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It is our aim as a gymnastics club to create a safe environment, to give all gymnasts attending the club a fulfilling and enjoyable gymnastic experience, to strive to provide the opportunity for members to achieve their gymnastic potential and to improve the physical well being, posture, co-ordination, concentration and confidence of all participants.
All participants are deserving of equal respect and dignity and their safety and welfare is of the highest importance at all times. Coaches should promote the positive aspects of the sport and encourage each gymnast to value their performance not the result.
Coaches will try to ensure that best coaching practice guidelines are adhered to at all times and that activities are appropriate to the age, ability, experience and fitness of each gymnast on that particular day. Coaches should not try to exceed the level of their own competence or qualifications.
Before being allowed to work with the young people at the Club, coaches agree to sign a declaration of past convictions and to agree to Criminal Records Bureau clearance. They will also provide evidence of their Coaching and/or First Aid qualifications and other relevant documents such as Driving Licence etc. Coaches should also read and agree to all Safe Sport guidelines. Coaches should know, that AGA Northwest adheres to all the Safe Sport guidelines and regulations. Should any employee violate these regulations, they will be terminated immediately. 
Coaches should be aware that their behaviour and language, towards and in the presence of the gymnasts in their care, should follow the high standards of AGA Northwest.
Coaches should never tolerate or ignore bullying or inappropriate language or behaviour. Coaches should not let allegations of bullying or abuse made by a child go without being acted upon. Anything of concern which you hear, or are told, must be reported to the club owner or Welfare Officer as soon as possible. Never promise a child or young person that you will keep the matter secret.
Coaches should avoid situations where they are alone with a child or young person. 
Coaches should make a written record of any incident, accident or concern and any subsequent action taken. 

I Agree

Due to COVID19, AGA requires specific proceedures to be done in order to keep a safe enviroment. By signing, you understand and promise to do all the things listed while employed at AGA.

1. Please perform a 'self-check' test within 24 hours of working at AGA. This includes monitoring temperature (must be under 100 degrees to work), and being self aware if you're showing any signs of fatigue, shortness of breath, or coughing. Should you experience these symptomps, you are required to notify managment and find a replacement for your classes. 

2. You are required to wash your hands when you enter the building. 

3. Please place your belongings in an individual cubbie in the coaches lounge. 

4. Check out your employee fanny pack. Make sure it has a mask, hand sanitizer, and stickers in it's pockets. If you are short these itmes, please see managment prior to your class start to replenish. 

5. You must arrive 10 minutes early to class to greet and assign students to their floor markers. 

6. Once the students move from the staging area to the floor, you are required to apply sanitizer to each of their hands. j

7. Please ensure all studnets are practicing separately. There will be no 'partner activites' during this time. 

8. Should you need to spot a child, please apply your mask and sanitize your hands before and after touching the child. 

9.  Each time you rotate, you must apply sanitizer to each child's hands, and again when you finish the class. 

10. After the class is finished, you are to sterilize all the contact surfaces you used during the class period. 

11. Please wash your hands between classes. 

I Agree

If you are a competitive Team Coach (pre-team, compulsory, xcel, or optional) you are required to ensure your safety certification, safe sport certification, and USAG member number is current. AGA will re-imburse you for these once they've been completed.

I Agree

Should a Team Coach decide to part AGA or is let go from AGA, you are agreeing to leave without contacting families or employees in recruitment. You are also agreeing to not work for another gymnastics school within 20 miles of AGA's facility for 1 year after your departure. Should special circumstances arise where you 'must' leave for any reason, an arrangement can be made with the owners to help both parties find a solution. Should you break this agreement, AGA will pursue legal action. 



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