All Golfing Guests to Bigwin Island Golf Club must complete this waiver before participating in Golf Services. 

COVID-19 Protocols for Bigwin Island Golf Club

COVID-19 continues to change our Golf Club, our processes and programs, and requires a focus on risks and prevention of transmission to our Members, Guests, and Staff.

COVID-19, with its pandemic proportion, has significantly disrupted the operations of our Club, necessitating temporary suspension or adjustments to programming. With the input of various associations, experts and our peers, we have developed a guide to ensure we meet our objectives to deliver a pleasant yet safe golfing experience for our Members and Guests.  

Facilities That are Closed or Unavailable:

  • All Clubhouse access and facilities, including the Locker Room
  • No tees, ball markers or scorecards to be provided
  • No towel services
  • No accessories on course:  ball washers, rakes, benches, water stations, etc. have all been removed
  • There will not be any bottled water in carts.  Golfers can bring their own water or stop in the Halfway House prior to your starting time


  • Physical distancing will be monitored by staff on the entire property
  • Do not approach staff or violate the required physical distancing of 6 feet or 2 meters.
  • Club access is not permitted for anyone in self isolation as a result of travel, international travel (14 days), or for anyone who has been exposed to a known or potential case of COVID-19 (14 days).
  • Do not come to the Club if you are sick or feeling unwell.
  • On-site Golf Operations staff will only assist in extraordinary circumstances.
  • No congregating anywhere on site or after your round.

Norway Point:

  • Sanitizing stations at bag drop/dock and on shuttle boat
  • Gate always remains open; we will have staff monitoring access
  • Golf Clubs/luggage – drop at Bag Drop, park your vehicle, and then proceed to pick-up his or her own clubs to load onto boat.
  • Public tee time arrival times – no more than 45 minutes prior to your tee time.

Tee Times:

  • Public are welcome Monday-Thursday from June 1 – June 25 after 1:00pm
  • 12-minute tee time intervals
  • Arrive at our Ferry no sooner than 45 minutes prior to your tee time

Boat Service/Transportation:

  • Sanitizing areas on the dock and walkway to Clubhouse/cart staging area
  • All passengers and staff must wear supply and wear masks on dock areas and on boats
  • All visitors will be responsible to unload personal belongings, including golf clubs as well as load golf clubs onto golf carts – Staff will direct you to your power cart
  • Club Shuttle Boat will be sanitized after each trip. Maximum 6 passengers permitted on the Ferry

Cart Services:

  • Golfers will be responsible to unload personal belongings, including golf clubs
  • Power Carts will be staged near putting green outside of Clubhouse
  • Golfers will be asked to empty out their garbage and personal belongings after their round
  • Immediately after your round, please proceed down to the dock to board our Ferry

Practice Facilities:

  • Full-Time Range attendant with gloves to ensure proper handling. Attendant will bring balls to each hitting station
  • 15-minute maximum warm-up per player
  • Golfers to use their own balls at putting green

Golf Shop:

  • Golf Shop Staff will welcome our Public golfers outside the Golf Shop with a wireless touch free Credit Card machine to pay fees.
  • Golf Shop Staff will be on duty to answer phone calls and deliver golf balls and any other key items to the 1st tee or on course. We will have pick-up station with everything sanitized each day. These “day of” orders will be encouraged to be completed by calling the Golf Shop.
  • Maximum of 2 people at one time in the Golf Shop if you wish to view or purchase merchandise.  Please phone the Golf Shop if you wish to pre-order any merchandise to be picked-up at the 1st Tee. (705)-635-2582 EXT#103
  • Please refrain from touching any items
  • Sanitization stations in Golf Shop


  • Players must always abide by the mandatory physical distancing requirements of at least 2 meters or 6 feet.
  • Holes are equipped with pin caddies, which are placed on the bottom of the flag to prop up a ball that is in the hole.  Please use your putter head or foot to prop up the hole (do not use your hands)
  • On course and halfway washrooms are cleaned multiple times a day and are equipped with wipes for golfers to wipe down surfaces they have touched following use
  • Increased hand sanitizing stations at all on course washrooms.
  • Flags are always to stay in the hole, please do not touch the flag poles.
  • Please follow all on course signage.
  • In the event of an emergency, please call 9-1-1
  • If safe, please notify the Golf Shop of the emergency so they can assist the medical professionals in accessing your location.
  • All rakes out of bunkers. Use your feet to clean sand and play preferred lies.
  • Ball washers removed
  • Sand bottles will be removed from golf carts and the 1st tee area.  Please replace divots on course
  • Remove divot mix boxes from par 3’s.
  • 8th green F&B calling station will be closed.  There will be a phone number listed for golfers to call and place their order
  • Halfway House will be open for pick-up as you make the turn to the back 9.  Please use our VISAGE system to place your order or dial the phone number listed behind the 8th Green


I hereby declare that I nor anyone in my household has not been diagnosed with COVID-19 or experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days (to include fever, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness, difficulty breathing). If I or anyone in my household experience any cold or flu-like symptoms after submitting this declaration, I will then not visit the club for a minimum period of 14 days after the cold or flu-like symptoms have completely disappeared.   

I Agree

I hereby declare that I or any member of my household have not travelled to or had a lay-over in any province other than Ontario in the past 14 days. If I or anyone in my household travel to any province outside Ontario after submitting this declaration, I will then not use the Bigwin Island Ferry or Barge for a period of 14 days after the date of return to Ontario.  

I Agree


This waiver and release is made for the benefit of Bigwin Island Golf Club, and each of its Directors and Employees.  I understand there are inherent risks associated with using the Bigwin Island Golf Club Transportation Services which may include but are not limited to serious personal injury or death and may be relative to the care and skill that I conduct myself.  I freely accept and assume all responsibility for all risks even if Bigwin Island Golf Club is found to be negligent or in breach of duty.  I agree to waive all claims that I have or may have in the future against Bigwin Island Golf Club and release and forever discharge Bigwin Island Golf Club from all liability.  

I Agree



This agreement will remain in effect until the Board of Directors of Bigwin Island Golf Club declare the requirements in this declaration are no longer in effect.  


May 28, 2020



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