The following document contains the Travel Policies, Team Code of Conduct, Team Parent Code of Conduct, Chairlift Code of Conduct, Permission to Treat Minors, Supervision of Minors Ages 5 and Under, and the SV|AM Shuttle Bus Policy.  Each athlete with the Team and her/his parents recognizes, understand, support, and agree to follow all of the policies and procedures contained in this Agreement.



General Statement

Team athletes and coaches must conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.  They are responsible for their actions in competitions, going to and from competitions, and while at competitions.  Athletes and coaches are responsible for knowledge of and adherence to competition rules and procedures, and knowledge and adherence to the rules and procedures of USSA and club teams, camps or other events when participating in them.  Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in disqualification from an event and possibly prevent participation in future events.  The Team’s Code of Conduct applies to any athlete and coach registered with Squaw Valley or Alpine Meadows Ski Teams,  guest athletes attending a Team camp or event, and to any athlete engaged in off-season /preparation period training while registered with and/or as a representative of the Team.

Sportsmanlike conduct is defined as, but not limited to: respect for competition officials, other athletes, resort employees, and the skiing and snowboarding public; respect for facilities, privileges and operating procedures; the use of courtesy and good manners; acting responsibly and maturely; refraining from the use of profane or abusive language; inappropriate or over indulgent use of alcohol, use of tobacco and use of illegal/legal drugs and/or other banned substances regardless of local laws.   The Team considers the legal age for consumption of alcohol, as it pertains to US Ski & Snowboard teams and projects, as 21 years of age or older, regardless of local law. Use of tobacco or marijuana in any form is strictly forbidden regardless of local laws.

Team athletes and coaches shall conduct themselves at all times and in all places in the sport of alpine skiing, snowboarding and training so as to bring honor to their team.  We are one united team and no one will be given special privileges.  Everyone is subject to the same rules and disciplinary actions as outlined in this Code of Conduct.


Required Conduct

  • Team athletes and coaches must maintain high standards of moral and ethical conduct, which includes self-control and responsible behavior, consideration for the physical and emotional well-being of others, and courtesy and good manners.  Team members must, at all times, conduct themselves as an ambassador of the Team, Squaw Valley Resort LLC, Alpine Meadows Ski Resort LLC, and USSA.
  • Athletes must observe and follow coaches’ directions and rules at all times.
  • Athletes and coaches must be on time and ready to start training and/or racing at the announced or posted times.
  • All training, racing, and lodging areas must be kept clean. This includes the Team competition centers and Team vehicles.
  • No video games during training or racing.
  • No personal use of mobile phone during training or racing unless granted by a coach.
  • Athletes and coaches will attend all applicable awards ceremonies when possible.
  • Athletes and coaches must not violate the customs, travel or currency regulations of a country while traveling with a Team group or on a Team ticket.  Violation of this rule will constitute a major infraction for disciplinary purposes.
  • Athletes and coaches must not commit a criminal act while representing the Team. Violation of this rule will constitute a major infraction for disciplinary purposes.
  • Athletes and coaches participating in Team/USSA calendar events must not use profane or abusive language or engage in disruptive behavior at any time.
  • Athletes and coaches must abide by the rules of competition in all events entered.
  • Athletes and coaches must abide by Team rules and procedures while traveling to and from and participating in official Team/USSA team development camps and competitions.
  • While traveling, girls and boys are not allowed in each other’s rooms if a coach or parent chaperone is not present.
  • Curfew and lights-out times are determined by the coach and must be respected and adhered to by athletes.
  • Athletes and coaches traveling with the Team must participate in all Team activities, unless a coach has given consent for non-participation.  Unsupervised activities are not allowed without the explicit consent of a coach.
  • Athletes and coaches must wear seatbelts in vehicles on all trips.

Team Locker Room Rules & Etiquette

  • Only Team members are allowed in the locker room.  If an athlete or staff member wants a guest in the locker room, he/she must obtain permission by a Team manager or director.
  • Harassment of any kind (physical, verbal, non-verbal, online, individual, group) or form will result in immediate disciplinary action.
  • Only one athlete may use the bathroom at a time.
  • Team offices are off limits to all athletes and are for business use only, unless granted permission by Team staff.
  • Equipment and clothing are the responsibility of the athlete.  Belongings must be locked at the end of the day or when the athlete is not present in locker room. 
  • Lockers will be assigned prior to start of season on a first come, first serve basis.  All equipment must be removed at end of the ski season (approximately May 1).  Team is not responsible for anything left in the locker room, and any items left in lockers will be disposed of.
  • Team lockers will be used with a combination lock only, no key locks.
  • No defacing the outside or inside of any locker. 
  • Use of the locker room is a privilege, not a right: The locker room is not a playground. Please behave accordingly.
  • ONLY the coaching staff may operate the electronic equipment.
  • While in the hallway, skis are to be carried by hand, NOT on the shoulders.
  • Do not kick doors to open.
  • The hallway is not a storage place for clothing/equipment.  It is not a dressing area or a place to eat lunch and/or snacks.
  • The hallway is not a place to play.
  • Team property within Team room/hallway is not to be removed from the area or used for a purpose which it is not designed for unless instructed by a Team staff member.
  • If and when asked to do something by a coach, please comply with the request in a polite and timely manner.
  • Always show respect towards fellow athletes’ rights and their equipment.
  • Athletes will not borrow without permission, hide, or vandalize any teammate’s property or equipment that is stored in the Team’s locker room or in an athlete’s locker.
  • Always assist and support fellow Team members both in the Team room and on the hill.
  • Treat fellow athletes with the same respect that you expect in return. 


The Team may impose discipline when there is a violation of the Code of Conduct and/or whenever it determines it is necessary or appropriate.  Discipline may take various forms, including verbal counseling, written warnings, suspension of privileges, suspension from training, transfer within the program, or removal from the program.  Discipline imposed will depend on the circumstances of each case and therefore, will not necessarily be assigned in any particular sequence.  In all cases, should discipline actions take place, the parent of the athlete will be informed.

If discipline is appropriate, the following corrective actions may occur:

  • Verbal warning - Verbal warning may be used to address minor infractions or first offenses.  The Team will use this option to increase awareness, reinforce established expectations and rules, and provide corrective coaching. 
  • Written warning – Based on the seriousness of the offense, written warnings may be used to address the seriousness of the infraction or repeat offenses and to serve notice that further infractions may result in further disciplinary action up to and including removal from the Team.
  • Removal from the Team – Removal from the Team may occur when verbal and/or written warnings have failed to improve behavior or performance.  An athlete may also be released without prior warning if the nature of the infraction warrants such action.  Infractions which may be cause for immediate removal from the team include, but are not limited to, theft, violence, harassment/bullying, and violation of safety guidelines.
  • Suspension – Athletes may be placed on suspension while an investigation is being conducted to determine the appropriate disciplinary action.



Parents agree to provide positive support, care and encouragement for their children and other Team athletes by following this Parents’ Code of Conduct:

  • I will inform a coach of any physical, mental or emotional disability or condition that may affect the safety of my child or others.
  • I will learn the rules of competition and the policies of its governing organization.
  • My guests and I will be a positive role model for my child and encourage good sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy, and by demonstrating positive support for all athletes, coaches, officials and spectators at all competitions, training and events.
  • I will place the physical, mental and emotional well-being of my child ahead of a personal desire to win.
  • I will not encourage any behavior or practices that would endanger the health or well-being of any athlete.
  • I will teach my child to compete and train by the rules and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility, harassment or violence.
  • I will demand that my child treat other competitors, coaches, officials and spectators with respect, regardless of race, color, creed, sex or ability.
  • I will never ridicule or yell at my child or another athlete for making a mistake or losing a competition.
  • I will do my very best to make ski/snowboard participation a fun experience for my child.
  • I will help my child enjoy the experience by doing whatever I can, such as providing transportation, being a respectful fan or assisting with other team duties as requested by the coaching staff.
  • I will respect the officials and their authority during events and support coaches working with my child in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all.
  • I will demand a drug-free, alcohol-free and tobacco-free athletic environment for my child and will support any consequences from failing to meet this standard.
  • I recognize that the relationship between an athlete and a coach can be altered dramatically by the presence of a parent.  Therefore, during training I will do my best to “observe from afar.”
  • I will refrain from coaching my child or other competitors during training and events, unless I am explicitly asked to assist by a coach.
  • I will remind my athlete that academics come first and will respect the recommendations of his/her teachers and coaches in academic/athletic planning.
  • I will teach and demonstrate by example the importance of good sportsmanship, both in victory and in defeat.
  • I will not publicly question the honesty, integrity or judgment of the coaching staff or other adult volunteers.  If I have a complaint, I will raise it privately with a coach.
  • I will adhere to all times and posted schedules set forth by the coaches for training and competitions.
  • As a parent, guardian or spectator, I will responsibly handle disagreements.  I agree not to engage in disruptive activity such as verbal and physical confrontation.  I will not create conflict by slander or malicious rumors or threats, nor will I entice any other person to do so.
  • I agree to submit my complaints/concerns as outlined in the Team Code of Conduct.


“Prior to using any lift, you must have the knowledge and ability to load, ride and unload safely.”

-Your Responsibility Code 

We have developed the Children’s Chairlift Code of Conduct to help all of us educate young skiers and riders about the importance of following good practices when using chairlifts. Please take an active role in educating children to load, ride and unload chairlifts safely, including:

1.    Behave, be aware, and be respectful of others when you are in line, loading the chair, riding the chair, and unloading the chair. 
2.    When you are loading the chair, move promptly from the WAIT HERE board to the LOAD HERE board when the chair in front of you passes. Keep your skis or board straight. 
3.     At the LOAD HERE board: 

◦  Hold your poles in your inside hand if you carry poles
◦  Look back and to the outside for the on-coming chair
◦  Grab on to the chair (side, back or top of seat) as it approaches
◦  Use the restraining bar if you can do so safely; politely announce that the bar is being lowered

4.    While you are riding the chair, SIT BACK, HOLD ON, LOOK FORWARD, AND DON’T FOOL AROUND.

DO NOT play with skis or boards and DO NOT play with the restraining bar.

5.    If the lift stops, DO NOT turn around, bounce, or otherwise play on the chair. 
6.    When you are preparing to unload the chair, politely announce that the bar is being raised.
7.    Keep your tips up and straight ahead.
8.    After you unload the chair:

◦  Move away from the unloading ramp
◦  Stay out of the way of others
◦  Wait for your coach or instructor

9.     If you fail to unload:

◦  Sit back and hold on
◦  Wait for the operator

Children participating in a supervised Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows program that violate this Code of Conduct will be appropriately reprimanded up to and including termination from our program.



General Statement

 Athletes attending any travel event with the Team MUST sign this Agreement and it must be on file with the Team Office.  “Team Travel” refers to events in which the Team provides for the organization of the trip (transportation and lodging) and supervision of the athletes. 

Traveling with the Team is a privilege.  Each athlete recognizes that he/she represents the Team while traveling with the Team. As a consequence, each athlete commits to courteous attitude and behavior at all times and under any circumstances to fellow Team athletes and coaches, members of the public, staff of any location or venue the Team visits, as well as other athletes, coaches and event officials.  If any athlete believes any other individual treats him/her in an unfair or inappropriate manner, such athlete is to immediately remove himself/herself from the situation without confrontation and bring it immediately to the attention of the attending Team coaches and/or chaperones.  Each athlete is expected and required to pick up after herself/himself, maintain his or her equipment in an orderly fashion, and be timely, prompt and prepared for any Team activity.  Each parent adopts, supports, and agrees with these expectations of Team traveling athletes.

The traveling privilege is revocable at the discretion of the Program Director or senior attending Team coach.  The expenses and arrangements of any departing athlete from a Team Travel event whose privilege has been revoked shall be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the departing athlete’s parents.  Reinstatement of the privilege will be at the sole discretion of the Team's Program Director.

Travel Supervision Responsibilities

Athletes Ages 14 and Older

  • Year-round: Athletes will be supervised by Team employees while on Team Travel projects except when explicit permission is granted by Team staff to participate in unsupervised activities.  This includes travel time to and from the event and all time at the event.
  • It is acknowledged that supervision does not extend to all activities including but not limited to lunch breaks and other daily activities outside of the reasonable scope of Team staff normal job responsibilities.

 Athletes Ages 8 to 13

  • Winter competition season December 1 – April 30:  Athletes will be supervised by Team employees only during training periods.  Training periods include on-snow activities, off-snow video review and dryland activities.  Athletes/parents must provide for their own lodging and travel to and from these events.  Parent(s) must provide supervision during all non-training periods.
  • Preparation season May 1 – November 30: Athletes may participate in Team Travel events on a limited basis (e.g., Summer Camps).  This includes travel time to and from the event and all times at the event.

Athletes Ages 3 to 7

  • Athletes ages 3 – 7 years will not participate in Team Travel.  Parents must arrange for all non-training activities.

Non-Training Time (Free Time)

Non-Training Time is defined as any time the athlete is not participating in a scheduled event or activity while traveling.  Athletes must obtain permission for any Free Time activity from the senior attending coach.  While on Free Time, athletes must strictly adhere to the terms of this Agreement.

Team Travel Administration and Athlete Payment

 For Team Travel events with a published fixed fee, such as a Thanksgiving or Summer Camp, parents must remit full payment prior to the event.  

 For Team Travel events without a published fixed fee, the following rules and policies apply:

  • The team will provide a best effort cost estimate before the event.  Parents of attending athletes recognize this is only an estimate and the final cost may vary considerably.  Parents agree to pay in full any invoice within 14 days of receipt.  Failure to timely pay any invoices for previous Team travel events may result in revocation of the athlete’s privilege to participate in future Team travel events at the discretion of the Program Director. 
  • The Team’s fixed expenses will be allocated evenly among all participating athletes regardless of the number of days of their participation.  The Team’s fixed expenses typically include, but are not limited to: transporting equipment to the event, lane space expenses, lift tickets, vehicle rentals, and athlete lodging reserved by the Team.
  • The total expense of athlete lodging reserved by the Team will be divided equally among the participating athletes, regardless of the number of athletes to a room. The only time an individual athlete’s lodging expense can be reduced is if an athlete’s non-attendance reduces athletes’ lodging expenses.
  • Athletes who commit to a Team Travel event without a published fixed fee and who fail to attend the event without pre-event cancellation or only partially attend the event (regardless of reason) will be invoiced for the Team’s fixed expenses, subject only to reduction by the savings in lodging resulting from non-attendance. 
  • Athletes who commit to a Team Travel event without a published fixed fee who travel separately at their own expense to the event will participate equally in the Team’s fixed expenses, with a reduction for the athlete’s own travel expenses. If the athlete stays separately at his/her own expense and not with the Team, the athlete will not be invoiced for the Team’s athlete lodging expense.  The athlete must communicate in writing 14 days prior to Team Travel if they will not be staying with the team and have made individual arrangements.

Team Travel Cancellation and Refund Policies

1)    Refunds will be granted for withdrawal from projects or competition trips, or for partial attendance due to injury, illness, or family emergency on the following schedule:

i)    100% -  Fourteen (14) days prior to the first day of the event,

ii)    75% - Seven (7) days prior to the first day of the event,

iii)   50% - Zero (0) to Six (6) days prior to the first day of the event,

iv)   Recoverable costs only after the beginning of the event subject to leader discretion.

2)    Refunds will not be granted for general cancellation if notice is given less than 14 days out from the first day of the event.  An athlete who cancels participation in a Team Travel event 14 days prior to the Team’s departure will not be invoiced for that event.

3)    Athlete or athlete’s parent must provide written notice of cancellation to Team leader and Team Travel Administrator 14 days prior to an event to receive a refund.  Cancellations via phone or voicemail will not be eligible for refunds.

4)    Athlete or athlete’s parent must provide a valid credit on the Team’s Credit Card Authorization form and submit to the business office before athlete attends his/her first event.



Parents of children must remain within Squaw Valley while each child is in a Squaw Valley Program or at Alpine Meadows while each child is in an Alpine Meadows Program.


In the interest of safety, children 12 years or younger may NOT ride the Squaw | Alpine shuttle bus alone.

  • Any child 12 years or younger MUST be accompanied on the bus by a parent, legal guardian or other responsible rider who is at least 13 years of age and who is responsible for the child’s care and conduct during transportation. 
  • Parents and guardians are responsible for determining if their children between the ages of 13 and 17 are capable of unaccompanied bus travel and/or the care, custody and accompaniment of a child 12 years or younger.
  • Children 12 years or younger are considered unaccompanied minors and are prohibited from riding the bus alone.
  • Squaw | Alpine is not responsible for and will not coordinate “hand-offs” to persons including coaches, instructors, parents or guardians at receiving or departing bus stops
  • These restrictions apply to all riders including those participating in Squaw | Alpine Snow Sports programs.



I, the undersigned parent or legal guardian of  the minor(s) identified in this agreement, have entrusted such minor into the care of Squaw Valley Resort, LLC (“SVR”) as agent for the undersigned to consent to any X-ray examination, anesthetic, medical or surgical diagnosis or treatment and hospital care which his deemed advisable by, and is to be rendered under the general or special supervision of, any physician and surgeon licensed under the Medical Practice Act on the medical staff of any hospital, whether the diagnosis or treatment is rendered at the office of said physician, at said hospital, or in the field

This includes authorization to consent to any X-ray examination, anesthetic, dental or surgical diagnosis or treatment and hospital care which deemed advisable by, and is to be rendered to the minor by or under the supervision of a dentist licensed under the provisions of the Dental Practice Act.

It is understood that this authorization is given in advance of any specific diagnosis, treatment or hospital care being required, but is given to provide authority and power on the part of our aforesaid agent to give specific consent to any and all such diagnosis, treatment, or hospital care which a physician, meeting the requirements of this authorization, may, in the exercise of his/her best judgment, deem advisable. 

This authorization is given pursuant to the provisions of Section 6910 of the California Family Code.  I hereby authorize any hospital which has provided treatment to the above-named minor pursuant to the provisions of Section 6910 of the California Family Code to surrender physical custody of such minor to my above-named agents upon the completion of treatment.  The authorization is given pursuant to Section 1283 of the California Health and Safety Code.

This authorization will remain effective while the above minor is en route to or from or involved or participating in any SVR activity, unless revoked in writing by the undersigned, and delivered to the aforesaid agent. If there are any changes in the status of the parent/legal guardian/other person having legal custody for the above-named minor, I understand that it is my responsibility to notify SVR of any such changes.



The undersigned athlete and his/her parent and/or legal guardian, in signing below, hereby acknowledge and voluntarily agree as to the following:

  1. We have fully read and understand this entire Agreement, and will abide by and follow all of its terms. 
  2. Our participation in the activities and services of the Team, its coaches, staff and parent volunteers are purely voluntary on their part.
  3. Any disciplinary action taken for an infraction of the Codes of Conduct will not entitle me to any refund of money paid to the Team.
  4. The Codes of Conduct do not create any legal rights or causes of action of any nature on the part of an athlete or an athlete’s parents or representatives against the Team, the Teams’ Directors and Coaches and Staff, the Managing Director of Snowsports or any parent volunteers acting on behalf the team, and they expressly waive and voluntarily relinquish any legal rights or causes of action arising out of the enforcement of the Team Codes of Conduct and disciplinary actions.
  5. I understand and agree that this agreement is severable and that if any clause is found to invalid, the balance of the contract will remain in effect, valid, and enforceable. This agreement is subject to and interpreted under the laws of the State of California. I agree that any action related to this agreement must be brought only in Placer County; it is the exclusive venue.

Signature of Team Member and a Parent acknowledging agreement to every term in this Agreement is required prior to participating in any Team event.

I agree to comply with the Ski Team Agreement in spirit and word.


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Parent(s) or court-appointed legal guardian(s) must sign for any participating minor (those under 18 years of age) and agree that they and the minor are subject to all the terms of this document, as set forth above.
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