Competitive Athlete Training - Code of Conduct

Please read each section carefully.  Initial to acknowledge that you understand and will uphold the policies stated. Your signature at the end of this document will also be required. 

It is very important that participants and their families understand these policies prior to committing to Kingston Elite’s program. 

General Conduct

  1. Participants must conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on themselves, their family, and the KE gym.
  2. I have read and understand the KE Competitive Athlete Training Booklet (most recent edition) & KFLA Public Health Unit hand washing & coughing/sneezing etiquitte.
  3. There will be no smoking, consumption of alcohol, or use of illicit drugs while representing Kingston Elite. 
  4. Any action that jeopardizes the safety of oneself, other participants, or instructor is unacceptable. Abusive behavior including, but not limited to, bullying, on-line bullying, negative language directed at a fellow athlete, coach, parent, official or competitor will not be tolerated. Disciplinary action up to and including removal from the program may result.

I have read and understand this section.



5.  Each family will provide their Visa, Mastercard, or pre-authorized debit account info to be kept safely on file with KE. This will be utilized for all fees that come due.
6.  A failed payment fee of $30 will apply when a scheduled payment fails or is returned.
7. I am aware of the payment policies as outlined in the KE Competitive Athlete Training Program info booklet, particularly the fee structure and the refund policies on Page 7.
8. Until August 2021, I will prepare for payments taken in weekly instalments on Saturdays until the conclusion of the program or a cancellation request is acknowledged.  

9. After August 2021, I will prepare for sessional/monthly/yearly payment schedules as per my registration(s)

10. Clothing or tuck shop items that I purchase will be charged on the day of purchase. 
11. Cancellations/changes must be requested in writing via email info@kingstonelitecheer.com. 

I have read and understand this section.


Before Entering the Gym

12. Only the registered athlete may enter the gym at this time. Parents, guardians, or other family members and friends are asked to stay inside their vehicle.
13. Our screening survey will be emailed each day.  This form must be filled out and received by us within 3 hours prior to the athletes’ first class of the day.  Failure to do so prevents the athlete from participating in class until screening is complete.  Screening forms received greater than 3 hours prior do not count. 
14. Athletes should arrive between 10-15 minutes prior to class start time. Staggering of arrival is ideal but cannot be executed with certainty.  For this reason, distancing at the entrance will be required.
15. Parents must remain present in their vehicle until the athlete has been fully screened and their temperature has been taken. This is to ensure that the athlete has a way home in the case they must be turned away from training that day.
16. Athletes will wait outside, or in their vehicle, until they have been instructed to come into the building.
17. Athletes must wear a mask until they reach their designated training area.
18. Parents must report absences to the coaches by email at info@kingstonelitecheer.com.  Unexpected changes to arrival time must be called in to 613-531-4653 (gym lobby). 
19. Athletes must bring the following items to every training session: yoga mat, a clean rag for wiping the mat, cheer shoes used only at KE, refillable water bottle, first aid supplies (as needed), hand sanitizer.  If applicable: cellphone, medications (including nutrients for hypoglycemia, etc.), EpiPen’s, hair elastics, athletic tape, support braces, and/or feminine products. NO other items are permitted.

I have read and understand this section.


Entering the Gym 

20. Athletes will confirm with the ‘Screener’ that their screening form has been received and they are clear to train that day.
21. Athletes will be assigned a storage bin for each training session. Athletes will place ALL personal items into this bin and keep it nearby their assigned training area.

I have read and understand this section.


Training in the Gym

22. No gum, candy, food or drinks (except water) inside the gym. Water bottles must be unbreakable, have a tight-sealing cap, and labeled with athlete name.
23. No athlete may use or touch any equipment unless an instructor is present and has instructed to do so.
24. It is encouraged that athletes attend each session so that they do not fall behind in training and are both physically and mentally prepared for practice.
25. Cell phones must be turned off and put away during training.
26. Athletes must sanitize hands when directed by the coach and as often as the athlete would like.
27. Athletes will respect the space of their surroundings and maintain distance 2 meters away from other training athletes and coaches when instructed to do so. Athletes are permitted to remove masks when training but have the option to keep them on.
28. Training will be done under close supervision of a coach, however athletes must be disciplined and motivated to take instruction from coaches and follow all safety rules.
29. Athletes must wash their hands before entering the training area and whenever using the washroom facilities.

I have read and understand this section.


Exiting the Gym

30. Athletes will sanitize hands at the end of training and put their masks back on.
31. Athletes will exit the training space following the pathway.  In another part of the lobby separate from the entrance they will take ALL of their belongings out of their bin, place the bin where instructed (where they will then be sanitized), then proceed to exit the gym.
32. Athletes are encouraged to sanitize their hands upon exiting the building.
33. Parents are to arrive a few minutes prior to dismissal then wait outside, or in their vehicle, for their child(ren) to exit. 

I have read and understand this section.



34. Injured and/or ill athletes must inform their coach immediately if it will affect their participation.
35. All athletes who are diagnosed with a concussion must provide a doctor’s note to prove they are permitted to return to activity. This is because it is difficult to ‘see’ that a concussion is healed. 

**Due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

36. If the athlete or a person in the athlete’s household becomes diagnosed with COVID-19 during the training period, they must notify KE immediately.
37. Before an athlete can return to training after treatment or a period of self-isolation, the athlete must be cleared as “non contagious” by provincial or local public health authorities.

I have read and understand this section.


Dress Code

38. Athletes are encouraged to arrive in their training attire and follow the club's dress code:  KE tops and bottoms. One set of these items are included with athlete membership fees.  Change rooms are allowed to be used but masks must be on and physical distancing is required. 
39. Athletes will remove jewelry prior to entering the gym.  Preferably, leave these at home.

I have read and understand this section.


Social Media

40.Posting of inappropriate pictures or language on the internet will be dealt with by an appropriate disciplinary action. 

I have read and understand this section.


Communication Policies

41. By signing this form, you are giving Kingston Elite your permission to use your image in promotional items such as the website, posters, videos, etc. 

42. KE communicates with its members most frequently by E-mail. I give permission for KE to send me email updates to each of the addresses I provided on the athlete info form.

We, the undersigned agree to abide by all of these policies.

October 26, 2021 

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