Riding Lesson Agreement

Thank you for choosing Rushton Stables to help you learn to ride or further your riding experience. We are excited to work with you! Please take a moment read and fill out this form:


- Rushton Stables will provide rider with the number of monthly lessons purchased within the calendar month.

-Lessons will be 20 minutes of riding for Tiny Tot lessons and 30 minutes of riding for Traditional lessons. 

-Lessons will be private or semi private unless and until instructor deems rider capable of riding with others and controlling their horse as needed to remain safe.

-Riders can request a 20 minute goal setting session with their instructor and Stacy every 4 months to keep up with current goals and discuss any desires they may have to lease or show. 

Client requirements:

-client must show up on time for scheduled lessons.

-client must be wearing proper riding attire; long pants and closed toe shoes.

-Client must be coachable, positive, and have a good attitude! We are here to help and want to do our best to make you successful!

-We are trying to build a supportive and family like community made of of people like YOU! After the completion of a package of riding lessons, we like to ask for the name of a friend or family that you think would enjoy joining our program.

Scheduling, Compensation, and Payment Terms:

-Riding lesson Pricing is as follows:

  Tiny Tot lessons (riders under the age of 6): $55 each

  Tiny Tot Monthly package of 4 lessons $180/month

  Tiny Tot Monthly package of 8 lessons: $360/month

  Traditional Lessons (riders age 6 and up): $65 each

  Traditional Monthly package of 4 lessons: $220/month

  Traditional Monthly package of 8 lessons: $440/month

  In order for us to be able to schedule for our horses and plan financially, it  is our policy that our lessons are sold in these formats only. We do not sell individual lessons at package prices and packages are only sold in these quantities.

-Client will put a Credit or Debit card on file and it will automatically be charged the appropriate cost of the lesson package agreed upon at the beginning of every month. Charges will begin on the first day of enrollment and will continue monthly hereafter. If a client needs to change a credit card on file, please call your instructor and give the new card info. If a rider wishes to cancel their monthly tuition, please email EMGJOKER@AOL.COM by the 20th of the month before cancellation. If we are not notified by the 20th, your card will run as normal on the first of the next month.

-All lessons bought in a package must be used within the calendar month they are purchased. There will be NO lessons carried over into the next month. 

-Rushton Stables requires 24 hours notice for cancellation of riding lessons. Lessons will be rescheduled at time of cancellation. We will do everything we can to accommodate rescheduling lessons before the end of the month.

-If rider is sick or has a fever on day of lesson, we ask that we be notified by 9 am on the day of the lesson. We will do our best to reschedule the lesson when rider is no longer sick and before the end of the month.

-Any lesson cancellations that don’t meet these requirements will result in forfeiting the lesson. Monthly tuition is not adjusted for forfeited lessons.

Barn Conduct:

-No reaching into stalls or corrals with horses, going into stalls or corrals, or feeding horses without direct supervision of Rushton Stables instructor, for the safety of visitors and horses.

-No running, screaming, or throwing things inside the barn or near where a horse is being ridden. We know the barn is a great place to play but we ask that everyone be mindful of the horses and not scare them and be respectful of the other riders and instructors working.

-No dogs are allowed at Rushton Stables other than those that reside there or belong to employees.

-When driving into and out of Rushton Stables, we ask that you keep to a speed limit of 10 MPH. Children and animals have the right of way, always.

-We ask that anyone bringing more than 3 members of immediate family (that aren’t riding) with them to a lesson be mindful of COVID restrictions and alert your instructor ahead of time. 

-We ask that parents or those not riding sit in the seating area in the entry of the barn or outside on the deck and not in the crosstie area or where the horses need to travel through to get to and from stalls. Our goal is to keep everyone safe and our horses comfortable and we require all visitors to the farm to help us in this way.


-Traditional lessons consist of 30 minutes of riding time and 15-30 minutes of horse care on the ground. We ask that our riders schedule an hour for their lesson. Our tiny tot lessons consist of 20 minutes of riding time and 10-15 minutes of horse care on the ground. We ask that parents schedule 45 minutes for tiny tot lessons.

-While riders will have a primary instructor, all of the instructors at Rushton Stables are capable of teaching at all of the levels. Rushton Stables reserves the right to swap an instructor without notice. A rider will likely have a primary instructor but, should that instructor not be available, a substitute instructor will be made available. Should the student opt to not ride with another instructor, it is not guaranteed that their primary instructor will be able to make up the lesson(s) they were unavailable for. Should that happen and the primary instructor can't make up the lesson(s) before the end of the month and the student was offered an option to ride with another instructor and chose not to, the remaining lesson(s) will NOT carry over to the next month. They will be forfeited.

-When riding, all minors (under the age of 18) must wear an approved riding helmet. Adults have the right to choose to wear or not wear a helmet, however we always advise they do.

-Should a natural disaster occur (earthquake, fire, flood) that requires cancellation of lessons, instructors will do their best to make up the cancelled lessons before the end of the month. Missed lessons will NOT carry over into the next month.

-In the case of excessive heat, instructors reserve the right to cancel lessons if it is unsafe for horses or people. A make up lesson will be offered before the end of the month. The safety of our horses and riders will be our priority. 


-All riders agree to inform their Rushton Stables instructor immediately if they have had exposure to COVID and take all advised precautions before returning to lessons.

-No posting on social media of any photos or videos that include horses or riders other than your own child riding the horse they rode or yourself riding the horse you rode. We are happy to have you share photos or videos of yourself and your child!

-The instructor has the right to end a lesson if there are safety concerns in continuing.

-A health form & Release form must be signed by every rider over 18 and a legal parent or guardian of every rider under 18.

-We ask that any rider that has had a relative illness or injury since we last saw them make their instructor aware before the lesson. 

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Lesson Package

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Parent(s) or court-appointed legal guardian(s) must sign for any participating minor (those under 18 years of age) and agree that they and the minor are subject to all the terms of this document, as set forth above.

By signing below the parent or court-appointed legal guardian agrees that they are also subject to all the terms of this document, as set forth above.
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