1. Operators & Passenger Requirements. I will only allow those people onboard the snowmobile who have a) completed and signed Flextoy's Snowmobile Liability Waiver and b) completed and signed Flextoy's Rental Snowmobile Safety Check List. Furthermore, I will only allow those people to operate the snowmobile who are a) at least 16 years of age and b) have a Driver's License that is valid throughout the duration of the rental period. 

2. Alcohol / Drugs. I am aware that it is illegal to operate a snowmobile, or to permit others to do so, when under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or barbiturates.

3. Helmets and Protective Clothing. I will confirm that each rider will be wearing a properly sized DOT approved helmet with either a visor or goggles along with appropriate protective winter clothing, including appropriate snowsuits, footwear and gloves/mitts. 

4. Snowmobile Capacity. I will confirm that the maximum number of persons on the snowmobile will not exceed the manufacturer’s recommendation (either 1 or 2, depending on the snowmobile model). I am aware of the proper way to distribute weight on a snowmobile for a safe riding and I will keep my passengers in the safest positions at all times. 

5. Starting / Stopping Engine. I know the proper procedure for starting and shutting off the engine.

6. Ignition Kill Switch / Tether. I know the location and proper operation of the ignition cut-off (kill) switch. If the snowmobile is equipped with a tether, I will stay tethered to the snowmobile at all times during operation. 

7. Throttle / Gearshift. I have been shown and understand the operation of the throttle and forward / reverse selector. 

8. Speed Limits. I understand that the maximum legal speed limit on Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) prescribed trails is 50 km/h and that the maximum speed limit on La Federation Des Clubs De Motoneigistes Du Quebec (FCMQ) prescribed trails is 70 km/h. 

9. Operator Visibility. I understand the importance of maintaining good visibility at all times and know to reduce speed and exercise additional caution under conditions of impaired visibility. Glare from sunlight or vehicle headlights, reduced or flat light conditions, weather such as fog, rain, snow or blowing snow, helmet visors/goggles that have a buildup of fog or ice, snow dust from other snowmobiles, hill crests and corners on trails, etc. all can significantly reduce visibility and impair operator reaction times. 

10. Safe Distance. I understand the importance of maintaining a safe following distance when behind snowmobiles or other vehicles and will increase the safe distance when operating at night or under conditions of reduced visibility or reduced traction. 

11. Keeping Clear. I understand that I must keep clear of other snowmobiles, other vehicles, and fixed objects such trees, rocks, stumps, ice etc. This includes staying on the right hand side of the trail at all times and not crossing lanes.

12. Riding Under Control. I understand the importance of always riding under control and will avoid speeding, jumping, abrupt turns / stops or any other reckless maneuvers of the snowmobile that can significantly increase the chances of an accident. 

13. Stay on Marked Trails. I understand that I must keep the snowmobile on prescribed trails or roads at all times and stay away from unmarked areas including, hills, valleys, swamps, forests, lakes, rivers & streams. 

14. Hand Signals. I am aware of the proper hand signals required to safely communicate to other snowmobile operators behind me in my party as well as to oncoming snowmobiles. 

15. Trail Signage. I am aware of the different types of trail signs and their meaning. 

16. Trail Conditions & Obstructions. I understand that trail conditions can be unpredictable and can change quickly. Icy patches, curves, bumps, dips and rises on trails, can all lead to a loss of control and/or impact of the snowmobile. Trail obstructions such as groomers, wildlife, fallen rocks or trees, parked or disabled snowmobiles can be present at any time and can pose serious hazards. 

17. Weather Conditions. I understand that weather conditions can change quickly and can cause loss of visibility, disorientation, exposure to elements, or the snowmobile to become stuck / stranded etc. 

18. Riding on Ice. I will avoid lakes, rivers and streams due to the danger of falling through thin ice, leading to drowning or hypothermia. 

19. Railroad Tracks. I am aware of the hazards presented by railroad tracks and will only cross after first stopping and looking both ways.

20. Roads. I will avoid travelling on roads except to cross as part of a trail or to follow along to connect trails.

21. Fuel. I am aware of the importance of planning my trail route to ensure that fuel is available within the travel range of the snowmobile to avoid running out.

22. Communication. I am aware of the importance of communicating my travel plans including destinations, routes, estimated departure and arrival times to a friend or relative. 

May 28, 2024 

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