I agree to allow GOLD STATE GEAR, INC. to charge my credit card as payment for any unforeseen expenses, such as equipment damage, reserve repacks, lost or stolen equipment and fired Cypres cutters.  My credit card will NOT be charged unless I fail to pay GOLD STATE GEAR any outstanding charges within 14 days from the date the unforeseen charges were incurred.



The terms of the demo program are very specific. To avoid any confusion and/ or misunderstanding, we have listed all terms of this agreement in detail. Please read and initial each section.

The GOLD STATE GEAR Demo Program is only for customer who purchase a complete set of new equipment from one of the GOLD STATE GEAR DZ Stores (Pro Shops in Perris OR Elsinore), which include:

1 new harness/container system

1 new main parachute

1 new reserve parachute

1 new AAD (optional)


Minimum Deposit Account Balance

Jumpers interested in participating in the GOLD STATE GEAR Demo Program will be required to pay and maintain a “minimum deposit account balance” of $4,000. This deposit will allow you to use GOLD STATE GEAR “demo rig equipment” until your own equipment arrives. (some restrictions apply). Your deposit funds will be used for payment towards your required equipment purchase and may not be used for any other purchases. GOLD STATE GEAR reserves the right to deduct monthly fees, late fees, and other charges from your “minimum deposit account balance”. If your “minimum deposit account balance” falls below the minimum initial deposit, you will be required to make a payment to bring your deposit account balance back up to the minimum required $4,000 prior to resuming use of any demo equipment. 


Monthly Fees

Members of the GOLD STATE GEAR Demo Program who make the “minimum deposit account balance” of $4,000 will be charged a $300 per month maintenance fee every month to participate in the demo program and make use of the GOLD STATE GEAR Demo Equipment.. Members who make a “deposit account balance” of $8,000 will have their FIRST MONTH OF MAINTENANCE FEES WAIVED, then will be charged a $250 per month maintenance fee every month to participate in the demo program and make use of the GOLD STATE GEAR Demo Equipment.

Participants will be charged the maintenance fee every month regardless of whether or not they jump that month, until their complete rig has been delivered or they cancel their membership in the Demo Program.



The monthly maintenance fee will be charged each month unless a leave of absence is requested in writing, in advance. Only one leave of absence shall be allowed to any GOLD STATE GEAR Demo Program member. When the demo program account is reactivated, the monthly fees will resume.  



You will be charged $100 cash fee for ANY changes made to your container or canopy order once your design has been sent to the manufacturer. 

Payment of Monthly Maintenance Fees

An invoice with your monthly maintenance fees will be sent to the email you leave on file with us. You can pay these fees via your email directly or pay in the store. It is your responsibility to pay your monthly maintenance fees before you use GOLD STATE GEAR Demo Gear.

A deposit of $4,000 = $300 per month maintenance fee

A deposit of $8,000 = $250 per month maintenance fee. FIRST MONTH FEE IS WAIVED

*customers may increase their initial deposit to reduce/ waive their monthly fee at any time  


Cancellation or Termination of the Demo Program

In the event that a GOLD STATE GEAR Demo Program Member decides to cancel their membership for any reason, the participant shall be charged:

$2000 or $65(+tax) per jump (whichever is greater)

At the time of cancellation, the amount of money payable to GOLD STATE GEAR will be deducted from the member’s deposit and the balance will be sent by mail to the customer approximately three weeks from the time of cancellation. 


Equipment Use

The GOLD STATE GEAR “rental agreement” (as signed by you) details the guidelines for use of the equipment. All of these rules still apply to Demo Program members. A reminder: the purpose of the demo program is to assist you with your purchasing decision and you are expected to place your order as soon as this is determinted.

Any violation of this agreement will be grounds for GOLD STATE GEAR to terminate this agreement. Upon termination of this agreement, GOLD STATE GEAR will notify you in writing and the terms of the “cancellation or termination of the demo program” paragraph above will apply. 


I, have read and fully understand the terms and condition of the GOLD STATE GEAR Demo Program, I am at least 18 years of age, a current skydiver and a USPA or FAI member.

Date: April 1, 2023 


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