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Trailkeepers of Oregon (TKO) is returning to trail stewardship activities and we seek to do everything we can to protect the safety and health of TKO staff, volunteers and the general public. We are following guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), land manager risk assessments and local health department guidelines with regards to established safety protocols and physical distancing guidelines in regards to the novel coronavirus known asCOVID-19.Details are included in the T​KO Safety Policy & Procedures for a COVID-19 Environment​.

I wish to participate in projects sponsored by Trailkeepers of Oregon (TKO) and I hereby acknowledge that said organization is doing everything they can to protect the public as well as myself as a volunteer. To this extent I agree to follow TKO’s procedures for social distancing and enhanced safety protocols to reduce the spread of COVID-19. By signing below I agree to comply with the written instructions below. I understand that failure to comply with these written instructions or verbal instructions from staff and lead volunteers may result in my volunteer privileges being removed and that I may be asked to leave the premises.

I am also aware that events and activities sponsored by TKO involve time spent outdoors, interacting with other people and construction and maintenance of trails and recreation facilities. Participation in these activities pose certain dangers, including, but not limited to, the hazards of traveling in and hiking in wilderness and often steep mountainous terrain, using hand or motorized construction tools (and of working in the proximity of such tools when used by others), injury or illness in remote places without medical aid, lifting and working on often narrow and precipitous trails and unforeseen events caused by the forces of nature.

In consideration for permitting me to participate in projects sponsored by TKO, I, for my family, my estate, and myself, hereby waive any right of recovery and claims of liability against TKO, its officers, employees and agents, including claims for bodily injury, including death, personal injury and/or damage to property, and release TKO and Land Managers, its officers, employees and agents and release from such claims and any claims made by others for personal injury or property damage allegedly caused by me. Further, I will hold TKO and Land Managers harmless from any loss or damages resulting from the foregoing waiver and release. This Release and Indemnity Agreement is a contract not a mere recital and it shall remain in effect for all activities sponsored by TKO. The undersigned gives his/her permission to be photographed/filmed and have his/her image used by TKO and their partner agencies, without royalty or compensation.

I will follow the T​KO Safety Policy & Procedures for a COVID-19 Environment.

I Agree

I have attended a T​KO COVID-19 Safety Lab​ & will participate in any required TKO safety briefings before the event. 

I Agree

I have read this release and indemnity agreement.

I Agree

By signing below, I acknowledge and accept the conditions of volunteer service as outlined in the above and referenced documents.

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As a volunteer working in a State of Oregon agency, you need to understand the scope of your duties, your responsibilities and expectations of service, and the extent to which you are covered by State of Oregon insurance for liability and personal injury/illness. The following form identifies those expectations and requirements.

Please read the following carefully, initial each section, and sign.

Assigned Volunteer Tasks

Volunteer duties vary from assignment to assignment. Before beginning any assignment, the following activities, tasks and tools may be included: 

Trails Ambassador Activities, which will take place as sites pre-approved by OPRD staff. Activities May Include: 

  • Tabling at trailheads and patrolling trails

  • Interacting with visitors, conveying recreation and safety information

  • Working with other volunteers

  • Recording and reporting visitor and site data as approved by OPRD staff

  • Setting up tabling equipment - tents, signs, tables and chairs

Trails Assessment of OPRD trails for trail project priorities. TKO would identify trail damages, propose remediation for trail problems and develop a work plan with OPRD Park Managers based on OPRD project priorities.

Minor Maintenance, which includes repair and replacement of existing trail features on existing trail segments for tread repair and corridor clearing. Activities May Include: 

  • Cleaning drainage structures, clearing trail corridor of brush, and removing blowdown within the scope of the volunteer's training and skill level. 

  • Tread repair, such as regrading outslope for cupped trails and/or reestablishing backslope from upper hillside slough.

  • Maintenance of existing structures/features-cleaning culverts, replacing decking on bridges, re-establishing switchback turns, etc.

Approved Tools: Pulaski, shovel, adze/hazel hoe, McLeod, pruning saw, brush saw, loppers, pruning shears, rock bar, tamping bar, pick mattock, cutter mattock, sledge hammer, and wheelbarrow. Additional tools, including small power tools, require park manager approval. Crosscut saws and large mechanized equipment require district manager approval through OPRD's SAF.010.080PR Volunteers and Safety Sensitive Tasks.

Major Maintenance, any new installation to existing trail segments and/or trail reroutes that have received required clearances and approvals. Activities May Include:

  • Building up tread with turnpikes or puncheons - recommended practice is debarked, notched logs and backfilled with pitrun rock, then layered with ¾ minus and top dressed with ¼ minus

  • Adding culverts to existing drainages, creating new ditch lines for water to be directed appropriately-3-sided rock or corrugated poly plastic are recommended.

  • Adding rock and wood crib/retaining walls to stabilize erosion/slide areas or degraded switchbacks.

  • Obliteration of user-created or decommissioned trails/trail segments

Note: new trail construction and installation of freestanding structures (e.g. bridges, boardwalks, signs, and sign kiosks) are not included in this category.

Approved Tools: Same tools approved for minor maintenance.

Before you agree to accept a volunteer assignment, discuss with your coordinator if any modification to assigned tasks are necessary.

Tort Liability

You will be protected from civil liability for injuries or damage to the person or property of others, subject to the following general conditions:

  • You are working on a state agency task assigned by an authorized agency supervisor;
  • You limit your actions to the volunteer tasks assigned; and
  • You perform your assigned tasks in good faith, and do not act in a manner that is reckless or with the intent to unlawfully inflict harm to others.

The conditions and limits of this protection are as stated in the Oregon Tort Claims Act, ORS 30.260-300, and Oregon Department of Administrative Services Risk Management Division Policy Manual, 125-7-202. 

Motor Vehicle Liability

Driving and motor vehicle travel to and from volunteer assignments and activities is not a part of active volunteer service. You will be signed out of service to travel between project sites. 

Reporting Responsibility

Any time you are involved in an accident or exposed to a potential liability situation while performing assigned volunteer tasks, you must inform your volunteer coordinator as soon as possible. Volunteer agrees to report emergency situations to staff supervisor and contact law enforcement or emergency personnel. 

Code of Conduct and Service Expectations

OPRD's standards of ethical conduct, including to:

  • Obey all laws of the United States, state and local jurisdiction in which you are volunteering.
  • Provide factual and correct information during the recruitment, selection and on-boarding process; volunteers will not misrepresent or omit information on volunteer application, agreement, criminal history or any other paperwork related to volunteer service.
  • Engage in OPRD permitted, non-partisan volunteer service; partisan activity to promote a particular candidate or one side of a political issue while on duty or representing OPRD is prohibited. 
  • Sell and distribute only approved OPRD merchandise in designated park stores and sites, as instructed by OPRD staff.
  • Maintain ethical boundaries in relationships and while engaging with the public. Volunteers may not use their relationship or volunteer position with OPRD to solicit and receive special benefits, financial gain, loans, gifts of money or property, or use of products such as day-use passes, firewood, park recycling deposits etc. for themselves, family or friends. Such benefits include gifts from sources that might reasonably be expected to have a legislative or administrative interest in OPRD, or in any promise of future employment.

OPRD's volunteer service standards, including to:

  • Maintain a safe, harassment and violence-free (physical, sexual, or verbal) environment at all times. Use only words and gestures that respect the dignity and rights of all people; use of profanity, racial or ethnic slurs, physical force, threats, intimidation or any form of discrimination towards the public, other volunteers, employees, contractors, vendors or the family members of any of these individuals is strictly prohibited.
  • Abstain from use of alcohol, tobacco or illicit substances while engaged in volunteer service. Abstain from volunteering while under the influence of any medication or substance that impairs judgment or physical ability. When using tobacco products in off-service hours, use is confined to designated areas in parks.
  • Abstain from carrying personal weapons, including antique weapons, in the workplace and/or while engaged in volunteer service.
  • Not create publications, media, social media accounts, or make official public statements on behalf of OPRD; not to use the OPRD brand without explicit permission an OPRD manager. 
  • Dress according to official volunteer uniform standards and only wearing the uniform while actively volunteering. Maintain the uniform and keep it in good condition. At the end of volunteer service, all uniform items will be returned to park staff.
  • Use state property in the performance of their volunteer assignment with permission and instruction from OPRD staff. Volunteers are not permitted to use state property for personal use, unless explicitly given permission by management. Personal equipment used for volunteer duties must be preapproved by OPRD staff.
  • Use a state vehicle or personal vehicle as part of volunteer service only if they have obtained official authorization from an OPRD manager.
  • Abstain from park enforcement activities. Volunteers are neither expected nor empowered to enforce OPRD park rules. Volunteers may advise, or educate the public on park rules, but may not engage in rule compliance. Prohibited enforcement activities include, but are not limited to: issuing compliance requests verbally or in writing and issuing violation notices. 
  • Report all safety incidents, public safety violations, and emergencies to an OPRD staff member, and/or emergency services when necessary. Volunteers are not required to provide first aid or additional medical support in a safety or medical incident.

Engage in welcoming interactions with the public, staff, and other volunteers:

  • Volunteers must be respectful, courteous, considerate and professional towards the public, other volunteers, employees, contractors and vendors at all times. 
  • Respect the cultural, religious and political views of others and refrain from personally imposing your cultural, religious and political views on others.
  • Offering medical, legal, or financial advice is prohibited.
  • Adhere to strict confidentiality when given access to sensitive information. Volunteers with access to confidential information, including that of other volunteers, employees, contractors, and visitors, agree to maintain strict confidentiality regarding confidential information for which they are responsible for and for the security of the confidential information to which they are granted access. 

Criminal History Check

If you are a single day volunteer, this does not pertain to you but does require an initial. Lead Ambassadors & Crew Leaders may be required to pass a criminal background check due to the nature of and risk level associated with your volunteer assignment. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to volunteers@trailkeepersoforegon.org.

Revocation of Eligibility to Volunteer

Your service as a volunteer is at-will and by mutual agreement. Volunteers may resign from service at any time. OPRD reserves the right to terminate a volunteer agreement if volunteers violate any of the terms from the volunteer service agreement or if is no longer mutually beneficial to continue the volunteer service of an individual, group, or volunteer assignment.

Partial Waiver And Release Of Rights

(Volunteer Insurance Coverage (VIC))

The agency has elected to have Volunteer Injury Coverage (VIC) for authorized volunteers. It is limited to only injuries due to an accident while performing volunteer duties. The state will pay medical treatment bills, disability, death and dismemberment benefits to the limits and under the terms and conditions described in Oregon Department of Administrative Services Risk Management Division Policy Manual, Volunteer Injury Coverages, 125-7-204. If you are injured in a private vehicle, the owner's insurance is responsible for your medical bills.

As an authorized state volunteer performing activities on behalf of the State of Oregon, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, I understand that the state will pay medical treatment bills, disability, death and dismemberment benefits to the limits and under the terms and conditions described in Oregon Department of Administrative Services Risk Management Division Policy Manual, Volunteer Injury Coverages, 125-7-204. In exchange for the coverage, I, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, release and forever discharge the State of Oregon from any and all demands or claims for damage or injury, from any cause of suit or action, known or unknown, that I may have against the State of Oregon, and/or its officers, agents or employees, and from all liability under the Oregon Tort Claims Act, ORS 30.260-300, for any and all harm or damage to my health in any manner resulting from or arising out of my state volunteer activities.

This release does not extend to or waive any rights I may have under the Oregon Tort Claims Act, ORS 30.260-300, to defense and indemnification from any demand, claim, suit or action brought against me, or liability I may be subject to, or arising out of my authorized state volunteer activities.

In the event that I am injured while performing state volunteer activities, I will notify my agency supervisor and apply for injury coverage benefits.

I acknowledge and accept the conditions of volunteer service as outlined in the above and referenced documents.*
PARENT OR GUARDIAN’S AUTHORIZATION FOR MEDICAL CARE AND CONSENT TO AGREEMENT, READ CAREFULLY I as a parent or legal guardian hereby grant permission for this child to do volunteer work for the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. In the event of an emergency, accident, or illness, I authorize the agency and its employees to administer emergency medical care to my child and/or, if deemed necessary, to secure medical services and incur expenses for which I will be responsible for payment. My signature below hereby represents that I have read, understand, and consent to this agreement.
Parent or Guardian's Name

First Name*

Last Name*
Parent or Guardian's Date of Birth*
I certify that I am 18 years of age or older
Parent or Guardian's Signature*
Electronic Signature Consent*
By checking here, you are consenting to the use of your electronic signature in lieu of an original signature on paper. You have the right to request that you sign a paper copy instead. By checking here, you are waiving that right. After consent, you may, upon written request to us, obtain a paper copy of an electronic record. No fee will be charged for such copy and no special hardware or software is required to view it. Your agreement to use an electronic signature with us for any documents will continue until such time as you notify us in writing that you no longer wish to use an electronic signature. There is no penalty for withdrawing your consent. You should always make sure that we have a current email address in order to contact you regarding any changes, if necessary.

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