With this waiver an individual sport jumper states that s/he understands her/his basic responsibilities and dropzone procedures for safe skydive operations. Also sport jumper sates that s/he understands ones liabilities and need for 3rd party insurance and states that his/her gear is up to date and equipped with AAD. All flight operations are conducted by Aeroclub Helsinki Ry. As a skydiver you are not a passenger, but mission specialist.


General Safety

Read and understand this waiver. You are responsible that you have get the DZ Briefing from the staff as well. Mind the following:

  • All flying if conducted by Aeroclub Helsinki, only members of Aeroclub Helsinki, SIL or USPA can join the flights
  • Load BurbleMe app from app store
  • Fill in personal and gear data
  • Have your gear checked at the DZ
  • All ops are to be conducted under
    • Finnish aviation law
    • Traficom directives
    • SIL Directives and recommendations
    • Dropzone orders and directives

I Agree

With this waiver I agree that SKYXPERINECE is not responsible for any damages I am causing for third parties while I am parcticing my skydive activities. 

I Agree

Malmi airport is the most busy General Aviation airport in Finland. With over 45.000 annual operation, there is space for all activities, but only of all groups and individuals are working as planned and if everybody follows rules and instructions. Unfortunately skydivers are first to push aside if troubles should rise, so pay attention. 

I have checked and understood the limitations and procedures at Malmi airfield as follows:


  • There is no crossing of runway below 300 metres. Runway consists all asphalt and 30 meters area measures from edge of the asphalt
  • Loadmasters orders are to be obeyed
  • Landing patterns are to be flown according to loadmasters orders
  • In general all sportjumpers land on a landing zone 1
  • Never, never be on the front side of an aircrafts wing once on teh apron
  • Tandem Instructors are working, let them do their job 
  • Jumpruns are flown according to skydivespot3
  • Use self manifesting as much as possible
  • Jump with your phone
  • Fill your info to Burblesoftware in advance, makes everybodies life easier

At the DZ

  • In the packing tent, there is a space reserved to tandem packers, no crossing
  • Guys use the outside toilet
  • There is no steady water supply, bring your own bottle
  • In and out in the manifest


  • Proceed to the apron once aircraft has parked
  • Loadmaster attaches the tailstick and stairs
  • Never be on the frontside of the wing
  • No hassle, there are props moving and skydiveplane is not the only one on the apron

In the plane

  • One at the time to the aircraft
  • Plane is to be loaded 4 skydivers on benches, most rearward skydivers mid of exit door
  • Take your seat, attach seatbelt quickly
  • Below 300M helmets on, belts buckled up, all loose items connected
  • Aft from redline max 4 skydivers at all times
  • Do not fart or otherwise scare tandem pax
  • TIs are working again, respect pls
  • Red light=No jumps, No light=Get ready - Door may be opened, Green light= Jump
  • Jumps tp be excuted rapidly with no miihailu
  • Normal exit order according to loadmaster


  • All wingsuit and angle groups have one navigator face down
  • Only one angle group from one jumprun
  • All canopies to be open and flyable at 800M
  • Watch your surroundings

Under canopy

  • As fast as practical get over the landing zone
  • No rapid movements or direction changes
  • Only swoopers swoop
  • No steep turns on primary landing zone
  • Landing zone is the green area, tandems and 500+ skydivers may use blue landing zone
  • All other zones are prohibited unless emergency

After landing

  • Get away from the runway
  • Get your shit together and walk towards the westerly end of apron
  • cross the apron on west end
  • In case of landing east of runway, make distance to runway and wait to picked up NO CROSSING OF THE RUNWAY BY FEET
  • Good clearance of taxiways, aprons and runways at all times
  • Do not wander around, stay clear of taxiing aircrafts and wait 
  • In case of outside landing, notify manifest with BurbleMe app of your status
  • All incidents and accicents are to be reported to manifest

February 18, 2020

I Agree

I hereby state that my skydiving gear is up top date, reserve repacking has been done according to manufacturer and my gear is equipped with functional AAD.

I Agree


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