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Hello Valued HauteDry Guest! 

This is our standard intake form. It allows us to share with you how we operate, and give us us a chance to go over how we can best serve you. Thank you for being a Guest, and we hope you always know that we exist for you. All feedback is welcome! 


Amanda & The HauteDry Team


We are a Non-Tipping Salon // Due to our teamwork focus, and our focus on giving you a high quality, efficient experience we do not accept gratuity. Don't worry, it was the team who chose this, and they are paid well for their work. We do not add in a tip, our pay structure is just different than most salons. We love it! 

Checkoutless Experience // All of our checkout processes happen at the end of the day. This allows for us to concentrate (which eliminates mistakes), and this is often the time where we enter your notes for the service. Your card is saved on file to reserve (PCI Compliant, we only see last 4 digits). If you prefer to hear a total before you go, the Support Staff team can do their best to give you the total. Just remember, they are only able to guess according to the schedule, and may not know of add ons or product that was decided between you and the Stylist. As always, we are happy to email the receipt if you would like! 

Quality Guarantee // Our Full Service Quality Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your service, please contact us within 7 days so we can make slight adjustments to your hair. We are more than happy to offer up to 30% of the total bill as a credit to make an adjustment to be used within 14 days of the date you contacted about the adjustment. Please let us know what is important to you within that credit so we can book it accordingly. 

Inspiration Pictures // We will be working off of the inspiration picture we agreed upon, our quality guarantee is to address any potential shortcomings with that plan. New inspirations pictures will be considered a new service.  The Stylist always prefers to be the one to make it right, so we will try to work it out with their schedule first. However, at times another stylist may have to make the adjustment for you. Please be assured that the main Stylist will communicate with the teammate making the adjustment. 

Quoting Process // If you received a quote from our scheduler, please note that a budget will need to be discussed with the Stylist, as any changes in the plan could result in a change in price. Any changes to the original plan may result in a different end price, so please let us know at the time of booking if you'd like to stay within a certain number.  


City Enforced Parking Limit // Cardinal drive has a 3 hour parking limit. Please note that due to insurance rules, we are not able to move your car for you. There is a public lot on the east side of SeaCoast bank, just off of Ocean drive if you are coming for a longer service! HauteDry, LLC cannot be responsible for any parking tickets acquired during your stay, thank you for understanding. 

Cancellation Policy // Any changes or cancellations within the 24 window will result in a forfeited deposit of $24. Changes or cancellations during your appointment time will result in a full charge. After 1 no-show, we reserve the right to require a non-refundable deposit to book the appointment. 

Cancellation Policy for Standings // Standing appointments are very important to us! We are thankful for your loyalty. Please note that any requests booked for more than 1 quarter may be subject to adjustments due to the Stylists changing offerings and availability at times. To request a standing appointment, please ask us for the request form- or let the floor coordinator know! Any more than 2 cancellations during a quarter may result in forfeiting the standing.  

Adding or changing services during appointment time//  If you'd like to add services, we will always do our best to provide that without compromising the schedule. It's always best to contact us before your appointment if you'd like to add services, so we can discuss options with you. If you'd like to eliminate or downgrade a service during your appointment time, the full price of the planned service will be charged due to our cancellation policy. So please let us know before the 24 hour mark for any changes, thank you! 

Risk Of Clothes Stains //  We recommend you change out of your shirt, into a robe for your service. There is always a risk of damage to your clothing, due to the nature of our business. We provide robes, towel and capes, but we'd rather be safe than sorry! 

Alcoholic Drink Limitations //  All complimentary beverages are unlimited except for alcoholic beverages. We will not be able to offer more than 1 per hour, with a limit of 3 total. Any drink consumed by you considered your responsibility and we are assuming you will not get behind the wheel of a car if you are not in the condition to do so. Please consult with your medical doctor if you're taking any medication that is not supposed to be mixed with certain drinks. Hautedry will not be responsible for anything resulting in you drinking irresponsibly.  

Minors Receiving Services // If you are a minor, and you are booking with the permission of a parent, family member, or guardian, please set up a precision consult with the person paying if they have any budget concerns or hair goals. If you choose to waive this consult time, we cannot be held responsible for any expectations except for the inspiration picture chosen by the Guest receiving the service.  

Burns & Reactions // Please note, our Stylists are professionals and are well trained in proper use of tools and chemicals.  However, it is your responsibility to consult with your physician before your appointment to rule out any drug interactions or reasons you may not want to receive a service.  Burns from a tool are very rare, but are possible if you are moving.  Please keep as still as possible to avoid this situation.  


Patch Test // If you'd like a patch test, please schedule ahead of time (at least 48 hours before your color service). If you've scheduled the appointment without a patch test, you are assuming the risk of your skin's reactions. We use top-of-the-line products from reputable sources, however, we are not familiar with your hair and skins reactions. Please let us know ahead of time if you are taking any medication that may cause a more sensitive skin reaction.  

All Chemical Services // By signing this release form, I understand if i'm receiving a chemical service, it's my responsibility to schedule a patch test over 48 hours before the service (checks for sensitivities to the product). If I do not schedule the patch test, I'm getting this chemical service at my own risk and will not hold HauteDry, LLC responsible for any reactions. I understand I must make my Stylist aware of any allergies, sensitivities, and medical conditions that could affect the service. 

Treatments In the Last 3 months // I have made my Stylist aware of all of the treatments I have had in the past three (3) months in order for them to assess the status of my hair and the process that they will make or recommend to me in order to achieve the results I desire. I also am waiving the right to a patch test, unless it's scheduled in advance. Any medications have been disclosed and I understand it is my responsibility to consult with a doctor prior to the service.  

Medications // Please consult your physician about any medications you're taking that may counteract with your chemical service. We are not able to perform services on open sores, so please make sure you are healed before your service.  

Bringing Your Own Color // We are not able to guarantee any result with products brought to us. Because chemicals can expire, be out in heat too long, or can be 'knock-offs' to the high-end brands, our full service quality guarantee is waived for any outside products brought in.  


Keratin Treatment // Keratin is naturally found in hair but we lose it over time. This decreases drying time, frizz and unruliness. A keratin treatment WILL keep your curl or wave pattern, making it more manageable temporarily. The brand we use is formulated to do the work DURING the service, making it necessary to wash your hair that day (to prevent overdrying/cracking/ over-proteinization).  

Keratin After Care // With Lasio's Zero processing formula, there are NO restrictions after the service is complete. Hair products must be sodium-free, see below for product recommendations.

Longevity // A Lasio Keratin treatment will last 3-5 months depending on your use of the aftercare products.

Hair Color + Keratin On the Same Day //  Same day color is fine, as long as it's before the keratin service (it locks in the color!) If color is performed afterwards, please allow 2 weeks after your keratin.

How is a Keratin Performed? // Clarify, Blowdry, Apply Keratin, Blowdry, Infuse with a flat iron, final wash and blowdry. (approx 2hrs total) 

Post-Keratin Product Recommendations // Lasio Keratin UV Protector improves performance by 40%. Use at the beach or pool, spray in damp hair and when returning shampoo and dry as usual (dry naturally or use with heat!) Oribe Shampoos & Conditioners are all sodium-free, excellent for maintaining the health of your hair and lasting keratin results.


Medications Or Chemo // Please let us know if you have any medications (or have been under anesthesia) that may cause hair loss in the last year. We highly recommend you wait to receive this service if you are shedding at a faster rate than usual.  

At Home Care // At home care is the most important step in taking care of your hair extensions. Please brush them (to the scalp) at least 3 times per day to prevent matting. It's also best to not leave them wet (dry at least the bond area near the scalp). 

Extension Consult // We offer extension consults to get more accurate quoting and to discuss your goals, budget, and timeline. Please note that pricing is subject to change, but the quote will be honored for at least 30 days from the time of the consult. If you reserve your extensions for the first time, we will require a non-refundable 50% deposit. 

Extension Color // We do not recommend making changes to your color. We want to keep your extensions as healthy as possible, and we can do that by committing to an inspiration photo from the start. If any changes to the color need to be made at your request, this will be at your expense.  

Removal //  Waiting too long between appointments can cause unwanted pressure on your hair. Please keep communication open with us so we can set up the perfect plan for optimal timing.  

Return Extension Guests // We will call you 2 weeks before your appointment to gather information about your next visit. At that time, please let us know if you'd like to change the quantity or coloring of your hair so that we can order the correct hair for your goals.  


I hereby release HauteDry, LLC (the "Salon") and it's teammates from any responsibility and/or liability concerning the application, processing, and/or consequences of the chemical procedure of my hair.  

By signing this form, I assume all risk of injury and harm resulting from the service specified herein and I agree to release, defend, indemnify, and forever discharge the Salon from all liabilities, claims, damages, costs, and expenses, or any action due to loss, damage, injury, that might incur resulting from the chemical treatment.

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