I. DISCLAIMER - This Waiver and Release Agreement is applicable to all renters, operators, passengers, and users of equipment provided by *(For purposes of this Waiver and Release, the term “Rental Company” includes all principles, directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives, servants, assigns, successors, insurers and subsidiaries of LEMON BAY BOAT RENTAL). If any other rental agreement is supplemented with this Release, the provisions of this Release will prevail over any clauses in the rental agreement that are inconsistent with this Release. The undersigned agrees that he/she is also signing this Release on behalf of undersigned’s minor children. Renter agrees that he/she will disclose to Rental Company all potential operators, passengers, and users of said rental equipment. Renter further agrees that in the event that he/she fails to notify Rental Company of all potential operators, passengers, or users of said equipment, he/she will be personally liable for any damages to the undisclosed individuals, even if such damages arise out of the negligence or fault of Rental Company.

II. ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RISKS - The undersigned hereby acknowledges that some, but not all of the risks of participating in water-sport activities include: 1) Changing water flow, tides, currents, wave action and ships’ wakes; 2) Collisions with any of the following: other participants, the watercraft, other watercraft, and manmade or natural objects; 3) Collision, capsizing, sinking or other hazard which results in wetness, injury, exposure to the elements, hypothermia, drowning and/or death; 4) Attack by or encounter with insects and marine life forms, including, but not limited to sharks and/or sting rays; 5) Equipment failure or operator error; 6) My sense of balance, physical coordination, ability to operate equipment, swim and/or follow directions; 7) Wind, inclement weather, lightning, variances and extremes of wind, weather, and temperature, 9) Heat or sun related injuries or illnesses, including sunburn, sunstroke or dehydration. Further, the undersigned understands that the description of these risks is not complete and that unknown or unanticipated risks may result in injury, illness or death.

III. EXPRESS ASSUMPTION OF RISK - The undersigned hereby agrees that he/she is renting, operating or using the equipment provided by Rental Company at his/her own risk. The undersigned agrees that he/she is voluntarily participating in all activities related to the rental, operation, or use of the rental equipment, The undersigned assumes full responsibility for the risks of personal injury, accidents or illness, including but not limited to sprains, torn muscles and/or ligaments; fractured or broken bones; eye damage; cuts, wounds, scrapes, abrasions, and/or contusions; head, neck, and/or spinal injuries; animal or insect bite or attack; shock, paralysis, drowning, and/or death; and any resultant expenses from any of the foregoing risks and assumes all risk of injury, illness, damage or loss that might result, regardless of the cause, even if the risks arise out of the negligence or fault of Rental Company.

IV. WAIVER/RELEASE OF LIABILITY - By the execution of this Release, the undersigned voluntarily releases, forever discharges and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Rental Company from any and all liability of any nature for any and all injury or damage arising from personal injuries sustained by the undersigned or any minor children under the undersigned’s custody, care, and control, as a result of any and all activities related to the rental, operation, or use of equipment provided by Rental Company regardless of the cause. The undersigned assumes full responsibility for any such injuries or damages which may occur, and further agrees that Rental Company shall not be liable for any loss or theft of personal property. The undersigned specifically agrees that Rental Company shall not be responsible for such injuries, damages, loss or theft, EVEN IN THE EVENT OF NEGLIGENCE OR FAULT BY RENTAL COMPANY, whether such negligence is present at the signing of this Release or takes place in the future. This Waiver and Release does not apply to gross negligence or intentional torts by Rental Company.

V. LIABILITY TO THIRD PARTIES - The undersigned hereby agrees that he/she will indemnify and hold harmless Rental Company for all personal injuries, property damages, or any other damages to any and all third parties, including, but not limited to, operators and passengers of other watercraft and minor children under the undersigned’s custody, care, and control, as a result of any and all activities related to the rental, operation, or use of equipment provided by Rental Company, even if such damages arise out of the negligence or fault of Rental Company.

VI. ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF WAIVER AND RELEASE - The undersigned states that he/she has had sufficient time to review the Waiver and Release and to ask any questions associated with said Release. The undersigned further states that he/she has carefully read the foregoing Waiver and Release, knows the contents thereof, and has signed this Release as his/her own free act. The undersigned warrants that he/she is aware that he/she may rent, operate, or use equipment from another rental facility, but has chosen to rent, operate, or use equipment from Rental Company with the knowledge that signing this Release is a requirement for rental, operation, and use of said equipment. The undersigned further warrants that he/she is fully aware that he/she is waiving any right he/she may have to bring a legal action to assert a claim against Rental Company for Rental Company’s negligence.




In consideration of being permitted to lease a watercraft and/or equipment (any equipment) from Lessor, Lessee or signer further agree(s). Violation of these rules and conditions can result in the loss of your deposit.

Lesee agrees, (a) to the 48hr cancellation policy, and, that there will be no refunds for leased watercraft and/or equipment returned early, and, that all leased watercraft and/or equipment is due in at LEMON BAY BOAT RENTAL no later than 4:30 PM EST. Lessee(s) further agree that no refunds or discounts, will be given due to weather.

(b) to keep said watercraft and/or equipment in a safe place and not to leave leased watercraft and/or equipment unattended.

(c) not to allow the operation of watercraft and/or equipment in a negligent, careless, or needlessly rough manner or in violation of any laws, ordinances, or regulations; Lessee(s) further agree and understand It is SOLELY the responsibility of lessee(s) and/or all operators and/or boat drivers to know and obey all Florida State Boating Laws & Regulations. Lessee(s) further agree it is the responsibility of the Pilot and/or Operator and/or boat driver to understand operation of leased watercraft and/or equipment and not the responsibility of Lemon Bay Boat Rental or its staff.

(d) to pay for all damages to and losses of watercraft and/or equipment during the term of this lease agreement, (e) to return to LEMON BAY BOAT RENTAL dock for any & all leased watercraft fuel needs.

(f) to pay the Lessor replacement cost of any and all rented and/or leased equipment including watercraft, towable, trailers, motors, ladders, propellers, railing, bimini sun tops, anchors, and any and all parts, assemblies, and pieces of equipment or items rented or leased by lessee from LEMON BAY BOAT RENTAL upon demand by LEMON BAY BOAT RENTAL if rented items are damaged or excessively worn in anyway.

(g) to pay any and all attorney’s fees and court costs associated with collecting repair and/or replacement costs of said leased watercraft and/or equipment.

(h) Lessee(s) further agree to operate watercraft and/or equipment at a safe distance from watercraft or obstacle, and to maintain a minimum of 200-foot safe operating distance from any skiing, swimming, or other activity.

(i) Lessee(s) further agree that they understand that the border to the South is Boca Grande Channel and to the North is Venice Inlet and that boats are not authorized for use in the Gulf of Mexico.

(j) Lessee(s) further agree that watercraft MUST NOT BE BEACHED. Bow and stern anchors are provided and must be used.  Beaching boat will forfeit security deposit plus cost of damage caused to bottom.

(k) Lessee(s) further agree and understand that only minimal watercraft operation instructions will be provided by LEMON BAY BOAT RENTAL & its staff.

(l) Lessee(s) further agree that it is the responsibility of the Lessee(s) to acquire or collect and make available during their voyage all the necessary informative instruction, laws, regulations, and guidelines to persons on board the watercraft.

I Agree to (a) through (l) 


Please read our Captain's Words of Wisdom:

1. All operators are responsible for maintaining compliance with Florida boating laws & regulations. A copy of Florida Boating Laws and Responsibilities is on board your boat before you begin your voyage.

2. LIFE JACKETS REQUIRED: One life vest (PFD) per person (minimum) & one throwable PFD MUST BE ON BOARD These are provided at no additional cost. Florida statues: CHILDREN 8 YEARS OLD AND UNDER MUST WEAR PFD AT ALL TIMES. Its your responsibility to have this equipment on board before you begin your voyage.

3. DO NOT ALLOW PASSENGERS TO RIDE FORWARD OF THE FRONT RAIL GATE or on the bow (FRONT OF BOAT). There is no escaping death by propeller if one falls off the front of a pontoon boat. Keep all gates closed when motor is running.


5. Watch in all directions for other boats, boaters, swimmers, and obstacles. Ask passengers to help keep watch also. Always give others the right of way.

6. Familiarize yourself with your chart. Have chart on board with you and reference it. Know where you are at all times. Know departure/return location.

7. OFF LIMITS AREAS: Do not go near the Public Beach areas for any reason (State Law). NO BEACHING BOATS. USE BOW AND STERN ANCHORS.

8. Operator MUST OBSERVE BOAT HEIGHT & CLEARANCE before going under bridges. Proceed slowly with caution.

9. SPEED LIMITS: KEEP IT SLOW when coming and going to and from dock area. There are other speed limit zones. Watch for NO WAKE ZONES and MANATEE ZONES.


11. WHEN IN SHALLOW WATER raise motor. Keep propeller and anti-cavitation plate under water.

12. Raise & retract LADDER before starting motor and when in shallow water. Ladders bend or break easily.

13. KNOW HOW TO START YOUR MOTOR. Be sure motor is tilted down so propeller & anti-cavitation plate are submerged.

14. Check your fuel gauge. Return to LEMON BAY BOAT RENTAL fuel dock (your starting point) for refuel. Do not purchase fuel elsewhere as LEMON BAY BOAT RENTAL uses non-ethanol fuel only. It is the operator’s responsibility to maintain fuel level awareness from voyage beginning to safe return.

15. Know your due in time before leaving. LEMON BAY BOAT RENTAL operates on Eastern Daylight Savings time. Your return time is recorded on your Pre-trip checklist.

16. NO SMOKING while on the Boat. 

17. NO PETS permitted on the Boat.

 I Agree to (1) through (16)

I Agree


The Damage Deposit:

A damage deposit of $500.00 will be collected for each watercraft rented. During the return process, (docking, fueling, and cleaning), a LEMON BAY BOAT RENTAL representative will inspect the watercraft for damage. The deposit will be applied toward the cost of the repairs of any and all damages suffered to the watercraft. If the cost of damages exceeds the damage deposit, Lessee agrees he/she is fully responsible for the remainder of the costs incurred to repair or replace the watercraft to the same condition as the time the rental agreement was started. Furthermore, the Lessee understands and agrees that he/she who is known to LEMON BAY BOAT RENTAL as the Operator, is the only person allowed to operate the watercraft for the entire rental period. The Operator also understands that he/she is responsible for the retrieval and/or replacement of the watercraft, life jackets or any safety items, if these items are in any way lost, stolen, or misplaced during the rental period. Should any damages exceed the $500 damage deposit, LEMON BAY BOAT RENTAL will provide an itemized repair bill. This repair bill, including lost rental time, and reasonable attorney’s fees must be paid in full upon User’s presentation of the bill. User shall be responsible for damages at and beyond the $500 damage deposit.

I Agree

Condition of Boat upon Return
The Lessee shall return the Boat to LEMON BAY BOAT RENTAL on or before the termination date and at the specific location clean and free of garbage AND debris in the same condition in which the boat was rented, including all parts, accessories, rigging, and condition of fiberglass, with ordinary wear and tear.

I Agree

Late Return/Cleaning Fee
If the boat is returned after the agreed return time, a Fee of $50.00 for every 15 minutes will apply, unless other arrangements are made. If the boat is returned excessively DIRTY or SANDY, there will be a $75 cleaning fee.

Lessee has read and understands all the terms, conditions, and rules set forth above, and agrees to all terms without reservation. The information supplied on this agreement by Lessee(s) is true and correct.

I Agree


Participant check-out acknowledgement

Rental company name: 


Boat rental check-out and training
General boating safety

  1. Maintaining safe speed/monitor surroundings/drive defensively/no aggressive maneuvers
  2. Maintaining a safe distance from other boats, objects and people
  3. Do not enter the water without a lifejacket on, engine turned off and key removed
  4. Conduct a head count before starting the engine
  5. Always remain seated while the boat is in motion
  6. Absolutely no sitting on the bow, sides or stern
  7. Importance of attaching the engine shut-off cord/lanyard
  8. Engine start and shut-off procedures
  9. Dangers of CO2
  10. Refueling procedures and engine blower use (if applicable)
  11. Sound five blasts of the horn or whistle to signal danger or need for assistance
  12. Boats do not have brakes – stopping the engine will not stop the boat
  13. Proper boat anchoring procedures (if applicable)
  14. Navigation rules – local laws, regulations, hazards and navigational markers
  15. Towing sports safety, if allowed (i.e. water skiing, wake boarding, tubing)

Personal watercraft (PWC)

  1. Dangers of water being forced into body cavities from the jet thrust nozzle – wetsuit or wetsuit bottoms recommended
  2. Never apply throttle if any participants are in the water near the PWC
  3. Dangers of loose items (i.e., clothing, hair, stones, etc.) being sucked into the jet drive intake
  4. A life jacket must always be worn with kill switch lanyard attached
  5. Horseplay is never allowed – no spraying or splashing others; no wake or wave jumping
  6. Stopping the engine will not stop forward motion
  7. Steering control is lost when the throttle is released, or when the engine is shut off
  8. How to respond to a capsized PWC

Houseboat and pontoon boat 

  1. Keep fingers free from gates and hinges when exiting the boat
  2. Proper use of navigation and anchor lights (houseboats only)
  3. Keep gates closed and participants always seated inside the gated area when engine is running
  4. Towing other boats is not permitted
  5. If the boat has an upper deck:
  • No one is allowed on the upper deck while the engine is running
  • No jumping from the upper deck
  •  ​A spotter must be present when participants are on the upper deck or using the slide


I Agree

  1. I have received sufficient instruction and training, including, but not limited to, the pertinent areas listed above. I am prepared to safely operate the rented boat.
  2. All participants must complete and sign all rental forms; there are to be no additional participants after the checkout procedure is completed.
  3. Operation of the boat is not allowed by anyone that is under the influence of any legal or illegal drugs or alcohol.
  4. No boat operation from dusk to dawn.
  5. In addition to the terms noted above, I have been given an opportunity to ask any additional questions regarding the operation of the rented boat.
  6. I have been provided emergency contact information.


I Agree


Approximate Rental Boat Repair / Replacement Costs

As the renter of this vessel, you are responsible for the value of the boat and all its contents. The list below is for information purposes only and LBBR reserves the right add additional cost to the repair to cover time associated with making such a repair.

Item - 2022 Pontoon / Tritoon with 150 hp Yamaha:  APPROXIMATE Replacement Cost - $45,000 - $55,000
Item - Damaged Toon:  APPROXIMATE Replacement Cost - $150 - $2,500
Item - Damaged Engine Cowling or housing:  APPROXIMATE Replacement Cost - $500 - $1,000
Item - Fiberglass or Deck Repair:  APPROXIMATE Replacement Cost - $150 - $1,000
Item - Broken / Torn / Bent Bimini Top:  APPROXIMATE Replacement Cost - $150 - $3,000
Item - Canvas Damage or upholstery damage or tear:  APPROXIMATE Replacement Cost - $150 - $3,000
Item - Stereo Speakers:  APPROXIMATE Replacement Cost - $400 pair
Item - Stereo System:  APPROXIMATE Replacement Cost - $500
Item - Propellers:  APPROXIMATE Replacement Cost - $125 - $750
Item - Hubs:  APPROXIMATE Replacement Cost - $125 - $250
Item - Life Preserver:  APPROXIMATE Replacement Cost - $20 each
Item - Throw Pillow:  APPROXIMATE Replacement Cost - $25
Item - Flare Kit:  APPROXIMATE Replacement Cost - $100
Item - Anchor:  APPROXIMATE Replacement Cost - $75 - $125
Item - VHF Radio:  APPROXIMATE Replacement Cost - $250
Item - VHF Antennae:  APPROXIMATE Replacement Cost - $250


Our $50/day coverage reduces your liability from the full value of the boat to $1,000 (Your $500 damage deposit plus an additional $500)

Most personal insurance companies exclude coverage for a "rental" boat. This includes most homeowner's policies, personal auto policies etc.

This program buys our customers a bit of leniency with those little scuffs and scratches and reduces the liability exposure for most other issues our customers face. Most of our customers return our rental equipment in great shape, but accidents sometimes occur. Because of this, we have introduced this program at the request of our customers to offer peace of mind while on the water. Should you have a mishap while on our rental boat, the Damage Waiver reduces your exposure to $1000 (Your $500 damage deposit plus and additional $500)

Although you may take care of the equipment, in some instances the damage is not always your fault. For example, you have your rental boat docked at a marina to eat lunch. While you are inside an inexperienced boater arrives and bumps into the boat. They damage a section of the motor, skirting or pontoons and before you can find out who they are they take off — leaving you stuck with the bill.

Another example would be hitting a submerged rock, log or stump, which, can be a very costly repair.

One of the big advantages of our program is that it releases the renter from the loss of rental revenue clause in the rental agreement. If boat is damaged and unavailable for rent for a week while getting repaired due to an accident, the renter is responsible for this loss revenue. The damage waiver covers this and can potentially save you thousands.


Today's Date: May 28, 2024 

First Designated Boat Operator/Renter's Name

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First Designated Boat Operator/Renter's Age Acknowledgment*
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Apartment, suite, unit, building, floor, etc.
Parent or Guardian's Email Address

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A signed copy of this waiver will be sent to the email address you provide.
Parent or Guardian's Driver's License / ID Card

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Parent(s) or court-appointed legal guardian(s) must sign for any participating minor (those under 18 years of age) and agree that they and the minor are subject to all the terms of this document, as set forth above.

By signing below the parent or court-appointed legal guardian agrees that they are also subject to all the terms of this document, as set forth above.
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By checking here, you are consenting to the use of your electronic signature in lieu of an original signature on paper. You have the right to request that you sign a paper copy instead. By checking here, you are waiving that right. After consent, you may, upon written request to us, obtain a paper copy of an electronic record. No fee will be charged for such copy and no special hardware or software is required to view it. Your agreement to use an electronic signature with us for any documents will continue until such time as you notify us in writing that you no longer wish to use an electronic signature. There is no penalty for withdrawing your consent. You should always make sure that we have a current email address in order to contact you regarding any changes, if necessary.

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