Welcome to Jam Hops Dance Company (JHDCo.) On this page of our website you will find our annual handbook. The recreational dance handbook contains information for our recreational dance program. It contains the following:

  • important dates
  • costume deposit information
  • costume fitting dates
  • shoe requirements 
  • recital fee
  • studio etiquette
  • dance attire
  • recital information
  • winter dance showcase information
  • holiday parties
  • much more

Please read the handbook and sign this waiver within the first two weeks of your child's class. If you have questions please stop by the Customer Care Desk, give us a call at 763-413-0647 or email us at customerservice@jamhops.com. We look forward to another fantastic dance season!

Important Dates


  • September 4th - 6th: CLOSED for Labor Day
  • September 7th: fall classes begin


  • October 25th - 30th: Halloween parties in class


  • November 1st: First costume fee due (added to billing with November tuition)
  • November 25th - 28th: CLOSED for Thanksgiving
  • November 30th: Registrtation deadline for recital season dance session


  • December 1st: Second costume fee due (added to billing with December tuition)
  • December 17th - 23rd: Holiday parties in class
  • December 24th - January 2nd: No classes (winter break)


  • January 1st - 2nd: CLOSED for New Years
  • January 3rd: Classes resume


  • February 7th - 12th: Valentines handout in class


  • Practice your dances at home to prepare for the upcoming recital
  • Jam Hops will remain open throughout all school districts spring breaks


  • April 1st:  Recital Fee added to April tuition
  • TBA: Online recital ticket sales begin
  • TBA: Recital parent sign up available
  • April 9th: Recreational and Competition picture day


  • May 21st - May 27th: In class Dress Rehearsal and award handout
  • May 28th - 30th: CLOSED for Memorial Day 


  • TBA (based on school availability) Recital performances
  • June 20th: Summer recreational dance program begins


  • July 5th - 28th: Competition Dance training and placement 


  • August 8th: Competitive dance practices begin for the 2022-2023 season
  • August 18th: Summer Dance session ends
  • TBA: Summer Dance Showcase

September 10th - May, Open Studio

  • Fridays: 8:30 - 10:00 PM (ages 5-18)
  • Saturdays: 2:30 - 4:00 PM (ages 5-18)

I have added the important dates to my calendar

I Agree

Please review the following policies and procedures for our recreational dance program. 


At Jam Hops we have a professional, enthusiastic team of caring people. Our staff is dedicated to the pursuit of nurturing children so they can realize their dreams.  We are leaders who believe that by teaching through example, we build self-confident, productive children who will become LIFE CHAMPIONS!


Our priority is to provide our students with excellent technical instruction, inspire their artistic voice by celebrating their individuality, and encourage their personal growth by providing them with a safe and constructive learning environment. Through these priorities, we aim to develop happy, confident and successful individuals and dancers.


At Jam Hops we believe in the value of teaching life skills to children. Our Kidz of Karacter program was designed to help teach these life skills to children in a fun and interactive way. Each month we will have a different life skill that we will introduce to all Jam Hops programs. For the entire month, we will talk about that particular life skill and ways that it pertains to their lives at home, at school and in all other areas of day to day living. On our website you will find a parent link to use as a resource, and we will have activities for the kids to do at Jam Hops and/or at home that support the life skill each month!


A goal of Jam Hop's is to positively impact the community and families that we work with. When thinking of ways to better serve our families and community, we realized that our next step was to create a program that fosters a positive space for ALL of our athletes. That program is called Alpha Athletes. The Alpha Athletes program was created to be inclusive and provide adaptive and supportive classes for children with disabilities. This program allows children with disabilities to participate in and get the most out of our gymnastics, Ninja and dance classes in a group setting, or as an individual. By providing an opportunity for each child to experience success we are able to build self-confident, productive children who will become LIFE CHAMPIONS! Our staff will work with parents to help find the class that best suits their Alpha Athlete.


Classes are based on the dancer’s age for the current school year.  All levels are welcome, the instructor will customize lesson plans and recital choreography to benefit the entire class.


2 – 5 years old

  • Dancers will learn basic ballet and tap technique.
  • Dancers will learn and perform a ballet and a tap routine at the recital.


All ballet classes for ages 6 – 18

  • Dancers will learn ballet technique and terminology.
  • Dancers will learn and perform a ballet routine at the recital.


Jazz classes for ages 6 – 8 

  • Dancers will learn jazz technique and terminology.
  • Dancers will learn and perform a jazz routine at the recital.

Jazz and Lyrical classes for ages 9 – 11

  • Dancers will learn jazz and lyrical technique and terminology.
  • Dancers will learn and perform a jazz and lyrical routine at the recital.

Jazz and Lyrical classes for 12 - 18

  • Dancers will learn jazz and lyrical technique and terminology.
  • Dancers will learn and perform a jazz and lyrical routine at the recital.


All tap classes for ages 6 - 18

  • Dancers will learn tap technique and terminology.
  • Dancers will learn and perform a tap routine at the recital.


All ages of Hip Hop classes

  • Dancers will learn hip hop and breakdancing technique and terminology.
  • Dancers will learn and perform a hip hop routine at the recital.


6 - 8 Years Old Musical Theater

  • Dancers will learn jazz based technique and terminology.
  • Dancers will learn and perform a musical theater routine at the recital.

9 - 18 Years Old Musical Theater

  • Dancers will learn jazz based technique and terminology.
  • Dancers will learn and perform a musical theater routine at the recital.

2021-2022 SCHEDULE:

The schedule can be found on the recreational dance page of the Jam Hops website.


There are 9 equal monthly payments for tuition beginning in September and the final payment will be May 1st, 2022. One week of June tuition will be added to your May billing along with tuition for May. Tuition is based on a 4 week per month average. Class cancellations due to holidays or weather-related closures will not have make-ups scheduled. Auto pay set up is required for all payments of tuition, costumes, and all other Jam Hops fees. Monthly tuition and other misc. fees are processed to the bank account or credit card you have on file on the first business day of each month. If payment for monthly tuition is unable to be processed, a late fee will be added to your account weekly until payment has been received in full.

I understand the billing process and know that one week of June tuition will be added to my May tuition 

I Agree

Additional fees and discounts

A recital performance/continuing education fee will be billed with your April tuition.  The fee is $45.00 for each dancer and includes a recital t-shirt. This fee helps offset the cost of staffing for picture day, recitals (no requirements to volunteer at the recital), and the cost to hire lighting and sound technicians for the recital. It also helps provide snacks and decorations for the recital as well as continuing education for our staff.

An annual member fee of $45.00 + tax per family is due upon registration. Annual member fee is valid September 2021-August 2022.  The fee is prorated for families registering after September.

Should your account become more than one month past due, your dancer will not be allowed to attend class until your account is current.

Take Multiple Classes!  You will receive a 40% discount off all additional classes in all programs that your child takes (discounts are taken off of lesser tuitions).

Involve the Whole Family!  Each additional family member receives 10% off monthly tuition. 4th child and more from the same family will receive a 50% discount off monthly tuition.

Boys!  Receive a 50% discount off monthly tuition for all co-ed classes.

I know the amount of the recital fee and when it will be billed to my account 

I Agree


Should the studio close due to inclement weather, information will be posted on our website no later than 3:00 pm for evening classes and 8:00 am for daytime classes. Classes cancelled due to inclement weather will not be rescheduled.  If a class is cancelled for any other reason (example: instructor illness), you will be notified via email and/or telephone call and the class will be rescheduled.  Should a class be rescheduled, you will be notified of the new practice date and time via email.

Closed days for 2021 – 2022

  • Saturday,September 4th - Monday, September 6th: Labor Day
  • Thursday, November 25th through Saturday, November 27th: Thanksgiving
  • Friday, December 24th through Sunday, January 2nd: Winter Break
  • Saturday, May 28th through Monday, May 30th: Memorial Weekend
  • TBA: Recital Day


Attendance is essential for personal development and overall team growth. A dancer’s commitment is reflected in his/her attendance. Some guidelines are:

  • If your dancer is unable to attend class, please call.
  • If your dancer is able to observe class (i.e. injured, non-contagious illness, etc.), we encourage their presence.

If your child misses a class (due to illness, injury, travel, etc.) they are eligible to receive a missed class voucher. One voucher will be issued per missed class up to two times per quarter. Please ask a Customer Care Representative for your missed class voucher. Missed class vouchers may be used for free admission for Open Gym/Open Studio or up to a $12.00 discount off of any camp or activity (excludes birthday parties and field trips).


These are optional lessons not required by the studio. They are designed to help an individual dancer with certain choreography or skills. All private lessons must be set up through the individual instructors. Payment is due directly to the instructor at the time of the lesson unless other arrangements are made. Rates vary per instructor.  Please leave a message with a Customer Care Representative if you would like to schedule private lessons.


A Lost and Found basket is located in the customer care office. If you are missing dance wear, shoes, or other items, please check the lost and found! Items left behind in the cubbies or studios are added to the lost and found basket each night. The lost and found will be emptied at the end of each month and donated to a charity. We are not able to keep water bottles in the lost and found. All reusable water bottles left at the end of the day will be donated to a charitable organization.


In order to create a classroom atmosphere most conducive for learning, we provide the following guidelines:

  • Only dancers, staff and instructors are allowed inside studios.  Should you need to communicate with the instructor or your dancer during class, please contact a Customer Care Representative for assistance.
  • If a dancer needs to leave class early, please inform the instructor prior to class starting.
  • Dancers may bring a small bag into the studio with them for their belongings. 
  • Dancers are not allowed to chew gum during class.
  • Dancers must ask for permission before exiting the classroom.
  • Appropriate dancewear and footwear must be worn to every class.

I have discussed the studio etiquette and guidelines with my child(ren) 

I Agree


Dress code is required for the dancer’s safety and to allow instructors to observe body alignment.  We encourage a dancer’s self-expression; however, their clothing must not display any offensive verbiage/slogan/graphic – it should be “G-rated”.  Hair must always be up and pulled away from the face.

Girls’ Attire

Ballet/Jazz/Tap - Acceptable

  • Leotard and tights
  • Fitted shorts or ballet skirts
  • Jazz Pants or leggings
  • Fitted tops
  • Appropriate footwear for style

Hip Hop - Acceptable

  • Crop tops/sports bras
  • Booty shorts
  • Sweatpants
  • Hoodie or t-shirt
  • Tennis shoes/combat boots

Boys’ Attire

Ballet/Jazz/Tap - Acceptable

  • Tank tops or t- Shirt
  • Athletic shorts
  • Jazz pants
  • Sweats
  • Appropriate footwear for style

Hip Hop - Acceptable

  • Tank tops or t-shirt
  • Athletic shorts
  • Sweatpants
  • Hoodie
  • Tennis shoes/combat boots

I know what the practice attire is for their weekly class(es) 

I Agree


Appropriate footwear is required for the safety of all dancers.  New and used shoes are available for purchase in the Jam Shop. Please ask a Customer Care Representative for assistance.


Our dance studios are equipped with curtains. The curtains will only be closed during costume try-on and pictures.


The performance wardrobe includes costumes, tights and accessories. Costume fees are split into 2 payments. The first half will be added to November tuition, and the second half will be added to December tuition.  If registration occurs after November 1st, the first costume payment is due at the time of registration; the second will be due December 1st. 

Once a costume has been ordered, costume fees are non-refundable.  Costumes will be ordered in December. If your dancer does not complete the dance season, it is your responsibility to pay the balance and pick up the costume.  Any costumes not picked up by the end of recital weekend become the property of Jam Hops Dance Company.

If there is a balance due for your child’s costumes, you will receive an email notification. All balances are due by April 15th. Unpaid fees will be automatically billed along with May tuition to the account set up for auto pay. Items added to the performance wardrobe after this date will be billed directly to dancer accounts.

Families will not be able to take costumes home if there are outstanding costume/prop or tuition fees at the time of costume distribution.

Costume Fee

  • 1 complete costume $80.00 (includes all tights, accessories, etc.)
  • Two equal payments of $40.00
  • Fee is per costume
  • Classes with more than one recital dance will have a costume for each dance (i.e. 3-5 year old ballet and tap will have two costumes)


Costumes will be tried on during regulat class times. You will receive an email the week before your child's class will be trying on costumes so you can be present if desired.


A suggested make-up list will be distributed with costumes.  Hairstyle expectations will be distributed with costumes.


Dancers are required to have specific shoes for pictures and recital performances.  Shoes are not included in the performance wardrobe – this is a separate charge and must be paid at the time of order.  All shoes are available to order year-round at the customer care office. Shoes must be ordered by February 28th, 2022. We cannot guarantee an arrival date for shoe shipments.

2-5 Year Old Classes

Ballet and Tap

  • Pink leather ballet shoes, $17.50
  • Tan buckle tap shoes, $35.00

Hip Hop

  • Provide your own sneakers of choice – color will be announced by February

6-8 Year Old Classes


  • Pink leather ballet shoes, $17.50


  • Tan buckle tap shoes, $35.00


  • Tan jazz shoes $25.00

Hip Hop

  • Provide your own sneakers of choice – color will be announced by February

Musical Theater

  • Tan jazz shoes, $25.00


9-18 Year Old Classes


  • Pink leather ballet shoes, $17.50


  • Black lace up tap shoes, $35.00

Jazz and Contemporary

  • “Pirouette” shoes, $25.00

Hip Hop

  • Provide your own sneakers of choice – color will be announced by February

Musical Theater

  • Tan jazz shoes, $25.00


For certain routines, props are necessary for the conceptual integrity and performance quality. Prop fees will not exceed $20.00 per dancer.  If there is a balance due for prop fees, you will be notified via email.

I am aware of shoe requirements, costume and prop fees, billing dates and the fitting process/dates 

I Agree


We offer professional photography of all of our dancers and classes. You are not obligated to purchase pictures, but we strongly encourage attendance. We want to feature all of our dancers in the recital program! Picture day is scheduled for April 9th, 2022. 


Recital tickets are sold through an online ticket vendor. There are no refunds or exchanges on tickets purchased. Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis. Online ticket sales ends on Saturday, May 28th. Any remaining tickets will be available for purchase 30 minutes prior to each recital performance. Anyone ages 3 and older are required to have a ticket. Online ticket sales begin: (TBD)


Every class will perform in one of our recitals. They will perform their class routine(s) as well as one studio-wide routine (Finale).  The Finale routine will be taught during normally scheduled class time at no additional cost. Dancers are expected to be present during the entire recital performance and must remain in the dressing area with their class volunteers.

Dress Rehearsal

  • May 21st - May 27th- In class dress rehearsal and Award Week


  • TBA (based on school availability)
  • Schedule and details to be distributed in the spring
  • Dancers eligible for a 5, 10 or 15 year award will receive their award at their recital performance

I am aware of the recital ticket sales, requirements and dates 

I Agree


Each month, the instructors select a dancer of the month! The Dancer of the Month will be showcased on the Jam Hops website, monthly newsletter and Power Point presentation. When an instructor nominates a student for dancer of the month, they hand out a questionnaire for the dancer to fill out and return to the customer care desk. If your dancer has been nominated and is selected as a dancer of the month, they will need to stop by the customer care desk to have their photo taken by a Customer Care Representative for our Dancer of the Month announcement.


We will have three holiday parties during regularly scheduled classes. Parties will include games and dancing! We will also have an optional Winter Showcase as well as a Year End Celebration/in class dress rehearsal. 

1. Halloween Party

  • Monday, October 25th – Saturday, October 30th
  • Dancers are welcome to wear their costume and exchange Halloween treats!

2. Winter Dance Showcase

  • Day and Times TBA
  • Dancers will be learning holiday/winter themed dances throughout the fall to perform in our Winter Showcase! The showcase is held at Jam Hops at either our Blaine/Ham Lake, or Anoka/Ramsey locations. More details to be announced. 
  • There will be a $10 fee upon registration.
  • Tickets will be available for purchase in advance.  Price TBA

3.Holiday Party

  • Friday, December 17th – Thursday, December 23rd
  • Dancers are welcome to wear their favorite holiday attire to class!

4. Valentine’s Party

  • Monday, February 7th – Saturday, February 12th
  • Wear your favorite Valentine’s outfit, dancers will be able to exchange Valentines

Year End Celebration

  • Monday, May 21st – Saturday, May 27th
  • Parents will be invited into the studio for the last 5 minutes of class to watch their dancers rehearse in costume.  They will also receive their trophies and recital shirts. Dancers will wear their recital t-shirts during the finale of the recital - please label your child’s shirt with their name.


Your child is welcome to celebrate his/her birthday with the dance class.  Please notify the instructor at the beginning of class.
Don’t forget to stop by the customer care office to receive a special birthday treat!


Dancers are encouraged to continue their dance education through the summer months! This is an opportunity for them to have fun and develop their technique and style. Class schedules will be distributed in the spring. Summer dance classes will perform in our Summer Showcase at Jam Hops!


Please let your instructor, Customer Care Representative or Dance Director know if there is a concern. One of our main goals is to have clear, open communication.

  • We use email as our primary mode of communication. We send emails from our registration software (Jackrabbit). You can look forward to professional, informative and interactive emails and newsletters from JHDCo! Communication will also be sent via our customerservice@jamhops.com email address. If you are not receiving emails please let us know. All information is also available on our website.
  • We also have TV PowerPoint running on all viewing area televisions updated with monthly news, information, upcoming events and more!

Studio Contact Information

Website: www.jamhops.com

Phone: 763-413-0647

Email Addresses:

  • Erin Antilla, Dance Director- dance@jamhops.com
  • Kendra Williams, Dance Administrative Assistant- danceadmin@jamhops.com
  • Customer Care Representatives- customerservice@jamhops.com
  • Nicole Clayson, Office Manager- officemanager@jamhops.com
  • Stacey Clayson, Executive Director/billing- sclayson@jamhops.com

*you will receive the quickest response time from a Customer Care Representative either via email or phone call

I have read and understand the recreational dance handbook and important dates. I agree to accept and support the policies and guidleines as outlined, and fulfill all obligations thereof. As a parent/guardian I have discussed all requirements for the dance program with my child. 


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