The Circus Up Code of Conduct is important in order to support our priorities of creating a community that is kind, joyful, accessible, and safe.

Parents and guardians: please read through these items WITH your child to to ensure that they understand our expectations thoroughly and are able and willing to meet/be working towards these agreements. We will appreciate your support helping your youth follow these practices.


I agree to the following:

I am responsible for my own safety. 

I will pay attention to what is going on around me, including other people practicing in the space. 

I will never go on equipment without permission from a Circus Up coach. 

I will only attempt tricks the coaches have given me permission to attempt.

I will only attempt advanced tricks with a spotter.

I will update the coaches about any injuries, illnesses, or concerns about both mental and physical well-being at the start of class.

I will communicate honestly with the coaches about any factors that may affect my ability to participate fully and safely, such as being overtired, feeling dizzy, or using a substance (prescribed or not) that may affect my focus or abilities. (This information is needed because it can be a safety concern. Coaches will work to develop an alternative plan as needed. We do not permit students or coaches to participate in circus under the influence of illicit substances.) 

I will not teach skills to others unless I have received the appropriate training, and explicit permission from a Circus Up coach to do so. 

I Agree



I agree to the following:

I will be aware of my words and actions, including being considerate about the content, timing, and volume of my words. 

I will not criticize, namecall, tease, or taunt other students or coaches. 

I will respect and care for my own body. I will drink water proactively, take breaks if I need to, and communicate with coaches and teammates about how I am feeling during class, specifically if unwell or injured.

I will treat the space, equipment, and people with respect. This includes: not climbing on mats when they are put away, not throwing juggling balls or other equipment around the room or at other people, putting away what I take out, and throwing out any food waste or trash. 

I will help to clean up after myself as well as others. Keeping the space clean is my responsibility and I help to look after it, even if it means helping clean up a mess I did not make. 

I recognize that I am part of a team and the Circus Up community. I will work to be helpful to my coaches and other students.

I will try to admit to my mistakes, and sincerely apologize if I upset or hurt someone, even when it is hard. 

When mistakes are made, Circus Up will use a Restorative Justice approach to amend and rebuild connections. 

I will do the best I can to honor the commitments I have made. For example, do what you have said you are going to do.

I Agree



I agree to always try my best at the following:

I will always help with setup and cleanup.

I will actively work to learn. I understand that learning happens every day and never ends.

I will be responsible for myself and look out for my teammates/classmates. This means being kind, helping others, and compromising when needed. 

I will not intimidate others physically or verbally. 

I will be kind and respectful with my words and actions. In other words, I agree to not be violent in words or actions. I agree to not use hateful or derogatory language.

I will not touch other people without their consent. I will respect other people’s personal space. 

If another student behaves disrespectfully or unkindly towards me, and hurts my feelings with their words or hurts me physically, I will not retaliate. I will use my words and talk to a coach. 

I will not use electronics (including games, iPads, phones, tablets, etc.) during class time or performances.


Note: Circus Up coaches understand that no human can be perfect all the time, and that we all have a range of challenges we are navigating. While we have the same standards and expectations for all of our youth, and we believe they can follow them, if someone violates our code of conduct, we will take each person’s situation, history, and context into account when deciding on the appropriate action. The appropriate action may range from a brief “time out” to being temporarily or permanently suspended from participation. Dangerous and harmful behavior will have bigger consequences.

I Agree



I agree to the following:

I will always strive to make the environment more supportive for my teammates, coaches and community. 

I will lead with an attitude of cooperation for all of my teammates/classmates.

I recognize that being a team means BOTH being responsible for myself AND for my teammates, even if it does not immediately benefit me (like putting away someone else’s equipment).

I will always keep in mind the Circus Up Community Agreements:

Communicate and connect to build trust.

Respect yourself, respect others, respect the space.

Try new things, learn something new.

Celebrate what you create together.

Answer the Circus Call!

Be safe for yourself and others and don't forget to play! 

I Agree



I agree to the following:

I will follow all the rules of the space/partner organization that class is practicing in.

I will remove all jewelry or cover it with tape. I will not wear strong fragrances or excessive lotion. 

I will not chew gum or eat food during class. If I need to eat during class time, I will check in with a coach. 

I will wear clothing that I can move in (no zippers, snaps, or buttons that could get caught on equipment or injure another person). If I do not have appropriate clothes, I will ask a coach to borrow some from the circus closet.

I Agree



I agree to the following:

I will do my best to be on time to every class, or get my child to class on time. 

If I have transportation issues or scheduling conflicts, I will communicate proactively with Circus Up and work towards a solution.

I understand that safety is a top priority, and being taken out of shows or practice time is only done as a last resort, when the safety of the group and/or the individual is at stake.

I understand that missing practice or not fully participating is a safety concern.

I Agree

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