Terms and Conditions for Slingshot Lahaina Rental

I agree to and understand the following terms and conditions:

No Refunds for Early Returns or Cancelled Reservations: Once a reservation is booked and paid, There are no refunds for a cancelled reservation there are no refunds for early returns. There are no exceptions to the policy regardless of reason. Take this into consideration before making your reservation.

Lost Key Fee $250 - $500: Lost keys are a major issue. If you lose the keys we cannot simply cut a new key, we must replace the entire lockset including any storage locks to ensure the security of our future riders. Vehicles without a security fob $250, with a security fob $500.

Damage: If damage is found, regardless of severity, full amount of the deposit will be charged. Damages paid on credit card will be charged an additional 3% fee. Furthermore, damages found before the next unit rental, up to 48 hours, are subject to charge. Before rental pictures will be used. Damage estimate will be produced within 10 days. Additional charges or refunds will then be due. Renter is responsible for Lost Rental income as a result of damage. Monies received will first be used for towing, lost income, and any other fees, then lastly for damages.

Flat Tires: Flat tires are not caused by us, they are caused by you running over something and therefore are your financial responsibility. Do not drive on flat tires! Doing so will ruin the tire and/or the rim. Tire and/or rim damage is not covered by any additional protection.

Towing: Hawaii’s scenic roads are very narrow, curvy and steep, which makes for wonderful views and drives, but makes towing very expensive. Renter accepts and understands they are responsible for any and all towing expenses regardless of cause. We offer towing protection, which will cover you in all paved areas except as listed below in the out of bounds areas. Without towing protection, you are fully responsible for all towing communication and charges.

Boundaries: The Slingshot is an on-Road vehicle. It cannot be used off road, on sand, or on gravel roads. Additionally, the following areas are out of bounds. If it is determined you have driven off road or out of bounds, you agree and authorize that your security deposit will be forfeited.

   Big Island: SouthPoint, Waipio Valley, Mauna Kea Gravel Road, Kekaha Kai, Mauna Loa Observatory Road.

   Kauai: Mahalapuu, Polihali, and Loop Road.

   Maui: Southernmost part of the Island from the Windmill farm to 7 Sacred Pools Park

   Oahu: Gravel Roads

Vehicle Tracking and Abuse: Renter understands the Slingshot has a tracking system to monitor vehicle position and performance data. This data will be used to determine out of bounds driving or any abusive driving. Renter agrees that any system alerts will result in forfeiture of the Security Deposit. Any selected Damage Waiver or towing protection becomes null and void.

Rear Tire Wear: Rear tire tread is measured at the beginning and the end of each rental. Renter understands they are financially responsible for any tread loss of more than 1/32”.

Excessively Dirty: Renter agrees to pay a $250.00 Cleaning fee if the Slingshot is returned excessively dirty.

After Hours Return:Any vehicles returned after-hours, via key drop, valet, or any other means continue to be the responsibility of the renter until the vehicle is officially returned by a representative the next business day. Renter is responsible for any damage or theft after the drop off until official return. Renter agrees to accept the damage assessment of staff and will be charged accordingly as per the rental contract. Renter agrees to be charged for an additional rental day if the keys have not been securely returned by their contract return time.


Renter Coverage Options:

*These were selected and paid during your reservation process. Below you are agreeing to be bound by your selections. You can change your choice prior to your rental by contacting Aloha Motorsports.

Purchased Damage and Theft Coverage: 

If purchased, you will receive the following benefits:

Damage Coverage:  Covers physical damage above $750. Renter is responsible to pay for the first $750 in physical damages to the Slingshot regardless of who is at fault. *Renter is fully responsible for lost rental income.

Theft Coverage:  Covers replacement cost above $5,000. Renter is responsible for the first $5,000 in loss. *Theft coverage void if renter abandons the unit or does not have the keys.

Breakdown Protection: Covers mechanical breakdown if repair will take more than 12 hours and when no replacement Slingshot is available. FLAT TIRES AND DEAD BATTERIES do not constitute a breakdown. Renter caused breakdown is not covered. Flat tires, accidents, etc

**If you did not purchase, you are responsible fot ALL damages and theft up to the retail replacement cost of the Slingshot.**

Roadside Assistance:  If you purchased, you are fully covered for any needed Roadside Assistance, must use MTS via the Aloha Motorsports phone system to receive covered assistance.

**If you did not purchase, you are responsible for all towing charges regardless of cause!!**

Pre-Paid Fuel:  If you purchased the fuel, you do not need to fill up the Slingshot when it is returned. It can be return with any amount of fuel.

**If you did not purchase, you must return the Slingshot full of 92 octane fuel, if returned less than full, you will be charged the current unfueled fee.**


Polaris Adventures, POLADVHI, Inc., and Aloha Motorsports provides third party legal limits of liability, property damage, and personal injury protection as required by law of the various states to protect the renter and authorized drivers. The foregoing coverage will be excess over any applicable insurance available to any Rentee or any other operator, from any other source; whether primary, excess, secondary or contingent in any way. All insurance, coverage and waivers are subject to the express terms and conditions of the rental contract and do not include coverage for injury, personal property, or damage as the result of negligence such as illegal use, or outside of boundaries or use of rental while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. *A Police Report is required for all damages or accidents. **All damages to rented unit without a police report is considered Renter’s fault and this damage Waiver become null and void.

Renter(s) agree they have read and understood these Aloha Motorsports Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them. Renter(s) also agrees to be bound by the Polaris Adventures Terms and Conditions. Renter(s) agree that they have selected their desired options and understand that options cannot be changed once the rental period starts.

By signing this waiver, Renter/Cardholder hereby authorizes that the Security Deposit, can and will be used to satisfy any and all balances due at the end of rental, including but not limited to, damages, lost keys, fuel, late fees, towing, abandonment, etc. Renter also acknowledges that if coverage was denied, they are responsible for all damages at full retail cost, regardless of the amount of security deposit up to the cost of a new replacement. By signing, Cardholder agrees and authorizes the entire amount of the Security Deposit in full to be charged at the time of incident regardless of the severity of the incident.

By clicking "I agree" below you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions listed above.

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