1. I understand that scuba diving has inherent risks and dangers associated therewith, including, but not limited to the risk associated with equipment failure, perils of the sea, acts of fellow divers and I, by signing this instrument, assume all such risks, listed or implied, willingly. 

2. I acknowledge that I am a certified scuba diver trained in safe scuba diving practices and have practiced my diving skills within the last year, or am a student currently under the direct supervision of a certified, insured, open water instructor. 

3. I will inspect all of my equipment, whether it be my own personal equipment or rental equipment, prior to leaving the dock or shore and will notify Scuba Schools of America, or its agents, in the event that the equipment is not functioning properly. 

4. I will not hold Scuba Schools of America, any of its officers or agents, instructors, servants, employees or dive boats used, responsible for my failure to inspect any or all of my personal life support system prior to diving, including making sure that I have enough gas to complete my dive.

5. I acknowledge that I am physically fit to engage in scuba diving and snorkeling, and I will not hold Scuba Schools of America, any of its officers, agents, instructors, servants, employees or dive boats used, responsible if I am injured as a result of heart problems, lung problems, or any other medical problem or illness which may occur while, or as a result of, scuba diving, snorkeling , swimming, or any other activity sponsored by or participated in on behalf of Scuba Schools of America. I acknowledge that I do not have a pace maker or other heart monitoring or regulating device, nor any other device mandating dive depth limitations or the need for special attention or training on behalf of the instructor, divemaster, dive leader, dive buddy, medical services, or other personnel with whom I may interact.

6. I understand that there is a risk of Decompression Sickness associated with scuba diving and breathing compressed air underwater. Even if all of the appropriate safety precautions are observed and all measures of care and responsibility are taken, including recommended safety stops, deep stops and descent and ascent rates of 30 ft per minute or less. I assume all responsibility for the risk of suffering from Decompression Sickness as a result of scuba diving.

7. I am not taking or have not taken any medication or other drug that may contradict or otherwise affect my performance or safety while scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, or taking part in any activity sponsored by or in relation to Scuba Schools of America.

8. I understand that I will be diving with a dive buddy. I will remain with my buddy at all times and understand that diving alone is not allowed by Scuba Schools of America or on any boat sponsored by Scuba Schools of America. If I become separated from my buddy due to circumstances outside of my control, I will perform the lost buddy procedures taught to me and safely make my way to the surface. 

9. I will immediately stop my dive if any or all of the following occur: 


  • I feel uncomfortable at any time with my diving abilities
  • Diving conditions are worse than I have been trained for or have experience dealing with. 

10. I will inflate my buoyancy control device any time I am on the surface and establish my airway, even if it is just for a moment.

11. I will always make sure my airway is established on the surface and underwater. On the surface I will utilize my snorkel and underwater will use my air delivery system. 

12. I will scuba dive with a complete total diving system that functions properly and has been checked in its entirety prior to my entering the water or diving. The total diving system will consist of the following: 

• Surface Support System:

Mask, fins, snorkel, boots, gloves, hood

• Air Delivery System:

1st stage, 2nd stage, safe 2nd stage or pony system

• Buoyancy Control System:

Buoyancy control device with at least 35 lbs. of positive lift capacity

• Air Management System:

Air monitor, depth monitor, and time monitor or dive computer equivalent 

• Environmental Protection:

An Environmental protection suit that is appropriate for the conditions

• Accessory System: 

While night diving, a primary light, back up light and strobe must be used. For other types of special circumstance diving, appropriate accessory equipment must be used and approved by the instructor or dive leader.     

13. I will arrive back on board the boat with a minimum of 500 PSI remaining in my cylinder after each dive.

14. I feel competent in self-rescue techniques and in providing aid to my buddy, in the event of an emergency.

15. If I become distressed on the surface, I will immediately release my weight system and inflate my buoyancy control device for permanent flotation assistance.

16. I understand that I have a duty to exercise reasonable care for my own safety and agree to do so.

17. I am fully aware of the dangers associated with holding my breath while diving and will not hold Scuba Schools of America, its officers, agents, instructors, servants, employees or dive boats used, responsible if I am injured doing so.

18. I fully understand and am aware that during my trip and/or activity, dives will be conducted at locations that are remote, either by time, distance or both, from a hyperbaric chamber and has limited medial facilities and that in the event of illness or injury, appropriate medical care must be summoned by radio or phone and that treatment will be delayed until I can be transported to a proper medical care facility.

19. If I will be diving on oxygen enriched air, SafeAir Nitrox, or Voodoo Gas, I will know the Maximum Operating Depth (MOD), Dosage of Oxygen attained and my Equivalent Air Depth before each and every single dive. Furthermore, I will not allow for more than a 1.45ATA P02 dosage during any dive. Additionally, I have personally analyzed the gas mix and have recorded the amount in the oxygen enriched air log.

20. If I am diving on a rebreather, I will have gone through the following system checks before each dive: 1) Negative Pressure Test, 2) Positive Pressure Test, 3) Flow Meter Test using an approved and analyzed flow meter, 4) I have checked to make sure I have the proper amount of absorbent scrubber, 5) I will not turn off my oxygen, diluent or bail out cylinders during my dive 

21. I fully understand that there will be no refunds, exchanges or cancellations of any kind for any deposits given for boat trips or travel. There will only be rainchecks given, in the event that the boat trip is cancelled due to weather conditions or technical problems on the boat.

I fully understand all aspects of this Complete Liability Release Form and truthfully agree to the statements above. By signing this instrument, I hereby acknowledge having read each statement, understand each statement fully, meet all of the required standards for health and safety, and am not withholding any information that may disallow my participation in the activities of scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming or any other activity sponsored by or attended on behalf of Scuba Schools of America. 

Date: September 20, 2020

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