NEO Gatherings is back with its 8th annual summer tricking event!

This form will serve as your electronic waiver. Please complete all fields as requested.

This is a waiver of liability for the event titled "NEO: Detroit." 

This agreement is between the undersigned participant or spectator (referred to herein as "Participant") and the event organizers, Matthew Milhoan and Sam Caspio, and their staff, volunteers, subcontractors and representatives (collectively referred to herein as "NEO"). 

The venue for the event will be Downriver Gymnastics, operated by Kelli Cook, her staff, volunteers, subcontractors, and representatives (collectively referred to herein as "DownRiver") at 13777 Eureka Road, Wyandotte, MI 48192 from June 26th - 28th, 2020.


The following Terms must be read and agreed to before Participant may participate or spectate at NEO: Detroit. Check the box that says "I agree" to indicate you understand and agree to the Terms of this waiver. If Participant is a minor under 18 years of age, this waiver MUST be signed by a parent, legal guardian, or chaperone, complete with emergency contact information, as approved by the parent or legal guardian. 

NEO: Detroit is an independently organized acrobatic event, consisting of open day sessions, one overnight session, workshops, and miscellaneous contests, whose activities may include but are not limited to tricking, tumbling, martial arts, dancing, breakdancing, trampoline stunts, yoga, climbing, running, jumping, twisting, etc (collectively referred to herein as "Activities"). NEO is hosting this event with the intention of supporting the local communities of alternative movement practitioners. NEO purchases event insurance from a licensed provider and maintains emergency procedures in the event of any injuries, accidents, or inclement weather. NEO asks that all Participants and Spectators maintain a respectful manner of being and adhere to the following terms while at the event:

• I understand that I am entering an agreement whereby my signature establishes its validity. I hereby grant permission for Participant to be present at NEO: Detroit and engage in its activities. I understand that these activities may involve risk to the Participant and hereby assume this risk on behalf of the Participant.

• I understand that due to the nature of the activities involved with NEO: Detroit, there is a possibility that Participant may sustain physical illness or injury (minimal, serious, catastrophic, or death) in connection with their participation at any time during the weekend. I understand that no amount of matting, spotting, training, or coaching excellence can guarantee a completely risk free acrobatic sport or event. 

• I hereby release NEO and DownRiver, as well as any of their endorsed sponsors or vendors from any claims for personal illness or injury (minimal, serious, catastrophic, or death) that Participant may sustain while participating at or traveling to NEO: Detroit. I agree not to take legal action against NEO or DownRiver in the event of such illness or injury. Should the Participant need emergency medical treatment and I am unable to be reached, I hereby authorize NEO and/or DownRiver to summon professional emergency services for Participant for such injury or illness, and hereby hold NEO and DownRiver harmless in the exercise of this authority. Furthermore, NEO and DownRiver shall not be held responsible for improper medical treatment as a result of my failure to provide appropriate medical and / or insurance information.

• I understand that NEO includes one overnight session (Saturday to Sunday). I understand that my registration for NEO does NOT include hotel stay, which may be purchased on my own, and that the included accommodations are inside the gym at the above address. I understand that NEO cannot guarantee any specific quality of sleeping accommodations and agree that NEO shall not be held responsible for failure on my part to secure adequate sleeping accommodations. If signing for a minor, I hereby give permission for Participant to remain on premises for the duration of the overnight session.
*All participants are encouraged to bring a sleeping bag or blanket and pillow!

• I understand that media may be recorded at NEO: Detroit to be used by NEO and / or DownRiver for promotional purposes. I understand that this media may include photographs, videos, and/or audio recordings of Participant and I hereby waive any right to inspect, approve, claim ownership of, or seek compensation for any finished media products created in connection therewith. 

• I understand that all participants and spectators must purchase a ticket to NEO: Detroit unless notified otherwise by NEO. If my method of payment is declined or ineffective for any reason, I understand that any resulting penalty charges and balances must still be paid to NEO no more than seven days following the completion of NEO: Detroit.

• I understand that the use of this venue is being made possible by voluntary collaboration of multiple parties and agree to use the venue only in a respectful manner consistent with its intended use. I understand that significant property or equipment damage caused by my actions or negligence may result in NEO and / or DownRiver seeking compensation for damaged items and possible blacklisting from future NEO Gathering events. I further understand that NEO will not be responsible for paying any compensation if equipment or property damage is found to be my fault.

• I understand that attendance for this event is at the sole will and discretion of each Participant. I understand that NEO is only obligated to provide what it has advertised it will provide for the ticket I have purchased. 

**I have read and agree to the above terms.

I Agree

My signature on this form acknowledges that Participant is physically and mentally prepared to participate and/or spectate at NEO: Detroit. Participant and I have read this Waiver of Liability & Media Release and agree to these terms. 


IN CONSIDERATION, the following statements constitute NEO's promise to deliver a safe, monitored facility and event experience:

While things sometimes must change, NEO will do its utmost to produce an event that delivers exactly as its website, social media, verbal and other text advertisements detail, including prizes, pricing, schedule, and staff roles. 

NEO will attempt to see that everyone is comfortable and provided for.

NEO will not sell or use your data in any way that is illegal, harmful, or distasteful. 

NEO will not store your credit card information in physical or digital form without your express consent.

NEO will provide competent, alert coaches, subcontractors, volunteers, and sponsors to ensure a safe and outstanding event.

NEO will do its utmost to be as available as possible for direct communication via email or phone call, should you have any questions at all.

See you there!

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Parent(s) or court-appointed legal guardian(s) must sign for any participating minor (those under 18 years of age) and agree that they and the minor are subject to all the terms of this document, as set forth above.
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