Renter Agreement

This waiver must be signed by the person(s) who has paid for the boat, equipment and services. If your name is on the credit card used to book the boat, you must sign this waiver and you must be on the boat.  Renter is responsible for any and all damage they may occur while boat is in your possession.  Renter must be on the boat. 

This is a Rental Agreement for a pontoon boat and related equipment and includes a waiver and release of liability. Read this agreement carefully as it affects your legal rights.


You also agree that if you have reserved this boat and do not meet ALL requirements set forth in this document and the reservations requirments you are fully liable for rental cost of the boat.

Definitions: for purposes of this this agreement, the terms defined below shall have the indicated meanings:

 “Renter”means the person(s) who shall pay for the boat, equipment, and services of Pontoon Nashville, LLC. The Renter is responsible for all damages that may occure while boat is in their possession.

Any singular defined term in this agreement shall be deemed to include the plural, and any plural term the singular. Any gender reference in this agreement shall be deemed to include all genders.

By signing this Rental Agreement, you represent that the Authorized Driver has extensive boating experience and understanding of the boating laws and regulations by the State of Tennessee.  

Rules for the use of pontoon boat and equipment:

Renter(s) agree that they shall use all equipment, including the pontoon boat, safety (life) vest, engine, gas tank, ropes, anchor, and safety whistle (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "equipment") only for the purpose of personal entertainment, with safety always in mind, and in accordance with ALL of the following rules:

1. Age Requirement: Renter must be at least 25 years of age.

2. Damages: A copy of the Renter’s credit card and driver’s license will be held until the boat is returned. During the rental time, an authorized hold of $1,500 will be placed on the credit card until the boat is returned. Any money owed to Pontoon Nashville, LLC due to damages incurred or violations of this agreement under $1,500 will be taken from this hold.

If, upon return of the boat, Pontoon Nashville, LLC determines the boat has been damaged. The $1,500 hold will remain in place and a professional assessment of damages will be made to determine the repair cost. The Renter will be notified within 5 business days. Renter is responsible for all damages incurred during the rental period. If refusal to pay for damages assessed or other breach of this Rental Agreement results in Pontoon Nashville, LLC filing suit you agree to pay Pontoon Nashville, LLC's attorney fees and court costs in addition to all damages.

If Pontoon Nashville, LLC must tow the boat in for damages or if error on the part of the Authorized Driver or Renter requires staff to come and assist the boat, including but not limited to running out of fuel, there will be a charge of $500.00.

If due to negligence, there is damage to the boat resulting in it being taken out of rental availability you are responsible for both damages and revenue lost while the boat is being repaired by a Certified Marine Mechanic.

The following are a list of some of the items on the boat. If any are lost or damaged while on the boat, this is the cost for replacement or repair. This list is not comprehensive. Other lost or damaged items will be assessed upon return and a charge will be incurred.

  • Oar $175.00
  • Dock line (exact replacement) $50.00 per line
  • Fenders (exact replacement) $50.00 per fender
  • Twist Nyl (Fender line exact replacement) $25.00
  • Life Jackets (exact replacement) $25.00 per jacket
  • Anchor and rope (exact replacement) $175.00
  • Propeller (Exact replacement) $250.00
  • Hardware for propeller $25.00

If no damages are incurred and the agreement has not been violated, all money will be released upon the boat's return.

3. Rental Return Procedure: Renter shall return the boat and the equipment in good working order and conditions at the end of the rental period. A late fee of $25.00 will be charged per every 15 minutes that the boat is late. Late refers to any time that the boat is not back at Pontoon Nashville refueled and cleaned. Renter shall inform Pontoon Nashville staff of any missing equipment or damage. Renter is financially responsible for all lost or damaged equipment. The boat shall be returned with a full gas tank by the end time of rental. (See "Refueling"). If your tardiness delays or influences the rental following yours, you will be subject up to the full price of the affected rental.

4. Refueling: The Renter shall not place fuel in the gas tank from any source other than Rock Harbor Marina. Rock Harbor Marina carries required marine grade gas for this engine. At the end of your rental time the boat must be returned cleaned and ready for staff to refuel for you.

5. Late/Cancellation Policy: Pontoon Nashville, LLC refund policy - there are no exceptions.

  • Weekday rentals with a $150 cancellation charge, can be cancelled 72 hours in advance of scheduled rental time, All other monies will be refunded.
  • Weekend rentals with a $150 cancellation charge, can be cancelled 2 weeks in advance of scheduled rental time. All other monies will be refunded.

If you are late for your reservation, you will forfeit the time you are late on the water. The boat must still be returned at the scheduled time. A late fee will be charged if the boat is not returned to the slip (refueled) by the end of your rental time. 

6. Cleaning Charge: If the boat is not returned in a clean manner or if the boat requires extra effort to clean, including but not limited to an extra amount of trash, food, stains, mud, etc., there will be a charge of up to $175.00 for any extra cleaning. Street shoes should not be worn on the boat. The Renter agrees to pay any additional cleaning charges.

7. Inclement Weather Policy: There are no refunds due to inclement weather. We will move your reservation forward to an open date comparable to your original reservation. If there are inclement weather conditions in the area prior to rental time then Pontoon Nashville, LLC will contact you to schedule a revised rental date during the 2021 rental season. Inclement weather is defined as unsafe conditions, as defined by the National Weather Service. Pontoon Nashville, LLC will determine the weather safety at or near Rock Harbor Marina. If the weather turns severe while you are on the water, seek shelter immediately in a safe place or protected shoreline where you can anchor the boat.

8. Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties: Pontoon Nashville, LLC does not rent to bachelor or bachelorette parties. Renter warrants that the Pontoon Boat shall not be used for a bachelor or bachelorette party.

9. Dogs/Pets: Dogs and pets are not allowed on our pontoon rentals. Service Animals may be on board, but please bring the necessary paperwork. Emotional Support Animals do not fall under this exemption. 

10. Right of Refusal: The staff reserves the right to refuse rental to anyone at the time of check-in.

11. Capacity: There is a maximum capacity of 10 persons. Please note the maximum weight limit is 1678 lbs. including passengers & gear. Children 12 and under are required by law to wear a life jacket. A fine of $250 per person will be charged for each person over the maximum capacity of 10 people.  When renting the boat that has the 12 passanger capacity any number that exceeds 12 there will be a $250.00 per person fee.

12. Complete Agreement: The terms of this agreement cannot be modified except in writing. If any part of this agreement is found by a Court or other appropriate authority to be invalid, the remainder of the agreement nevertheless shall be in full force and effect.

Today's Date: October 16, 2021

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