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1. Emsculpt Procedure

You are scheduled for a series of non-invasive treatments with the Emsculpt. The device is indicated for improvement of abdominal tone, strengthening of the abdominal muscles, development of firmer abdomen. Strengthening, toning and firming of buttocks and thighs

2.  What to expect:

Your treatment provider will discuss your specific treatment needs. Recommended the minimum number of treatments is 4. The treatment is typically about 20-30 minutes per session, with sessions separated by at least two to three days. Completing a full treatment series is necessary to maximize treatment efficacy. You may need additional treatments depending on your goals.

Before the treatment, you are not required to do anything special, however, keeping your body well hydrated is recommended. On the day of the treatment, you are advised to wear comfortable clothing which allows flexibility for correct positioning during the treatment. You will be asked to remove all metallic accessories and electronic devices.

A successful treatment outcome can be affected by smoking or excessive alcohol consumption, as well as: eating disorders or on-going medication. While no special diet is required, you are encouraged to eat healthy to help promote and maintain results.

The treatment does not require anesthesia. During the application, you will feel intense muscle contractions in the treated area. The procedure doesn’t require any recovery time. Typically, you can get back to your daily routine right after the treatment.

 3. Treatment considerations:

I hereby authorize Bared Monkey MedSpa Inc. and all its affiliated companies and the trained, licensed staffs in this practice to perform the Emsculpt procedure on me. I understand that I will require several treatments to obtain an optimum result and the outcome may vary with each individual and acknowledge that it is impossible to predict how I will respond to the treatment.

I am aware that pregnancy and nursing are contraindicated, and pregnant women cannot undergo the treatment.

I understand that there are certain risks associated with Emsculpt treatments and they include, but are not limited to muscular pain, temporary muscle spasm, temporary joint or tendon pain, local erythema or skin redness and intramuscular fat decrease.

I understand that the treatment may involve risks of complications or injury from both known and unknown causes, and I freely assume these risks.

I understand that the treatment over injured or otherwise impaired muscles is contraindicated

I agree to before and after treatment photographs, measurements and weighing, as this will help for medical evaluation of the results of the treatment. 


I certify that I have read and understood all information presented to me, and I have been given an opportunity to ask questions before signing this consent. I acknowledge and accept the risks inherent in the Emsculpt procedure. I voluntarily assume the risk of possible complications and side effects which may arise from the Emsculpt treatment set forth herein; and any of my heirs, executors, representatives or assigns hereby release Bared Monkey MedSpa Inc. and all its affiliated companies from any and all claims, liabilities for personal injury, and property damages of any kind sustained while on the premises, during the treatments set forth herein by any employees or representatives of Bared Monkey MedSpa Inc. and all its affiliated companies. 

My signature below indicates that the above information is accurate and current.

June 13, 2024


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Malignant tumor
Ongoing pregnancy
Heart disorders
Areas of the skin which lack normal sensation
Drug pumps
Hemorrhagic conditions

If you marked off any of the above, please specify:
Parent(s) or court-appointed legal guardian(s) must sign for any participating minor (those under 18 years of age) and agree that they and the minor are subject to all the terms of this document, as set forth above.

By signing below the Parent or Court-Appointed Legal Guardian agrees that they are also subject to all the terms of this document, as set forth above.
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