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Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment


1. Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure

We utilize the PiQo4™ & Picoway™ machine for tattoo removal, it is a revolutionary laser that offers a new approach to removing tattoos, pigmentation based on photoacoustic energy.

Laser tattoo removal works by breaking up the ink in the skin so that the body can gradually dispose of the ink particles. However, some colors have historically been more difficult to treat with standard laser systems than others. Using four different wavelengths, we can more effectively treat a rainbow of tattoo ink colors compared to older lasers that only offered two wavelengths. Combining both pico and nano technology, we can break down the ink more efficiently and works better on stubborn inks. We treat a larger spot size at once, reducing the length time of treatments and penetrating the skin more deeply than other lasers, while being safer for the skin.

2.  What to expect:

Immediately after treatment, there should be a ‘slight frosting’ on the area that is treated. Redness and swelling at the treatment site can occur and may last up to two hours or longer. Pinpoint bleeding may also occur.

After your first session, your tattoo should appear slightly faded. Typically it requires six to ten sessions to obtain the optimum result, but the number of sessions you’ll need largely depends on the depth of the tattoo, the types and colors of ink used, the color of skin to be treated, and the types of lasers used to eradicate it.

A few more important points to keep in mind:  

  • Tattoos that are less than a year old are challenging to remove.
  • Fading is generally slower for tats located further down the arm or leg (where blood supply is weaker).
  • White ink can be tricky, and green/yellow/purpul ink is notoriously difficult to remove.
  • Professional tattoos can be much more difficult to remove than Amateur tattoos.

Your skin needs time to heal properly, we recommend clients wait 6-8 weeks in between treatments, and getting a tattoo removed too early can increase chance of side effects. 


3. Risks and Side Effects:

• DISCOMFORT/PAIN – Some discomfort and/or pain may be experienced during treatment.

• ASH-WHITE discoloration and epidermal elevation – immediately after laser exposure, a slightly elevated, white discoloration with or without the presence of punctuate bleeding is often observed on tattoos and pigmentation. Very quickly this phenomenon is being replaced by redness, swelling and scabs of variable intensity and duration

•  CRUSTING – multiple pinpoint crusts may appear. Antibiotic ointments or healing ointments should be applied. It is important I do not rub nor pick my skin which may otherwise lead to scarring

•  RED OR PURPLE SPOTS – broken capillary blood vessels may lead to transient “mini-bruising”. Sun avoidance is essential in that case

•  ALLERGIC REACTIONS – an immediate or delayed allergic reaction may develop due to some broken tattoo pigments or drug reactions. In that case, I need to contact my treating Esthetician for instructions

• REDNESS/SWELLING/BRUISING – Short term redness (erythema) or swelling (edema) of the treated area is common and may occur. There also may be some bruising.

• HYPOPIGMENTATION / HYPERPIGMENTATION: (Changes in skin Color): – During the healing process, there is a slight possibility that the treated area may become either lighter (hypopigmentation) or darker (hyperpigmentation) in color compared to the surrounding skin. This is usually temporary, but, on a rare occasion, it may be permanent. Patients with dark skin are more likely to experience hypopigmentation (lightening of the skin) due to the way the laser interacts with pigment in the skin. 

• WOUNDS – Treatment can result in burning, blistering, or bleeding of the treated areas.

 • INFECTION – In some cases, inflammatory conditions may develop. If the treated area becomes itchy, presents oozing, spreading redness and/or is purulent, please call our office (212)256-9777.

• SCARRING – Scarring is a rare occurrence, but it is possible. Patients with a history of keloid scarring may develop complications and may want to avoid PiQo4 treatments.To minimize the chances of scarring, it is IMPORTANT that you follow all post-treatment instructions.


4. Pre-Procedure Instructions

  • No sun exposure, tanning beds and sunless tanning cream for 4 weeks prior to treatment. Sun exposure decreases the effectiveness of the laser treatment and can increase the chance of posttreatment complications.
  • Use a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Apply to the treated area every 2 hours when exposed to the sun and it is recommended to make this a part of your skin care routine.
  • Remove all makeup, creams or oils prior to treatment. 


5. Post-Procedure Instructions

  • Clean the treated area at least twice a day with cold/warm water and mild soap, and then pat the area dry. 
  • Apply a thin layer of topical Steroid (e.g. Betamethasone dipropionate) or Hydrocortisone 1% to the treated tattoo to decrease erythema/inflammation after cleaning the area for 5 to 7 days. 
  • Avoid sun exposure to the treated area. Use sunblock 30-50 (physical blocker with zinc and titanium oxide). Apply to the treated area every 2 hours when exposed to the sun and it is recommended to make this a part of your skin care routine.
  • Discomfort may be relieved by using cool gel packs or acetaminophen.
  • If blistering occurs, apply Anti-biotic oitment twice a day for 7 days.
  • During healing process, the skin may form a thin layer of scab. If crusting/scabbing occurs, do not rub or pick on the area. Apply Aquaphor ointment or other moisturizer to the treated area 2-3 times a day. Keep the area moist and let the crusting/scabbing resolve on its own.
  • Do not enter swimming pools or hot tubs until treated areas are healed. 
  • Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water to encourage drainage of ink to the lymphatic system. 


I hereby authorize Bared Monkey MedSpa Inc. and all its affiliated companies and the trained, licensed staffs in this practice to perform the laser tattoo removal procedure on me. I understand that I will require several treatments to obtain an optimum result and the tattoo clearance outcome may vary with each individual and acknowledge that it is impossible to predict how I will respond to the treatment.

Pre and post-care instructions have been discussed and are completely clear to me. 

I understand that sun exposure, as well as not adhering to the posttreatment instructions provided to me may increase my chance of complications.

I acknowledge there are possible complications/risks involved with the proposed procedure and subsequent healing period, including pigmentary changes, scarring and changes to skin texture. I am aware that careful adherence to all advised instructions will help reduce this possibility.

I confirm that I am not pregnant and do not intend to become pregnant anytime during the course of treatment. Furthermore, I agree to keep Bared Monkey MedSpa Inc. and all its affiliated companies and staff informed should I become pregnant during the course of treatment.

I acknowledge photographic documentation may be taken.


I have read and understood all information presented to me, and I have been given an opportunity to ask questions before signing this consent. I acknowledge and accept the risks inherent in the laser tattoo removal procedure. I voluntarily assume the risk of possible complications and side effects which may arise from the laser tattoo removal treatment set forth herein; and any of my heirs, executors, representatives or assigns hereby release Bared Monkey MedSpa Inc. and all its affiliated companies from any and all claims, liabilities for personal injury, and property damages of any kind sustained while on the premises, during the treatments set forth herein by any employees or representatives of Bared Monkey MedSpa Inc. and all its affiliated companies. 

April 1, 2023


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