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F.C. Boston Azzurri aka Seacoast United Azzurri is a partner of the Seacoast United Soccer Club. We work to keep the cost of the player’s tuition fee as low, and we are proud to the only clubs with the low club tuitions in the state.

Tuition Fees:

The yearly tuition includes:

Professional Coaching for all field players and goalkeepers; Player Registration and Insurance with US Club and other affiliated leagues; Scheduled Training and Game fields; Winter Training at an indoor facility.

· U06 (2014) - U14 (2006):     

An initial non-refundable deposit of $200.00 must be received within two business days in order to secure your spot on the team. The remaining balance must be paid in monthly installments via a credit card installment plan in the amounts of $200.00* (Nov1st), $150.99* (Dec 1st), There may be an installment fee of $10.00 per installment.  There will be a $25 administrative fee for any rejected credit cards or uncollected checks or any and all late payments.  Uniform Kit Is NOT included in the tuition and is purchased separately from a third party, currently WeGotSoccer.

Tournament participation is NOT included in the tuition and is purchased separately on the Seacoast United - Azzurri website.  Tournament fee include tournament entry coact and coaching fees.  An additional cost to cover coach’s hotel and travel expenses if applicable will be the team’s responsibility

The Azzurri Junior Development Academy is a half or full year program with training during the Fall, Summer, Spring, and Winter seasons.

The program is designed specifically for young players who will be looking to transition to the premier competition the following year or who want to have consistent premier training.  Players will be grouped in the training sessions by ability to maximize development.  The focus, regardless of placement, remains exclusively on player development.  Training sessions are small sided based, using soccer and futsal to develop highly skilled players and adaptive team play.  New club teams may initially start in the Academy.


o. We offer a sibling discount of $25 for a full year program, all seasons and sessions.

o. returning player referrals of $25 referral incentives for each new player you refer who registers for the full soccer year, all seasons and sessions. The player you refers will also receive $100.

o. the newly referred player discount is $25 off their FULL year tuition, when registering for all seasons and sessions and paid in full.

§ This offer is null to any player that gets approved for financial assistance or does not sign for the full soccer year

§ This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers 

Add-ons after the start of the season

If a player joins the team after the start of the  soccer year, the player’s fee will be prorated based on the activities remaining on the club-soccer year.

The deposit as outlined above is required when accepting a place on a team. The deposit must be paid even though a request for financial assistance is intended. 

After accepting a place on a team via our online registration system, our registrar will communicate with you to complete the remaining requirements:

o A photo of player’s face must be received (preferably via email)

o Copy of child’s Birth Certificate must be received (new players only)    

o US Club Soccer registration form    

o Seacoast United - Azzurri Liability waiver form    

o Seacoast United - Azzurri Agreement waiver form  

o The agreement on the final page of this document must be signed and returned and/or the online acceptance agreement box  


Training and Games - We understand that teams will train at least one times per week and possibly more prior to games. Playing time in games is earned/not given and is based on the effort, dedication, attitude and skills shown at training. 

The player agrees - To attend all scheduled games and practices during the season.  Absences will not be tolerated or excused unless they are occasional, unexpected and unavoidable, and only in the event that your coach is notified at the earliest possible date of such absence.  We also understand practice days, times and location might not stay the same in the fall, winter, and spring.

Respect and Conduct - Players and parents agree to always respect and exhibit good sportsmanship toward coaches, fellow teammates, game officials, and opposing players and parents. Players and parents represent their team, the club, and themselves and agree to honor that commitment. Poor sportsmanship and behavior detrimental to the club and/or team are grounds for dismissal from membership in the club. Players and parents understand that behavior and conduct during travel and at hotels, banquets, team meals, etc. are all considered part of team activity and accept responsibility for actions during those times.

Coaching – We understand that it is the player’s responsibility to discuss problems with the coach. Players should ask to meet with the coach prior to or after the next training session or some other time when privacy is available. 

Parents agree to try to let players work out difficulties first with their coach. If a parent/coach meeting is required, the discussion will center on the player with constructive dialog between everyone. 
Parents may request a meeting with the Director(s) if they feel that it is necessary to discuss/resolve a situation. 
Player selection is based on soccer skill and not by position therefore we understand and agree it is the coaches’ responsibility to place the players in a position(s) that will help them excel and complement each other within the team framework.  
The exception is if the player has been offered a roster spot at the Goalkeeper position, this will stay in effect the entire soccer year unless it is mutually agreed otherwise between the player/parent, coach, and club

Parent Code – Parents will refrain from coaching from the sidelines, as many times it is in direct conflict with the instructions that players receive from their coach and causes confusion and problems during the game. In general, parental behavior both on and off the field that is detrimental to the team and /or club spirit or interferes in achieving team and/or club goals may result in removal of BOTH the player and parent from membership in the club.

Seacoast United - Azzurri parents are forbidden to form teams with Seacoast United Azzurri players to play in indoor leagues and tournaments; their own child is the only exception.  

Privacy Notice - For both internal and external use, it is acknowledged that the club may compile and distribute email and postal mailing addresses and/or lists and may utilize soccer photographs and video of the named individual. I consent to such uses and waive all rights to compensation.

Tuition Fees - Players and their families commit to paying all fees on a timely basis. Please note that due to the financial constraints of the Club, once a signed or an online acceptance of the player agreement is delivered to the Club, Seacoast United Azzurri makes the commitment to the roster spot for the entire 2018/2019 club-soccer year. However, this commitment is only performance-based.  Failure on the part of the Player and/or Parent/Guardian to comply with the conduct policy, as stated above and below, will result in the Player’s removal from the team.  If the family decides Seacoast United Azzurri is no longer the right choice for the player, may request a release.   Seacoast United Azzurri will grant such release pursuant to the League guidelines. In all cases, the family is responsible for payment in full all the tuition fees for the entire club-soccer year with no refunds of any kind.   Failure to meet the agreed payment schedule will result in the Player being held out of participation until payment has been received.  If payment has not been received, the remaining balance will be forwarded to a third party agency for collection.  Player and/or Parent/Guardian agrees to be responsible for any and all fees paid by Seacoast United Azzurri or Seacoast United in order to retrieve any past due tuition if there is a failure on the part of the Player and/or Parent/Guardian to comply with the above financial arrangement. In a rare case where the player sustains an injury, either through a Boston Azzurri related event or an outside club activity, the roster spot will remain secure for the entire club-soccer year.  The financial commitment to the roster spot remains as stated above.  However, under certain special cases, as determined in a case by case by the Board of Directors, partial credit may be granted.  A letter and documentation supporting the request must be submitted for review.

I understand that I am responsible for registering and paying for all programs online and in advance.  If Seacoast - Azzurri, F.C. Boston Azzurri, Seacoast United or East Coast Futsal has to invoice and register my child I understand there is a $25 service fee.  I also understand that I am responsible for full payment for any and all programs, in which I register, or in which my child attends.  I understand that there is no negotiating advertised program costs, after having attended a session or program.   I understand that any "free", "trial", "open house" or free "try out" sessions must be clearly established in writing by Seacoast - Azzurri, F.C. Boston Azzurri or East Coast Futsal.  I understand that there are no refunds.  Seacoast - Azzurri, F.C. Boston Azzurri, East Coast Futsal will, however, make every reasonable effort to accommodate with other sessions under circumstances that Seacoast - Azzurri, F.C. Boston Azzurri, East Coast Futsal will establish and if Seacoast - Azzurri, F.C. Boston Azzurri, East Coast Futsal, deems reasonable and possible. I understand that there are no refunds when registering for a program.​

Limited Financial Aid is available to players requiring assistance.  All inquiries will be dealt with confidentially and applications shall require proof of need.  Additional payment plans can be arranged if set up in advance with the Seacoast United Azzurri Registrar and President. 

Inquiries about financial assistance application should be directed to the Club Administration at info@BostonAzzurri.com.  The tuition deposit is due upon roster acceptance and prior to the financial aid deadline regardless of financial aid application status. Financial Aid applications will not be accepted without the paid deposit and additional forms as instructed.

General - Your comments and suggestions regarding your team are considered with great respect and your support is crucial to the team concept. However please understand that the final decisions regarding what is in the best interest of the entire team ultimately rests with the coach and Director(s).

"As a member of the soccer club, I realize that my son/daughter is part of more than just a team, but a member of an entire organization committed to excellence in soccer education; and that membership is a privilege not a right; and as part of that membership I agree to commit to the club's vision, mission, and goals and will contribute to its implementation and success. We agree with the conditions set forth in this document and pledge our full support in promoting the soccer club, our team, and the ideals that have been established. Failure to adhere to these conditions set forth can result in the possible suspension or dismissal from the soccer club.”


I have read all pages of the Seacoast United Azzurri Player/Parent Agreement and agree to abide by all the policies within it, including but not limited to:

My permission is granted for the Club to transfer player between team rosters depending on their development, as outlined in paragraph 1 “Team Placement” of the Player and Parent Contract.


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