Dba: “Dvorak Shuttle Service” Agreement and Assumption of Risk
One Signed Agreement per Vehicle

I (Owner) hereby agrees to pay Bill Dvorak Kayak & Rafting Expeditions Inc, dba(s) SUP DVK, Dvorak Expeditions Inc., Between the Lines Hardware Inc, Bill Dvorak Kayak & Rafting Expeditions Inc. BDKRE, BTLH; (Contractor) to drive the vehicle listed below from designated (location) to the second (location). The date of said shuttle will be listed below.  Payment shall be made at the time the vehicle is booked unless other arrangements are made in advance.  (Owner) grants (Contractor) permission to drive or otherwise transport the described vehicle.

Owner's Assumption of Risk

Knowing that the vehicles may be unattended before pick up or after delivery by Contractor, and knowing that there are risks involved in completing the job as instructed, which risks include but are not limited to theft, vandalism, auto accidents, cracked, chipped and/or broken windows, damage from fire or elements, and the possibility of hitting animals on roads, illness due to transmissible pathogen or disease, Owner  (Vehicle Owner) hereby assumes all risks of damage, loss or injury to any and all persons or property, including but not limited to the vehicle and their contents, resulting from Contractor’s performance under this Agreement which are caused by negligence or inherent risks with this type of activity.

Owner's Covenants and Responsibilities

Owner covenants that the vehicle will be in safe driving condition at the time of pickup, and agrees to be responsible for all damages, loss, injury and liability resulting from a breach of this covenant.  Owner ALSO COVENANTS THAT THE VEHICLE WILL HAVE SUFFICIENT FUEL TO REACH THE DESTINATION, or else to make arrangements for fueling the vehicle before it is picked up.  If upon arrival for pickup, the Contractor determines, as it may in its sole and absolute desecration, that the vehicle is not in safe driving condition, the Contractor may elect not to transport the unsafe vehicle and will reimburse the owner for one half of the previous paid shuttle fee, and be free of all further liability, duty or obligation.  We advise following COVID19 safety guidelines in all circumstances as advised by all heath departments in the USA. 

Insurance and Indemnification

Recognizing there is an element of risk involved in completing work described herein as “Job Instructions,” Owner agrees to hold harmless, Contractor, it’s employees and/or agents and all persons or entities referring Contractor, including, but not limited to the Colorado State Parks & Wildlife, Bureau of land Management, Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area, and any other referring agency for loss, damage, injury or liability which may result in Contractor’s performance under this agreement in good faith.  All disputes will be heard by a court located in Chaffee County, Colorado applying Colorado law.  All parties consent to the personal jurisdiction of such a court. Filling out vehicle information and submitting this form to Contractor constitutes acceptance of all terms, even without signature.

Owner is solely responsible for insurance on the described vehicle and warrants that insurance will always be in force relevant to this agreement.  Owner warrants the legality of all tasks which the Contractor is to perform under this agreement.

Today's Date: July 19, 2024

Call our main office to set up your shuttle @ 719 539-6851.  You can arrange shuttles at our main office @ 17921 US Hwy 285, Nathrop, CO 81236 | Dvorak Shuttle Services.   Email:  Info@DvorakExpeditions.com


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*** MUST PURCHASE VEHICLE TAG-PARKING PASS FOR STATE PARKS / AHRA LAUNCH SITES FOR DAY USE PER DAY! Available at river sites or AHRA office in Salida, CO (Sackett & G Street)

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In the event that the vehicle and/or trailer becomes in-operable, would you prefer that Dvorak Expeditions Shuttle Service: Flat tires can be changed at owners' cost for time.*

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