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Sonoran Serenity Membership Agreement

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1. Member Credits:

1. Chose one of the following $110 services to be covered by your monthly $90 membership charge:

- 60min Relaxation Massage –

- Sonoran Serenity Signature Facial -

- Reiki – Chakra Clearing and Balancing with Kiera -

- Hypnotherapy with Carla or Kiera -

- Tarot with Reiki with Kiera -

(I AM) Yoga Nidra with Kat

2. To use a Member Credit, a service must meet or exceed $110 in price and 1 hour in length.

- As Member Credits cannot be used for services less than $110 or shorter than 1 hour, this policy also applies to late-starting appointments that had to be modified to a shorter service not listed above.

- The Member Credit originally intended for a modified appointment will not be lost and the shorter or modified service will still be covered by the corresponding 15% or 10% discount mentioned below in Additional Discounts.

3. A Member Credit can be used to cover the first $110 of a longer or higher-priced service not listed above. To do this, simply book the desired service (online or by phone) and staff will apply your Member Credit at checkout, at which point you will pay for the leftover amount due for your service(s).

4. While Member Credits cannot be used towards any HydraFacial or Peel service, both are eligible for the 15% discount mentioned below in Additional Discounts.

5. Member Credit Rollover Period:

- Members are not required to book every month.

- Members may rollover up to 6 Member Credits before they begin to expire. Once you’ve reached 6, the first unused Credit will expire as the next populates into your account on the next billing cycle, keeping a maximum total of 6.

- Expired Member Credits are non-refundable.

6. Combining Member Credits:

 -      If you have more than one Member Credit available, you may use them for multiple eligible services on the same visit; such as the 2hr Combination Relaxation Massage & Spa Facial.

2. Additional Discounts:

1. 15% off any full-priced treatments (excludes add-ons / upgrades and Waxing services).

2. 10% off Waxing services, retail skincare products, and retail CBD products.

3. Members-only special pricing may be available on certain treatments, services, classes, and/or products that vary from month to month (see promotions page on website for pricing when available).

3. Sharing Your Membership:

1. Two people can be added onto your Membership at any time at no extra cost.

2. To do so, the additional client(s) must have their own client account in their name with a card on file. This is to protect the primary Membership holder from being charged in the event of a late-cancelled guest appointment or no-show (see our Appointment Cancellation Policy for more details).

3. Having additional clients on a Membership does not affect the amount of Credits per billing cycle.

4. Membership Freeze Option:

1. Membership can be frozen for a fee of $20 per month instead of the usual Membership charge.

- Please contact the spa to initiate a Freeze.

2. Freezing a membership for 5 months or longer would accrue charges that exceed that of a single monthly charge.

3. Member Credits will not be added to your account and cannot be used during the Freeze period.


1. Membership Eligibility

1. A signed Membership Agreement must be on file for the primary Member.

 - This does not apply to clients being added to an existing membership.

2. The primary Member must be at least 18 years old.

2. Membership Payments:

1. A Credit or Debit card must be on file for your monthly charge in exchange for Membership privileges.

- In order to receive the above-mentioned benefits, Membership payment(s) must be up to date.

- If your card on file has expired or been compromised, contact the spa immediately.

-You may call the spa to change your card on file at any time.

2. Your billing cycle will occur on the same monthly date as your first membership payment. Payment on shorter months not containing your usual billing date will default to the last day of that month.

3. In the event of a failed payment, you will receive an automated notification and the account will be temporarily suspended and another attempt will be made to collect payment after 2 days. This process will repeat one more time before we attempt to reach a client for updated payment information.

4. If payment is not received after 5 days, membership will be suspended and any accrued credits and discounts will be placed on hold and made unavailable for use until the membership payment(s) is up to date.

3. Membership Miscellaneous:

1. S3 Spa LLC dba Sonoran Serenity Spa reserves the right to review membership periodically.

2. Members will be given at least 30 days notice via email of any changes, which might include:

- Any increase in membership fee.

- Change in benefits offered.


1. Client 30 Day Notice Cancellation:

1. Membership is month-to-month. Members can cancel at any time by submitting a30 Day Written Noticeto: (please feel free to include any applicable reasons for cancelation in your message).

2. We will reply via email to the address from which your 30 day notice was received to confirm your cancellation with your Terms of Cancellation details, summarized below:

- Cancellation will go into effect 30 days after notice is received.

- Within those 30 days, a final Membership Charge will occur on the usual scheduled date and members will receive their final Member Credit.

- Members may still enjoy discounts and member privileges during the initial 30 day period leading to cancellation.

- After cancellation of a membership goes into effect, you will be granted an additional 30 days to utilize any unused Member Credits before they expire (totaling 60 days after your written request to cancel).

3. Member Fees/Credits are non-refundable.

2. Internal Cancellation**:

1. If payment is past-due for more than 60 days, S3 Spa LLC dba Sonoran Serenity Spa reserves the right to terminate the membership resulting in the loss of all benefits and Member Credits.

 **Every effort will be made to contact the client to resolve any payment issues before this step is taken.

 SECTION 4 - Appointment Cancellation Policy:

1. The standard appointment cancellation policy applies to all member and non-member appointments.

2. Cancellations must be made by phone (480) 772-3297 during business hours or email:

3. Appointments may be canceled without charge up to 12 hours before the scheduled appointment time.

4. Between 12 hours and before 2 hours of the scheduled appointment time, clients may cancel for 50% of the full (non-discounted) price of the treatment or service.

5. If canceling within 2 hours of the appointment time or the client no-shows the appointment, a fee of 100% of the full (non-discounted) price of the treatment or service will be assessed.

6. In observance of our both practitioner’s and clients’ time, if we have not been able to reach or hear from a client running late by 15 minutes or more, we reserve right to either cancel the appointment or reduce the time of the appointment.

7. Member Credits or Gift Card/Certificate balances may not be used as payment for cancelled appointments.

8. Please keep in mind that our Cancellation Policy does extend to bookings created on behalf of a 3rd party.

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