This training course is a 3-day intensive workshop and 1 weeks prior to class, designed to teach you the most popular permanent makeup techniques: Microblading, Microshading and Ombre. This class, taught by working Microblading artist, will introduce you the manual method of all 3 popular techniques with a PMU machine and our signature eyebrow mapping. You will leave this class with the full knowledge.

What student will learn:

  • Microblading (Hair stroke patterns), Natural Microshading and Ombre with PMU Machine
  • Skin types, color theory, eyebrow measurement, sanitization.
  • Laws and regulations, insurance, advertising and marketing skills.
  • Student will learn online at least 1 week before class
  • Student gets to work on live model
  • Includes a Professional Kit (Worth $1000)
  • Receive a Certification of Completion right after class
  • Continuous support after class (Student can contact instructor directly for questions.)
  • Students are welcome to come back for a refresher course at NO extra cost within a year.
  • All classes are from 10 AM – 5 PM.


  • Professional Kit
  • Theory and Practice Microblading, Microshading And Ombre booklet Live Model
  • Online Learning
  • Lifetime Support
  • Certificate of Completion


  • You will work side-by-side with professional artist. You will work hands-on with practice skin, live model.


  • The Method for Microblading, Microshading and Ombre
  • Manual Microblading Technique with Handheld Too
  • Working With PMU machine
  • Step-by-Step Hairstroke Mapping
  • Creating Natural Eyebrows
  • The 3 Rules For The Perfect Hairstroke
  • Needle Configurations
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Sanitation
  • Color Theory
  • Creating Eyebrow Symmetry Marketing
  • Insurance


Online: Permanent Makeup Fundamentals

          Skin Anatomy, Sanitation, Color Theory, Eyebrow Shaping

Day 1: Microblading Technique

           Learn the techniques for the single hairstroke and our signature hairstroke mapping.

           Practice on fake skin

Day 2: Microshading, Ombre Techiniques

Day 3: Live Model Work on live model


The kit includes:

  • - Training Manual
  • - Eyebrow Ruler
  • - Eyebrow Pencil
  • - Razor Blade
  • - 3 Pigments
  • - 1 PMU ombre color set
  • - 1 PMU machine
  • - PMU needles
  • - 1 numbing creams
  • - 1 numbing liquid
  • - Microblading blades
  • - Practice skin


I understand that the class tuition is $5200

I understand that I have to pay $1000 non-refundable, non-transferable as a deposit toward this course.

I agree to receive a confirmation of transaction for my deposit via the e-mail or phone number that I registered

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I understand that the remaining will be paid in CASH OR VENMO

I agree to pay the remaining before online class starts, 3 weeks before the 1st day of in person class.

I understand that if I am unable to attend the class after I have made a deposit, I have to notify the instructor 4 weeks before class start otherwise the deposit is forfeited.

I understand that the tuition is non refundable and nontransferable

I understand that if I fail to complete the class, the tuition is non refundable and nontransferable

I agree to learn online before class starts

I understand that all the class materials such as videos, images, notes belong to Be Brows, I am unable to share it with a third person.


I understand that anyone found to have infringed a copyrighted work may be liable for statutory damages

I release Be Brows from all claims and liabilities relating to the class


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