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Covid-19 Policies

Dear Frequent Flyers Students and Families,

We are very excited to welcome you back to Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance to fly in new, safe, and healthy ways! 

We are hard at work to make sure that our studio is as safe as possible for our students and teachers! We are grateful to have you by our side as we chart this new course. Your patience, cooperation and sense of personal responsibility are essential as we learn how to keep each other safe. 

The nature of an infectious disease such as COVID-19 makes it impossible for us to guarantee anyone’s health in our studios and we are reopening with the understanding that sudden and abrupt changes could interfere with our programming again. We are mitigating and reducing risk based on guidelines from the CDC, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Boulder County, and the City of Boulder. We will be taking various measures that will change as the situation changes but it is impossible for us to remove the risk entirely. 

Please carefully review our updated policies and procedures listed below. You will also be asked to sign our Safety First Partnership Agreement & Assumption of Risk prior to each visit to Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us. Your support has brought us this far and we know we will move forward as a community together. 

Wishing you good health,

Frequent Flyers® Aerial Dance


Our opening will be in phases as listed below:

Phase 1 – beginning June 15: Online classes, with faculty and staff preparing for opening in person.

Phase 2 – beginning July 6: Adding small group classes teaching intermediate/advanced students, ages 12 and older, and only teaching skills where spotting is not necessary; max of 8 students/class, no drop-ins.

Phase 3 – beginning July 13: Adding private lessons with intermediate/advanced students, ages 12 and older, and only teaching skills where spotting is not necessary.

Phase 4 – Date TBD: Regular scheduling of classes for full range of age, abilities and numbers when social distancing is no longer required.


New Class Policies:

-       Studio 1 capacity in Phase 3 will be limited to 10 persons or less (including the teacher) to adhere to State of Colorado rules and our student teacher ratio policies.

-       All equipment will be single person use only throughout the session.

-       We will only be holding group classes in Studio 1 for optimal air circulation. 

-       The front door, back door and loading dock door will be propped open to promote air flow and exchange.

-       In Phases 2 and 3, we are unable to teach 'risky' material that would likely need hands-on spotting.

-       In Phases 2 and 3 we are unable to teach beginners or children under 12 years of age due to the need for hands-on spotting in these populations.

-       We are unable to teach any partner work.

-       The floor is marked with a 9 foot grid to assist with physical distancing while on the ground.

-       While in the air, you will be assigned to your personal mat and aerial equipment, and cannot share.

-       The Teacher will have their own apparatus and mat on which to demonstrate.

-       Entrance (South side) and Exit (North side) for one-way traffic control into and out of the studio.

-       Increased daily cleaning, as well as cleaning of all high touch surfaces in between each use, including apparatus.

-       If a student refuses to follow any of the new policies, they will be asked to leave.


Before you arrive:

-       You will be required to sign a new waiver (updated June 10, 2020) before your first return to the studio. https://www.smartwaiver.com/w/51cc87e2bccf1/web/

-       You will be required to sign this new COVID-19 Policies document before your first return to the studio, stating that you have read and agree to adhere to our new COVID-19 policies.

-       You must register for your class at least 1 hour in advance on Mindbody.

-       Please come with your own full water bottle (or 2 if you tend to refill at the studio) and mask. Mask must be an over-the-ear mask and not tie behind the head.

-       If you feel sick or unwell in any way, please stay at home. Make up cards will be provided as usual when you email office@frequentflyers.org. Though they will only be used in Phase 4 and expiration dates will be extended accordingly.

-       You must show up in your dance/workout clothes, as the bathrooms may not be used as changing rooms, and the changing rooms will be closed.

-       Please arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to your start of class, as it will take time to check-in all of the students.


When you arrive and while you are at the Studio:

-       Drop-off / Entrance to the studio will be on the South side of the building (the front door).

-       Though we are excited to see each other, please refrain from hugs or high fives.  Waves, air-fives, jazz-hands, bow and curtsies (regardless of gender) are all encouraged.

-       Only registered students will be allowed to enter the building (no parents or visitors).  A staff person will be at the front door to check students in.

-       You will be required to sign the Safety First Agreement prior to every visit to the studio. This is available online https://forms.gle/U1nBxeUVeCPpH35r6 or by scanning the QR code and completing on your own device within 12 hours of your arrival at the studio. 

-       Your temperature and blood oxygen level will be measured and recorded by a staff member prior to every time you enter the building. If you have a temperature greater than 100 degrees, a blood oxygen level less than 85%, you are unable to attest to the terms of the agreement, OR you are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, you will not be allowed to enter the building.

-       You will be given hand sanitizer on arrival and will wash your hands prior to getting on the equipment and after you have completed your training.

-       You must wear a mask that hooks over the ears, not tie behind the head, during your entire stay at the studio. If you need to remove your mask (to drink water or catch your breath) you first must step 6 feet outside of the building.

-       All of your belongings (shoes, water bottle, outside clothing, etc.) will be placed in a sterilized bin on the grey X’s on the North side of the studio.

-       Everyone, including staff and teachers, must maintain a minimum 6 feet distance apart unless closer contact is absolutely necessary (such as executing a rescue).

-       Only one person in the bathroom at a time. Please do not wait in a line. Door will be propped, wash your hands prior to closing the door, and wash your hands after touching the door handle.

-       Rosin will be sprayed by teachers into students’ hands on request, there will not be chalk or powdered-rosin available. If you prefer these, you must bring your own and cannot share.

After class:

-       You will be asked to help clean your personal mat at the end of class, but not put it away.

-       You will be reminded to wash your hands.

-       Pick-up / Exit will be the North side of the building (the back door), and parents/guardians are asked to wait in the back parking lot for their student.

-       Faculty and staff will clean bins and all high touch surfaces prior to admitting the next class.


If you start to have COVID-19 symptoms, please isolate yourself following the instructions below:


Also, please tell your close contacts to quarantine following the instructions below:


By signing this document,  I, the participant, acknowledge that I have read, understand, and will follow the above listed policies OR as the parent/legal guardian of a participant under the age of 18, I attest that I and my child(ren) have read, understand, and will follow the above policies. I support their participation and will do my part to ensure they come to the studio prepared. 

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Parent(s) or court-appointed legal guardian(s) must sign for any participating minor (those under 18 years of age) and agree that they and the minor are subject to all the terms of this document, as set forth above.
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