This document is required to be signed by all volunteers at Alyssa's Animal Sanctuary

Volunteer Guidelines:

1. All volunteers must attend an orientation session, on an as-needed basis, before they are able to volunteer.

2. No flip-flops or open-toed shoes are to be worn when working and the Sanctuary. Tennis shoes are acceptable.

3. We suggest you bring a change of clothes and shoes.

4. I agree to act in a professional manner when volunteering or representing Alyssa's Animal Sanctuary at off-site events.

5. I agree to follow the direction of Alyssa Barry,  Kevin Dinger, or any sanctuary representative who is directing my volunteer work.

6. I agree to notify Kevin Dinger and/or Alyssa Barry immediately of any accident or issue. This includes if I notice that an animal is in distress or appears to be having a problem.

7. I acknowledge that on days I come to volunteer, I will come prepared to work and that those days are not intended to be social events for me and/or my family. If I come with others, they will need to sign their own waivers and also be prepared to work.  

8. The only minors allowed on work days are those intending to work who are at least sixteen (16) years old. Any minor under eighteen (18) years old must have a waiver signed by both them and their parent.

9. I agree to display maturity and enforce safe practices when handling and interacting with all animals.

Anyone can be prohibited from volunteering if they do not exhibit safe practices and maturity while at the sanctuary.

I Agree


I understand that I will be around animals while providing volunteer services at Alyssa’s Animal Sanctuary and there exists a risk for personal injury.

On behalf of myself, my heirs, personal representatives, and executor, I release, discharge, indemnify, and hold harmless Alyssa’s Animal Sanctuary, Alyssa Barry, Kevin Dinger, its agents, other volunteers, and board from any and all claims, cause of action or demands of any nature or cause from any situation that might occur during the course of my volunteering. This could include any costs, attorneys’ fees and court costs occurred by Alyssa’s Animal Sanctuary in connection with my volunteer services based on damages or injuries who I or anyone under my care/supervision may incur in any way while volunteering. Such damages are not limited to but may include animal bites or head-butts, accidents, injuries, and personal property damage.

I Agree

To ensure the safety of all (both human and pets) we ask that you listen to the instructions given by the Kevin Dinger and/or Alyssa Barry at all times. We know these animals and what their triggers may be (if they have any). We respect everyone who has experience around animals, including farm animals, but we ask you keep an open mind and heed our advice as we know these animals best. Many animals that come to our sanctuary have had a not so happy past and we want to ensure we are setting them up for their best possible future. Our goal is to ensure we do not put our animals in any situation that would negatively affect them.

I Agree

I, hereby acknowledge that Alyssa’s Animal Sanctuary is not liable for any personal injury or damage to personal property while volunteering at and with them. I agree to adhere to the guidelines set forth by Kevin Dinger and Alyssa Barry to ensure the safety of all animals and people under the care of Alyssa’s Animal Sanctuary.

I hereby sign this agreement under my own free will.

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Parent(s) or court-appointed legal guardian(s) must sign for any participating minor (those under 18 years of age) and agree that they and the minor are subject to all the terms of this document, as set forth above.

By signing below the parent or court-appointed legal guardian agrees that they are also subject to all the terms of this document, as set forth above.
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