Parent Guardian Agreement

Campers are expected to follow all camp rules and behave appropriately  as such refunds cannot be given if a camper is  asked to leave for infraction of a camp rule or disruptive behavior or if a child is voluntarily withdrawn. 

Children attending "Follow the Child" on the Farm and or Party Ponies and Friends must be able to:

    *Move daily on foot on uneven, outdoor terrain and negotiate natural obstacles, such as trails and hills.

    *Lift and carry an item such as a small backpack.

    *Follow directions and participate willingly in camp activities.

    *Refrain from violence, hitting, verbal assault, bullying, or any similar behavior.

    *Listen well, show respect for others, work, play and interact in large and small groups without constant one-on-one assistance.

    *Abide by all camp rules as explained by camp staff.

    *Promptly notify Staff of any health condition that requires medical attention.

I acknowledge that the information provided on the registration form is complete and accurate. Initialing the agreement box below I am legally signing this agreement and understand that it is legally binding, as such, I am confirming that my child is capable of meeting the participation requirements outlined in this form.

It is important that we know of any physical, mental, or emotional condition that could affect the safety of the applicant, other campers, or staff.  I understand that if I fail to disclose such information and my child’s undisclosed physical, mental or emotional condition adversely affects other campers, my child and/or staff, my child may be asked to leave camp and the tuition will not be refunded.

Tuition is nonrefundable.  If in the event that your schedule changes we are more than happy to move your child to another available week that still has open spots. We have approximately 13 weeks of summer camp with 26 different camp options.  By initialling you are stating that you have read our payment policy and understand it.  We do our very best to accomodate parents in varies stituations and our payment policy is clearly displayed on our website.  Unfortunately we can not hold spots at camp for those that do not intend to come.  We are bound by capacity rules with the American Camp Assosication and there for when we hold your spot at camp we are turning away another camper. 

*Substitute Teacher Information:

We make every effort to ensure that your child will have the same camp teacher for the full week of camp.  Unfortunately illness does occur.  In the event that your child's' teacher becomes unavailable for any circumstance "Follow the Child" will provide an appropriate substitute during your regular teachers absence.  All staff and affiliates of "Follow the Child" are required to submit to an interested persons report and provide this report to "Follow the Child" its affiliates, the Anchorage School District and the Matsu Borough.

*Drop off and pick up policy:

Camp gates and camp do not open until 9:30am.  Please understand and respect that the time before the gates open is our teacher preparation time.  If you arrive early you may wait at the gate until the teachers open it.  If you proceed thru the gate and drop your camper off before 9:30 am a fee of $20 will be charged and expected at the time you drop off your child, unless you have made prior arrangments by email for before and after care.

Camp ends at 3:00pm For Animal Adventures, 2pm for Wacky Wranglers and 11:30 for Pony Pals.  We have mulitple programs going on daily, due to teacher student ratios and capacity requirements of each camp it is not possible for us to simply allow your child to join a different ongoing camp program, there for it is imparative that your child be picked up on time.  Repeated tardiness will result in a $20 charge each day you are late. We understand the challenges of traffic and do our best to be accommodating. We ask that you respect our teacher’s personal time as well and also understand that like many of you she travels from Anchorage.  There may be days that she has scheduled a dentist, doctor eye or other appointment and she may need to leave promptly at 3pm.  Please understand that our desire for you to pick your child up on time is not meant cause you any hardship. We generally understand a few minutes here and there.  If you are repeatedly late and by more than a few minutes you will be asked to pay a $20 late pick up fee. 

If you need before and after care this may become available but is not a gaurentee.  Alaska State Minimum Wage is $9.84 pr hour. We pay our fill in help $10 per hour. Due to the cost of teachers pay before and after care is generally not provided by our certified teachers but our qualified teaching assistant or other staff.  In the event that you need before and after care and your child is the only child that needs this you will be expected to pay the hourly wage of $10 per hour that your child requires care for up to 1 hour before camp starts and for 1 hour after camp ends. Arrangements can be made by email.   If 6 kids or more are in need of before and after care the cost will be $15 for the full week for before care and $15 for the full week for after care or $25 for the full week for both.

Liability Release 

I understand that the camp takes place in farm setting with exposure to animals, plants, and agricultural products. Campers will take part in both horse and other animal related activities.  I understand and acknowledge that the activity of horsemanship, both horse riding and cart driving involves some risk, that an animal irrespective of its training and usual past behavior and characteristic may act or react unexpectedly or unpredictably at times and as such I assume such risks. I understand Campers may take part in daily farm activities which may be potentially hazardous activities, including but not limited to, grooming animals, horse riding, leading animals, and feeding animals.  Recognizing the potential hazards outlined above, I on behalf of myself, my child and my assigns, do hereby release Follow the  Child, Party Ponies and Friends, its employees, agents, successors, and assigns, of and from any and all liability, causes of action, claims and demands of every kind and nature whatsoever arising out of my child’s participation in any Party Ponies and Friends, and or "Follow the Child "Camp, including but not limited to any claim arising out of the conditions of the premises, the operations of the camp, the acts or omissions of Party Ponies and friends, and "Follow the Child" employees and agents, or any other negligence.  I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless "Follow the Child", Party Ponies and Friends , and its employees and agents, for and from any damages, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, incurred in connection with my child’s participation in camp.

I/we hereby allow, Follow the Child and Party Ponies and Friends to use photographs, audio clips or video images of my child for promotional materials.

I/we have read and agree to the terms and policies in this application, liability release form and the camp literature.

I/we have read and understand your payment policy

Permission to Treat
I attest that my child is in good health and able to actively participate in camp activities except as noted by my personal email to educators sent prior to my childs first camp date outlining any limitations they have.  I take full responsibility to see that my child is properly prepared for camp including having proper clothes and equipment and being in good health.

I authorize the camp to provide routine health care, administer prescribed and over-the-counter medications for various problems.
I authorize the camp to share information in this Health Form with selected camp staff (counselor, health care & inclusion staff) and professional health care providers on a need-to-know basis.

In the event I cannot be reached in an emergency, I hereby give permission to the medical personnel selected by the camp director to order x-rays, routine tests, treatments; to release any records necessary for insurance purposes; to provide/arrange necessary transportation for my child.

I give permission to the physician selected by the camp director to secure and administer treatment, including hospitalization, for my child.




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Parent(s) or court-appointed legal guardian(s) must sign for any participating minor (those under 18 years of age) and agree that they and the minor are subject to all the terms of this document, as set forth above.
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