1. No fire of any kind is allowed on boats, docks, or walks. Grilling is allowed on sidewalk in front of seawall mounted docks only or in picnic area.
  2. No loud or boisterous parties, loud music, obscene language, or other disturbances., which are objectionable to fellow boaters or others, are allowed.
  3. All dogs must be on leash. Dogs must be walked away from the Marina area. All animal litter must be picked up by the pet owner and disposed of in garbage containers. No pets are allowed in the bath house or pool area. No aggressive pets or any deemed a nuisance will be allowed.
  4. Lessee will be charged a fee for damage to rub posts on docks unless proof of other fault is given.
  5. No dumping of any refuses in the harbor, including pumping toilets overboard. No dumping of portable holding tanks into Marina toilet.
  6. Lessee agrees to pay seasonal rental fees and cable TV fees if occupying a cable TV slip.
  7. Dock Assignments are restricted solely to the Lessee and vessel described in the Dock Agreement. No other vessel is allowed to occupy the slip without approval from the Harbormaster. Docking space is not assignable. We reserve the right to accommodate overnight visitors in any unoccupied docks. Lessee is required to notify the Harbormaster if their dock will be unoccupied for longer than a 24 hour period.
  8. Lessor reserves the right to cancel any dock agreement due to rule violation, unpaid accounts, or for other valid reasons.
  9. Lessee is required to observe the "no wake" speed limit inside the harbor.
  10. Docking space is to be used at the sole risk of the Lessee. Lessee agrees to carry full insurance at all times. Lessee hereby assumes total responsibility for casualty or other loss and waives subrogation rights of any of its insurance carriers. Lessor is not responsible for boat contents or equipment. No warranty is made, expressed or implied, as to conditions of docks or ramps. Lessee hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless lessor, its agents, employees, successors and assigns from any and all liability, costs, claims, damages or suits for property damage or personal injury related to or arising out of lessee’s use of the dock or marina facilities.
  11. No outside hired labor shall be permitted without registering with the Marina office. Adequate Liability Insurance must be in effect with a copy of coverage given to Lessor. Outside vendors must abide by Marina rules.
  12. All fueling is required to be done at the fuel dock. No fueling is allowed on the docks.
  13. The restroom and pool facilities are for the sole use of Lessee and their guests. We would ask your cooperation in keeping them clean and orderly.
  14. Travel trailers or RV’s of any kind are only allowed in designated areas. All must first register at the Marina office for approval.
  15. All walkways must be free of obstacles, as do the fire lanes. Bow rails, antennas, masts, etc. must not hang over walkways.
  16. At the end of the boating season, all dock lines, water hoses, portable grills, bicycles, or other personal items must be removed from the dock. Any items left in dock box are subject to removal.
  17. No "FOR SALE" signs allowed on boats, except those approved by the Harbormaster.
  18. If keys are left with marina, they will only be released to the Lessee or authorized marina personnel.
  19. Boats are not allowed to stern into seawall-mounted slips.
  20. Lessee is responsible for securing vessel to the dock properly so as to avoid damage to the dock. This can be accomplished by using provided cleats, adequate fendering, and proper tying of dock lines. Damage to the dock caused by improper securing of vessel will be at Lessee’s expense.
  21. No modification or customization of docks is permissible, including any and all permanent attachments. Certain extreme cases will be considered.
  22. Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller blades, motor bikes, or the like are not allowed on the docks or sidewalks adjacent to the docks.
  23. Boat ramp for launch and retrieval available Monday-Friday only.
  24. Dock Rental is on a seasonal basis. (April 1, 2024 through November 1, 2024). Dates are subject to change based on weather conditions or other factors.

By signing this document you agree to all the rules listed above and are acknowledging you have received a copy of the rules for your records.


Today's Date: February 26, 2024

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