Rocky Mountain Nordic Team Cohesion Agreement

Junior Nationals 2020 Truckee, California



As members of the Rocky Mountain Nordic (RMN) Junior National Cross Country Ski Team, we as athletes and coaches, and staff alike are committed to the production and maintenance of a positive and harmonious team environment that will allow all of us to achieve our potential.  We understand that group cohesion, in combination with a strong work ethic, is a powerful mechanism for enhanced performances. Our goals are shared, and so is our success.

We will achieve this goal of team cohesion through an emphasis on the following:


  • Lead with actions first, then words.
  • Leave bad races at the race venue.  Learn and move on.
  • Encourage planned risk-taking by making room for failure.
  • Be punctual.  Be there, and be there five minutes early
  • Be open to constructive criticism, and do not take things personally
  • Be conscious of the team.
  • At the end of a long trip, do not forget to be nice and extend courtesy to others.
  • Behave ethically.  Illegal substances will destroy all our efforts.
  • Lend a hand.  Look for ways to help out without being asked.


  • Communicate in an honest and open manner and in a timely manner.
  • In conflict, communicate only with those people who can help you resolve it.
  • Communicate with the purpose of resolving issues, rather than proving you are right.
  • Appropriately involve others in making decisions that affect them.


  • Get to know all your teammates.
  • Treat yourself and all teammates, coaches race officials, parents, and staff with dignity and respect.
  • Eliminate all non-constructive comments, gossip, and unkind remarks.
  • Accept all teammates, as they are and regardless of what their team affiliations.
  • Make a sincere effort to be loyal to the RMN Team, your teammates, and the team’s shared goals.


  • Make team cohesion a primary goal for all of us.
  • Set a good example of being a good teammate.
  • Include everyone.
  • Focus on the positive.  Focus on the solution.
  • Make no excuses.
  • Commit yourself to reaching your potential as an individual and as part of a team.

Athletes, coaches, and staff who do not comply with the above, are acting against the shared goals of the RMN Team and against the achievement of our shared goals.  Athletes, coaches, and staff will be subject to an onsite jury to be determined by the RMN Junior National Trip Leader and the RMN Officers. If the behavior cannot be remedied through mutual communication, sanctions may be imposed.

Date: March 29, 2020

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