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Rental Agreement


Release of Liability

THIS DOCUMENT; is a legally binding obligation to release Price’s Rentals from all known and unknown obligations, and indemnify company against claims brought against it based upon your use of the rental craft or equipment. This contract is in full force with the evidence of the lessee signature.


SECURITY DEPOSIT: A security deposit of $1500 is required for the above-listed Rental Equipment. Within 24 hours upon return of said Rental Equipment the company shall return Customer’s security deposit, less any amount due for the cost of repairs to, the cleaning of, or the replacement of said Rentals.


ACCEPTANCE OF RENTAL EQUIPMENT: Byaccepting the Rental Equipment the Customer has examined the craft and acknowledges that the Rental Equipment is in good operating condition “SEAWORTHY” and properly outfitted. Customer waives any claim against the company due to defective or faulty Rental Equipment. 


EARLY RETURN, CANCELATION, NO SHOW & LATE TO ACCEPT, POLICIES: EARLY REFUND POLICY; No refund will be given to rentals returned early. Bad Weather Policy should be discussed between parties and verbally agreed upon. LATE CANCELATION POLICY; All cancellations must be made at least 2 weeks prior to their scheduled rental time forfeiting the late cancellation fee of $250.00. No refunds for cancellations canceled less than 2 weeks prior to the event date unless Price’s Rentals is able to get it rebooked, and if they are able, they will still keep the $250 cancellation fee to cover any discounted rates offered to try to get it booked. NO SHOW POLICY & LATE ACCEPTANCE POLICY; Should the lessee not be present or not ready to accept delivery of the watercraft, for whatever reason, at the specified time, Price’s Rentals reserves the right to rent the craft to someone else and/or keep the rental amount.  


TIME AND PLACE OF RETURN: The Customer will return the Rental Equipment to Price’s rentals facility and/or the dock at the time & date specified at the time of rental. If the Customer fails to return the Rental Equipment as specified the Customer agrees to pay additional LATE FEES.  


CLEANING FEES: The Customer will return the Rental Equipment “broom cleaned” and without trash, a $50.00 cleaning fee will be applied if the craft comes back non-cleaned. 


CARE AND USE OF RENTAL EQUIPMENT: Customer will not use the Rental Equipment or permit others to use the Rental Equipment in any manner that is unsafe, negligent manner, or unlawful. The lessee may not sublease or loan the equipment without the Lassoer’s written permission. CRAFT RULES: ABSOLTEY NO PETS, GRILLS, SMOKING, (by anyone), ALCOHOL DRINKING (by the boat driver) ON RENTAL CRAFT. If caught doing any of said, entire deposit will be forfeited. 

·      RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGES WHILE IN CUSTODY OF RENTAL EQUIPMENT: The Customer acknowledges and accepts financial responsibility for damages to, or loss of, (any/all) Rental Equipment, up to the full replacement value of $45,000 plus any loss of rental income during the repair or replacement. The Customer accepts full and complete responsibility for damage to any property associated with the use of the Rental Equipment. Customer authorizes the Price’s Rentals to retain their Security Deposit and credit card to cover cost occurred for said damage or repairs. No insurance of any type is being provided by Price’s Rentals and this is a “you break it, you buy or replace it rental”.   


·      The Customer is advised and acknowledges that engine damage or prop damage, such as sucking sand or debris into intakes or flipping the Jet Ski the wrong direction can cause serious damage to the engine and/or jet drive. Or driving the boat in shallow water or not tying up the boat and jetski properly to prevent the watercraft from rubbing or running into docks or other things. In the event there is apparent damage, Customer agrees to pay a diagnostic fee to determine the nature and extent of the damage. If it is determined the Customer has caused damage, the Customer agrees to pay standard labor rates plus cost of parts for repair. Customer further agrees to pay the daily rental rate for each day the Rental Equipment is out of commission for repair. 


·      In the event of malfunction, or breakdown, or any defect is found after the craft is rented, please report to Price’s Rentals Immediately and do not attempt to resolve an issue on your own. Continued use shall be at the risk of the customer, and they will assume all liability. 


FUEL: All fuel tanks will be full when delivered to the Renter and tanks will be returned full of unleaded fuel, NO Ethanol Fuel. In the event that your craft runs out of fuel on the lake and Price’s Rentals must retrieve you or bring more fuel, there will be a $100 service charge plus the current cost of the fuel. Fees will be retained from the Security Deposit.


LESSEE’S COMPLIANCE WITH LAW. Lessee will, at its own expense, comply with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations affecting the equipment and its use and operation.  


DISCLAIMER: Customer acknowledges and agrees that Price’s Rentals is not responsible for the loss or damage to any personal property of Customer, including any property left on or in Rental Equipment by Customer. Price’s Rentals is not responsible for the loss of any time of the use of Rental Equipment due to the Rental Equipment’s failure, poor weather conditions, illness of Customer, accidents or for any other reason.


ACCIDENTS: Customer will notify Price’s Rentals immediately after the occurrence of any accident or other event involving the Rental Equipment that results in injury to any person or damage to any property.


PASSENGER VESSEL SAFETY ACT ADVISORY: The maximum number of passengers or weight for watercraft rental is listed inside the watercraft. 3 people for jetski and 11 passengers plus captain for smaller pontoon boat and 14 passengers plus captain for larger pontoon boat. Non-compliance will result in loss of craft, and no refund and liability for any fines. Weight needs to be evenly distributed throughout the boats so place coolers near the middle or rear and heavier passengers near the rear. If water is coming up over the front of the boat floor move people and weight accordingly so that the boat is tipped more back than forward.


INSURANCE: I understand and accept that no medical or other insurance or benefits are being provided to me. I have acknowledged and assume all risks related to any activity in which I or my dependents engage, and I understand and accept that I am responsible for all damage up to the replacement value of the Rental Equipment rented and for all accidents and injury to any person or property. 


PHYSICAL & MENTAL CONDITION: I certify that I and my dependents are in good health and have not consumed any alcohol or drugs during the past 24 hours which would impair our ability to safely operate Price’s Rentals rentals. Furthermore, there is no physical condition, disability, impairment, or injury which would make it difficult or dangerous for me or my dependents to participate in any water craft activity, or which would impair my ability to knowingly and voluntarily enter into a Rental Agreement.  


DISCLOSURE & ASSUMPTION OF RISKS: I am aware that boating, riding a PWC (Personal Watercraft), water-skiing, wake boarding, tube riding or being a passenger in a boat or PWC or any other equipment on a lake or other body of water, and any other activity in which I am about to voluntarily engage bears unknown risks which could result in injury, death, illness, mental or physical harm to myself and others, and/or damage to my property or the property of others.  I voluntarily assume and accept the risks of any injury or harm to my person, my children and/or any of my dependants and to my property and/or my children’s property and/or my dependant’s property which may result from these or any other hazards arising from any activity in which I may participate with Price’s Rentals Rental Equipment.  This assumption of risks includes the risk of injury or harm, which may or may not be caused by acts or omissions or negligence by Price’s Rentals, Price’s Party Patrol, LLC, its officers, directors, employees, mangers, agents, owners, and any other persons.


RELEASE AND DISCHARGE: I understand and agree that bysigning this rental agreement and liability release I am voluntarily assuming risks and forever release and waive any right I, my heirs, assigns, personal representative and estate may have to recover damages, attorneys fees, costs or other amounts from Price’s Rentals officers, directors, employees, managers, owners, agents, or any other persons related to Price’s Rentals for any injury or harm (including death) to myself, my children or other dependants or others resulting from the risks and hazards from activity in which I may be engaged in with the rental equipment from Price’s Rentals. I agree to follow all Price’s Rentals Safety Rules, including wearing a life jacket, to obey all posted signs, lake regulations and all other written or verbal instructions associated with the use of Rental Equipment.


COVENANT OF GOOD FAITH: Lessee recognizes that Price’s Rentals will operate under the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, but Price’s Rentals may find it necessary to terminate an activity due to forces of nature, medical necessities, unsafe use of craft, or other problems; and/or terminate the participation of any person that Price’s Rentals judges to be incapable of meeting the rigors or requirements of participating in the activity. Lessee accepts Price’s Rentals right to take such action for the safety of lessee and/or other participants.  


 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I, the Customer, acknowledge that I have read and understand this entire Rental Agreement & Release and will be bound by all provisions within said agreement. If any part or provision of this Rental Agreement is deemed invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the agreement shall remain in full force.  With my signature I also authorize Price’s Rentals to bill my credit card for damages or additional service fees resulting from this rental.


_Date:_September 21, 2023_ 

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