Rocky Mountain Nordic Junior National Team 

2020 Policies and Codes of Conduct


The Rocky Mountain Nordic Ski Education Foundation Inc. (RMN) is a community based (501) (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing the opportunity for children and adolescents to learn and excel in the sport of cross country skiing.  This goal is approached at all levels, from learning basic skills to the highest degree of competition; regional, national, and international. RMN provides a vehicle for athletes to enhance their athletic skill, and in the process of doing so, to build character.  It is a place to learn our core values: commitment, teamwork, discipline, and citizenship. It is a place to learn goal setting, social skills, a work ethic, and healthy competitive attitudes. It is our goal as coaches and staff to bring together these elements in programs which build self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment in each athlete.

Codes of Conduct

RMN’s competitive athletes are required to follow the conditions set forth by RMN’s Code of Conduct, the Community Code of Conduct, and the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Code of Conduct as it appears in the 2020 Competition Guide on pages 12 and 13.  In addition to the above Codes of Conducts, RMN coaches will adhere to pertinent portions of the IOC Code of Ethics. Breaches in any of the above Codes of Conduct will be dealt with as outlined below.

Rocky Mountain Nordic Athlete Code of Conduct

Each member of the 2020 RMN Junior National Cross Country Ski Team shall conduct themselves in a manner that exemplifies good personal behavior, Citizenship, and Sportsmanship.  Specific rules of conduct include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Team members shall abstain from the use of illegal drugs, consumption of alcohol and any form of tobacco while involved in any team-related activity (i.e. travel, training, or competition).  Use of these substances by athletes in non-team related activities would also be considered a breach of the RMN Code of Conduct.
  2. Team members shall abstain from the use of profane or abusive language.
  3. Team members shall conduct themselves in an honest manner, with no stealing or any misrepresentation whatsoever.
  4. Team members shall show self-control and have consideration for others.
  5. Team members shall not engage in any form of hazing or bullying.
  6. All team members have the inherent right to learn.  No one is allowed to interfere or prevent others from learning.
  7. Team members shall respect other’s belongings.  Tampering with other athletes’ equipment will not be tolerated.
  8. Team members shall maintain a neat and clean appearance during travel and competition.
  9. Team members shall wear RMN issued uniforms during RMN scheduled events.  Athletes wearing Team uniforms during non-team scheduled events will be considered representatives of RMN and should conduct themselves responsibly and with the highest degree of citizenship.
  10. Team members shall adhere to all other travel, school, and training policies as outlined below.
  11. Team members shall present themselves in a responsible and respectful manner when traveling with the RMN Junior National Cross Country Ski Team.
  12. Team members shall be in their respective assigned rooms at the time of Bed Checks and team members are not allowed to have sleep-over in their assigned room or to sleep over in another assigned room.
  13. Team members will respect the property of hotels, or other accommodations while traveling.  Team members will also respect team vans and team equipment, and buses, vans, wax trailers, warming facilities, etc provided by the host organizing committee.
  14. Any breach of the above outlined Codes of Conduct could jeopardize invitation to travel with RMN, participation in RMN Camps, and RMN scholarship awards.

Parent Code of Conduct

The success of RMN athletes and programs depends on positive involvement and support from the parents.  Constructive feedback on programs and staff is welcomed and will help RMN further improve its programs. Please take time to understand the following items in the Parent’s Code of Conduct.

  1. While in attendance at RMN races or events, parents are requested to abide by the USSA and RMN Athlete Codes of Conduct as outlined above.
  2. During scheduled coaching sessions, no parent shall act as a coach without the expressed invitation of the appropriate JN Trip Leader.
  3. Parents shall subjectively relate concerns regarding programs, staff, their child, or other RMN competitive athletes to the JN Trip Leader.
  4. When addressing issues within JNs, parents are requested to adhere to the following lines of communications for resolution of that issue:  Respective Coach, JN Trip Leader, and RMN Officers.

Travel Policies

All Competitive athletes and coaching staff of RMN agree to:

  1. Be on time for all departures. 
  2. Maintain luggage within the airline weight limits (50 pounds)
  3. Assist in loading and unloading team vehicles.
  4. Have their race equipment race-ready prior to departure
  5. Be sure all fees are paid in advance.
  6. Respect all team vehicles and assist in cleaning vehicles.
  7. Travel and lodge with RMN JN team and coaches during the 2020 JNs, unless otherwise approved and pre-arranged by the JN RMN Team Leader.
  8. Team members must present appropriate school release form to their coach prior to traveling to an event in which school time will be missed.
  9. Team members must have all necessary forms properly completed and turned in by the designated deadline.

Disciplinary Policies

Team members who violate RMN policies and/or codes of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action by one or more of the following:  Coaches, JN RMN Trip Leader, or RMN Junior Coaches Competition Committee. Action taken against a team member as a result of an infraction can include, but is not limited to reprimand, forfeiture of scholarship awards, suspension or expulsion from any or all RMN competitive programs.

Minor infractions to the code of conducts and RMN policies will be dealt with as follows:

  1. First offense -- Verbal reprimand and written documentation by a coach.
  2. Second offense – Athlete and parent will meet with the JN Team Leader and/or RMN Executive Director.  One or more of the following actions will be taken against an athlete: Forfeiture of scholarship awards, or suspension from the program.

Severe infractions involving an athlete’s use of alcohol, drugs or tobacco will immediately go before the RMN JN Trip Leader  and three coaches assigned from the RMN JN coaching staff. Actions will include the revocation of travel privileges with the RMN, forfeiture of any scholarship awards, and suspension or expulsion from any or all Rocky Mountain Nordic programs.  Any RMN JN Team Member who forfeits his/her scholarship or is expelled from an RMN program due to disciplinary action will be responsible for full payment of all program fees.

I have carefully read and I fully understand all my responsibilities under the RMN’s Code of Conducts and policies as have ben outlined above.  I also understand the resulting disciplinary actions, which will occur should I violate these codes and policies as a member of the 2020 RMN Junior National Cross Country Ski Team.

Date: March 29, 2020

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