professional clinical licensure.  



Our work together will remain strictly confidential except in the extremely rare circumstance that you could harm yourself or another.  As a consultant, I do not take clinical notes in individual sessions except in these circumstances, but I do keep a record of dates of our sessions for accounting and membership purposes.  My job is to remain open and unconditionally accepting while maintaining the necessary boundaries required for safety and transformation.  I often consult with a small group of peers and elders regarding issues that arise with my clients.  If I speak about you, your case will be discussed without using your name or identifying information.  All information provided to me by you in our professional relationship is confidential except in the following circumstances: (a) you sign a release of information for a specific individual or agency; (b) child or elder abuse; (c) you are an imminent danger to self or others; (d) subpoena of records in a criminal procedure; (e) the situation requires additional support from the Medicinal Mindfulness Community (see the next 3 sections for additional information). Additionally, I may consult with a supervisor or confidential peer supervision group without disclosing identifying information. The purpose of consultation is to enhance my ability to help you, and these individuals are required to follow the same standards of confidentiality previously described.

Confidentiality is requested at the beginning of every group or community experience.  You are free to share with friends any stories of your own experiences, but we request that other participant names and their experiences remain confidential.  While our work is not a secret, it is important for everyone’s participation to remain private for safety purposes.  


Community Orientation

My practice includes individual and group healing sessions, coaching and guided sessions and ceremonies, classes on mindfulness and journeywork, community gatherings and presentations, Psychedelic Sitters School, and the co-development of programs that provide mutual benefit to our shared community.  The Medicinal Mindfulness community is small, and there are sometimes shared events with practitioners and their clients both participating in the same group experience.  Most of my clients work with me in only one context, but there can be some overlap in certain circumstances.  We will regularly discuss the health of our relationship and how we can move forward with the highest integrity in our work.  Safe and appropriate boundaries are extremely important to me.  I do not engage in any inappropriate activities with any of my clients, and there are certain services that I do not provide because of my community orientation, for example, ongoing individual support.  Because of my community orientation, I do not practice as a psychotherapist and will refer you to other practitioners for psychotherapy services.  Please view the Medicinal Mindfulness Safe Community Policy for additional information.


Community Support Interventions

The community orientation of Medicinal Mindfulness is one of our most important healing interventions available.  Many of my clients come from emotionally unsafe situations and are isolated in their interests and values.  Many have also been repeatedly shamed for their interest in psychedelics.  Therefore, entering into and participating in the community programs of an intentional and safe psychedelic community can be both healing and evocative for my clients.  My work is not just with you in an isolated container, but my work is with you in a larger ecosystem of an intentional community.  My commitment to your safety and wellbeing is my highest priority.  When ready, I’ll encourage you to seek friendships and accountability from other Medicinal Mindfulness community members on your own, and if necessary and possible, I may intervene when I notice unsafe behavior or unhealthy dynamics by supporting community conversations between members.  If my clients are active members of the MM community, and if necessary, I reserve the right to initiate our “Man Overboard” protocol, in which I support my clients through asking for another community member’s support on their behalf without requesting permission first.  Situations that elicit this form of intervention only include significant safety concerns, severe mental health crises and acute drug abuse or misuse.  I also reserve the right to contact your emergency contact in these circumstances if I believe it is necessary.  I will be as intentional and compassionate in my communication as possible and will only disclose enough information to ensure the crisis is handled skillfully and safely.  Sometimes additional requirements or temporary limitations may be placed on a member’s participation in certain events for safety reasons.

In accordance with the MM Safe Community Policy, I am also available to objectively receive observations or concerns that a community member brings to my attention.  All MM community members are encouraged to speak to their concerns and have their safety needs met.  I will do my best to provide objective and compassionate feedback and guidance. 

This work is very real, with real life consequences.  Psychedelic medicines elicit life transforming experiences that happen both in the experience itself and in our everyday lives.  These are not always easy, and the psychedelic healing processes we initiate sometimes evoke deeply impactful healing experiences in our lives.  My job is to keep you as safe as possible.  I have learned that community support is one of my most powerful tools in doing so. By working with me, you agree to this form of support as outlined in this document and the MM Safe Community Policy.


Professional Accountability & Safety

Because this is an emerging field, there are currently no uniform code of ethics for psychedelic practitioners.  Please view the Medicinal Mindfulness Safe Community Policy for additional information regarding my professional commitments to accountability and safety.  I am committed to complying with these guidelines and commonly held principles of professional ethics.

You can email safecommunity@medicinalmindfulness.org to contact a female Medicinal Mindfulness representative to support you in any safety or security concerns related to me or anyone else that works with us or attends Medicinal Mindfulness events.  

I’m committed to my own path as I work with others.  I regularly practice the skills I teach, engage in my own self-care, and my own ongoing journeywork practice at a rate that is safe for me.  I also regularly meet with two professional supervisor/mentors.  One is a female medicine practitioner, psychotherapist, and group facilitator with over 30 years of professional experience.  The other is a male psychotherapist and supervisor, not a medicine person, and also has over 30 years of professional psychotherapy and education experience.  Both are well respected leaders in their fields.  Having the medicine and non-medicine perspective provides a necessary foundation for my work.  I also have a core community of friends I seek objective guidance from.  



My hourly rate is $180. I provide one 30 minute initial phone consultation for $90 to start our work together.  I may require a commitment to a series to work with you, depending on your goals. Integration sessions after Psychedelic Therapy sessions may be required or strongly encouraged.  I also offer small group services and community events to make my services as accessible as possible. Visit www.medicinalmindfulness,org for more information about these events.  I do not accept insurance.


Cancellations: Private Consulting Sessions

Since it is nearly impossible to schedule someone else after a coaching session is cancelled with very little notice, clients are required to provide 48 hour notice to receive a full refund or credit for your missed appointment.  Medicinal Mindfulness also reserve the right to cancel an appointment without notice due to safety concerns or the weather.  If this happens, or you can’t make it because of the weather, we agree to talk at the same time and same rate over the phone instead, if at all possible. 


Cancellations: Conscious Cannabis Sessions

Full payment is required to reserve a Cannabis-Assisted Psychotherapy and Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy session.  Cancellations require 1 week notice to receive a full refund or credit for a cancelled session.  No refunds will be issued for missed sessions.


Cancellations: Individual Private Retreats & Sponsored Events

Full payment is required to reserve a private retreat.  Due to the amount of time being reserved by the client, no refund will be issued if notice is provided less than one month from date of service.  Client is responsible for all additional travel and other expenses incurred by Medicinal Mindfulness in planning the event if a refund is issues. 


Telephone Calls, Texting, Emails and Emergencies

My primary mode of communication outside of sessions is email correspondence.   I am available to return business calls between 10am and 3pm, Monday through Friday.  I will respond as soon as I can.  Phone calls generally require advanced scheduling. I do not provide any sort of emergency coverage but I am available to my clients by phone and email after Psychedelic Therapy sessions.  If you are having an emergency please call a 24 hour crisis line or 911.  Emails, by their nature, cannot guarantee confidentiality and should therefore be used primarily for non-confidential questions and scheduling appointments.  Texts should be limited to to scheduling only. 


I have read the preceding information and I understand my rights and responsibilities as a Medicinal Mindfulness client.

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