Heritage Sporting Club LLC

15763 County Road 47,

LaSalle, CO 80645

Office: 720-432-4306


Updated 08/14/2022

Outfitter #OUT.0003168

Commercial Game Park License Number: 1836895537

This publication supersedes all previous General Club Provisions and Rules and Regulations.


Welcome to Heritage Sporting Club (HSC). You are joining an exclusive member-focused community of sportsmen that have a passion for wing shooting and the outdoors. Our rules are designed to ensure every member, their family, and guests have a great experience at Heritage Sporting Club. Hunting has inherent risks and the safety of everyone on the property is our primary goal. Any behavior that endangers our members will not be tolerated. Keep in mind, membership at Heritage Sporting Club is a PRIVILEGE. Our right to access and enjoy the property is a PRIVILEGE. Members are expected to conduct themselves as ethical sportsmen, follow the rules, limits, and respect the rights of fellow members as well as follow all state and Federal laws, and common safety procedures. We retain the right to deny, terminate or non-renew any membership at our discretion. Our members are our community. It takes every member’s effort to ensure that this club will be the premier upland club in Colorado. Please treat your neighbors like you want to be treated. Watch out for everyone’s best interest. Report any violations or incidents to member services ASAP.  If you would like to request a change in policy for the following season, please email your request to members@heritagesportingclub.com.


Membership is for one calendar year. This upland membership begins on March 31, 2022 and ends March 31, 2023. Wild dove hunting starts September 1, 2022. Game birds (pheasant and chukar) are available from October 15, 2022 through March 31, 2023 (potentially longer pending weather and bird availability). The following rules apply to all members, their family, and guests. We would appreciate each member helping to police these rules through the HSC management. 

  1. INDEMNITY AND HOLD HARMLESS: No person is allowed onto the property for any reason without a properly executed release of liability agreement. All Members shall acknowledge and agree in writing, by affixing their initials on pages one (1) through six (6) and signature on page seven (7), signifying the Member’s Acceptance and Approval of these Rules & Regulations and the HOLD HARMLESS clause in this agreement. All signed pages must have an initial or signature as indicated either wet or e-signed by the primary member. All pages must be returned to management via mail, email or e-signature procedures before you are allowed to access the property. All members are hereby notified that email will be the primary form of communication from Member Services.  It is the member’s responsibility to inform Member Services of the correct email address to receive correspondence, notices and documentation. The Member, for themselves, family, guests, and invitees, ASSUMES ALL RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY and agrees to hold Heritage Sporting Club LLC, its landowners, contractors, principals, and employees, absolutely held harmless from any and all actions and free from liability whatsoever assumed or implied of any form or type.
  2. MEMBERSHIP: Heritage Sporting Club offers a number of membership options for our club at Milton Reservoir. This contract is exclusively for a private Upland Bird Hunting membership. A membership consists of one primary member and their spouse (secondary member). 
  3. GUESTS: HSC Upland members can bring guests to hunt with them. Member’s guest(s) must always hunt with the member, and the member is always responsible for their guests. Number of guests allowed is dependent on field availability and size to ensure safety.  Check with member services if there is a question regarding guest numbers.  Up to 3 guests are always permitted. However, Heritage staff reserves the right to deny guest numbers that exceed 3 (4 people in the field including members) if it is deemed unsafe based on field availability.  
  4. MEMBERSHIP DATES: This membership is valid through March 31, 2023.
  6. PRIVATE FIELDS: Heritage Sporting Club (HSC) ensures an exciting hunting experience that features over 500 acres of wooded areas, sagebrush, wetland draws and open cover consisting of a variety of natural prairie grasses. The cover provides outstanding natural habitat to hold pheasants and chukar - making for a very challenging and enjoyable hunt. Members are allowed to reserve a private field on any approved hunting day. 
  7. SELF-GUIDED: Members are allowed to hunt with their guests in a private field as described in our Hunting Policies (14).
  8. DOG TRAINING: Dog training area is available to our members year-round within our designated upland fields as well as at the designated water training area on the SW side of the lake. 
  9. CLUB HOUSE RESERVATIONS: Members have priority on reserving our clubhouse for their private events. HSC can provide catering and special services upon request.  
  10. STORAGE - On-site, equipment storage is available with your membership.
  11. PRIORITY ON FUTURE OFFERINGS: Current members will have priority on all future membership offerings, investment opportunities, and limited quantity promotions. 
  12. REMOTE BIRD LAUNCHERS-  Members have the option to rent up to two remote bird launchers for dog training purposes.  Bird launcher reservations are done through the hunt request form and there is a minimal fee for use of bird launchers.  Members must return the bird launchers to the Clubhouse in the same condition that they were rented.  Members are responsible for any damages incurred while using the launchers, and will be responsible for repairing or replacing launchers that are found damaged at their own expense.
  13. MEMBER SERVICES 24/7 ON-CALL: 720-432-4306. Call this phone number for driving directions, property concerns, questions, or reporting trespassers and/or damage. 
  14. HUNTING LICENSE: Heritage Sporting Club is a private hunting reserve and licensed by the State of Colorado as a commercial park. Our pheasant/chukar hunting season is longer than the Colorado public season. Our season typically runs from the beginning of October through the end of March.  No state hunting license is required when hunting pheasants/chukar purchased in your hunting package, although we do ask that hunters under 18 years of age have their Hunters Education Card.  However, state and federal licenses are required for hunting doves on the property. It is the responsibility of all hunters (guests/members) to obtain current and legal hunting licenses and hunters safety certifications per Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) regulations (http://cpw.state.co.us/) when hunting wild birds. 
  15. PROOF OF MEMBERSHIP:  All members must have a valid photo ID that matches your membership information that can be presented upon request. 
  16. PROPERTY ACCESS: The property is secured with locked gates at all member entrance points. Members will receive a code to their entrance gate which will change periodically. Each member must lock the gate behind them. It is your responsibility to immediately lock the gate behind you. You are 100% responsible for anyone who comes into the property after you unlock the gate or who you provide the code to. The exception is when FRICO wants the gate open to run in truck loads. The gate will be properly marked if this happens. 
  17. VEHICLES ALLOWED: All vehicles must display a valid access permit/guest pass or they will be towed at the owner’s expense. In order to maintain a premier community and prevent contamination from oil leaks, no vehicle built before the year 2000 is allowed on the property without prior approval. Additionally, all newer vehicles must be free of fluid leaks that could contaminate the property.
  18. UNAUTHORIZED VEHICLES:  This list includes but is not limited to Motorcycles, Motor Scooters, Dune Buggies, Go Karts or amphibious vehicles. None of these may be operated on the property at any time by Members or their Guest’s. A golf Cart, ATV or UTV may be allowed with Member Services Approval. They must display a special Heritage sticker on the vehicle and only may be operated by people with a valid driver’s license. These vehicles must be driven on or designated motorized paths. NO OFF-ROADING ALLOWED. This list and policy is subject to modification at any time by Member Services, Leaseholder or the Property Owner.
  20. VALID LICENSE AND INSURANCE: You must have a valid license and insurance to operate any vehicle on the property.
  21. ROAD ACCESS ONLY: Vehicle MUST be operated on designated roads, motorized paths and parking areas at ALL times. At no time can any vehicle be operated off the designated roads or motorized paths. This includes golf carts and UTV’s. There is absolutely NO off-roading on the property. This will result in immediate termination of the HSC Membership.
  22. NO DRIVING ON MUDDY ROADS: Driving on muddy roads is not authorized. This can result in the vehicle tearing ruts into the road and the vehicle getting stuck. If a member’s vehicle gets stuck, Heritage staff are not authorized to pull the member out without approval from the owner. The member will be responsible for getting a tow truck and the associated costs. If Heritage chooses to pull the vehicle out with a tow truck or other equipment, the member will be responsible for all costs and indemnifies Heritage for any damage caused to the member's vehicle. The members will be responsible for all damage caused to the roads and property, and will be responsible for all labor, equipment and material to recover the stuck vehicle and repair the property.
  23. DREDGING OPERATIONS: The landowner FRICO has dredging operations in effect. Members are not permitted into any areas where dredging operations are in effect. 
  24. GIVE WAY: FRICO and all oilfield service companies have right away at ALL times. No type of vehicle obstruction of roadways is allowed.
  25. BOATS: Upland memberships do not allow the use of ANY boats on the property. 
  26. NO DRIVING ON DAM: Driving on the Dam is explicitly prohibited. This will result in immediate termination of the HSC Membership and may result in criminal trespassing charges by FRICO.
  27. SPEED LIMIT:  Please use Caution and Safety while driving your vehicles around the Lake Property. The speed limit on all roads around the lakes is no more than 10 MPH, without exception. Lower limits may be posted and must be obeyed at all times. Heritage members are to limit their speed to 20 MPH on the dirt county roads adjacent to the property to limit dust and respect the neighbors. Repeated violations will result in the vehicle and person(s) being BANNED from the property and possible termination of the HSC Membership.
  28. PARKING:  Parking is permitted in designated areas only. All vehicles must display a proper vehicle or guest parking pass. Any vehicle found without a proper pass will be towed at the member’s expense. All vehicles must have a valid registration and insurance to enter HSC property. Again, all members are 100% responsible for their guests at all times.  It is the Members responsibility to know where the designated parking areas are on the property. NO VEHICLES CAN BE PARKED OUTSIDE THE HSC GATE OR ALONG THE PROPERTY LINE AT ANY POINT. 
  29. OVERNIGHT CAMPING: HSC is not permitted for overnight camping outside its Water Sports Membership. No overnight camping is allowed on the property with this membership.
  31. VIOLATIONS: Violation of HSC rules and regulations may result in immediate termination of membership without refund. Our rules and regulations are designed to maintain safety in the potentially dangerous sport of hunting and to ensure a quality experience for all. It is your responsibility to know and follow all of the rules. Failure to follow the rules will result in fines or immediate termination without refund. 
  32. SELF-GUIDED HUNTING: You are responsible for all our club rules and procedures.
  33. BIRD RATE CHARGES: Members may purchase bird packages at the rates outlined. These rates may change without notice based on cost or availability. Note, our bird suppliers have informed us that input costs (i.e. feed, heating fuel, etc) have gone up, so the price we pay for birds will likely increase as well.  Although we strive to maintain the best prices for our members, we expect to have to increase the cost for birds to maintain profitability.  Increases will not exceed $2 per bird. 
  34. Pheasant - $24
  35. Chukar - $22
  36. Bonus birds - Hunters may only harvest the number and species of birds they have been received for on their respective hunt date.  
  37. Clean up hunts - Members may reserve dates for “clean-up” hunts in which they are allowed to harvest residual birds that had been previously released in the field.  Rates for clean-up hunts will be $50/hunter in the field.  Because CPW Commercial Gamebird Parks regulations state, “b. Total harvest of any bird species released on a commercial wildlife park shall be limited to no more than the number of flight capable birds released in a calendar year,” members that reserve a “clean up hunt” must first verify with HSC the number of surplus birds that may be harvested.  Additionally, no more than 4 birds (combo of pheasant/chukar) may be harvested per hunter. Upon completion of a “clean-up” hunt, hunters must report their harvest and obtain a receipt from HSC staff.
  38. BIRD CHARGES: All members must keep a valid credit card on file with members services for payment of birds.   Members may also choose to pay for birds in advance via cash, check, or credit card.  If birds are not paid for in advance, you hereby authorize HSC to charge your payment method on file for all hunt fees after your hunt .  
  39. AUTHORIZED HUNTING LOCATIONS: Members must hunt within the designated HSC field locations. Hunting outside of the designated fields is never permitted. 
  40. DOGS: Member’s dogs are allowed on the property as long as they are well behaved. Members are responsible for their dogs. All dogs must be leashed or under positive control at all times. All dogs need to be kenneled when not hunting. Dogs are not allowed to run loose in areas outside your hunting field. No dogs are allowed in the clubhouse.
  41. DOWNED BIRDS: You may not retrieve a downed bird off the designated hunting property. You may not contact adjacent landowners or trespass on private property. You must contact HSC staff to contact the landowner on your behalf.
  42. SAFETY: 
  43. Firearms - Shotguns are the only firearms allowed on the property by members or guests. All firearms must be unloaded with the breach open until you are physically in your field and ready to hunt. Firearms must be unloaded with the breach open if you are not actively hunting. Your firearm will remain unloaded with the breach open at all times you are on Heritage property after your hunt. The use of the safety on your firearm is required at all times. It should be kept in a safe position until you are ready to fire the gun.
  44. Ammunition - HSC does not allow shot size larger than size 6 or more than 1 ¼ oz shot when hunting in the fields. High brass or magnum loads are also not allowed. 
  45. Blaze Orange - HSC REQUIRES that every person in the field wear blaze orange hats and/or hunting vests. No one is allowed to enter the hunting fields without proper safety apparel.
  46. Hunters - HSC limits the number of people in any given field to four (4) hunters, unless field availability and size allows for greater than 4 hunters in a field.  Parties greater than 4 must be approved by Heritage staff.  
  47. GUIDES: HSC will have professional upland guides and dogs available for a fee of $95/hunt. Heritage guides are professionals that have extensive experience and highly trained dogs. Their job is to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. They will answer any questions and take you out to your designated field. As professional guides, they can provide the optimum shooting opportunities for you and your group.
  48. TRASH: Pick up shell casings and trash after EVERY hunt. Report any trash immediately to member services. 
  49. TARGET SHOOTING: Target shooting is only allowed at the designated shooting area under the supervision of Heritage staff. 
  50. HUNT RESPECTFULLY: Be considerate of other members’ hunting situations when entering or leaving the fields or property. 
  51. IT’S HUNTING: HSC has an amazing piece of property and is doing everything in its power to optimize the hunting experience. As a HSC member, you are enjoying an optimized environment for a great hunt, but your hunt is not guaranteed. You will be hunting birds that are unpredictable by nature. 
  52. HUNTING EQUIPMENT: Members are responsible for bringing their own hearing protection, protective eyewear, firearm and ammunition when hunting the property. Every person in the field MUST wear a blaze orange hat/vest for safety reasons.
  53. ACCESS/PARKING: Always stay on established trails and roads. Parking is only allowed in designated parking locations located a minimum of 100 ft away from any oil and gas well, tank or facility. Do not drive on wet grounds. Vehicles need to stay on established roads and park in designated areas on the property. Never block a road. 
  54. OFF ROADING: This is a particularly sensitive issue for the landowner. Never drive your vehicles off of authorized roads, as our property has sensitive soils that may be damaged. No exceptions.
  55. EXIT RECEIPT: Ensure you leave the property with an exit receipt that includes the number of birds you have in your possession. The receipt must contain the bird species, sex, quantity, park number and date. If you are stopped by CPW, this is proof that you are in legal possession of game birds.
  56. BIRD CLEANING: We only allow bird cleaning onsite for our upland birds. No migratory birds (doves, ducks and geese) may be cleaned onsite due to liability incurred with CPW regulations. Pheasants and chukar can be cleaned onsite as there are no bag limits with our commercial parks permit. Please ensure bird remains are placed in a plastic bag, then placed in the dumpster. Do not leave bird remains on the ground. 
  57. PROHIBITED: No drugs (including marijuana which is still federally illegal) are allowed on the property. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on property while in the fields. Alcohol is allowed at the base camp clubhouse ONLY after hunters are finished for the day. Any member found drinking and then entering the field to hunt, or discharging firearms after consuming alcohol will have their membership revoked. 
  58. FIRES: No campfires. Open fires are only allowed in the designated fire pit at the clubhouse. 
  59. SMOKING: Smoking in the field is prohibited and should only be done in designated areas. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!! Our vegetation and habitat is highly flammable. 
  60. GUEST POLICY: Members must hunt with their guests at ALL times. HSC has the right to prohibit anyone from entering the property. If HSC bans someone, that person will not be allowed on the property as your guest. If you are not sure if your guest is banned, please contact member services via email to clarify and get permission. Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests have filled out and submitted a liability release form in advance of the scheduled hunt day. This is required by our lease and on-compliance will result in immediate membership termination. 
  61. HUNT DAYS: Members will be allowed to hunt doves from September 1-30, 2023. HSC will have pheasants and chukar available onsite for release and hunting from October, 2022 (date subject to bird availability and weather) to March 31, 2022. Hunt days are seven days a week.
  62. Upland field reservations can be made seven days a week and will start at 9AM and 1PM. Each scheduled hunt may not last not more than 3 hours.
  63. Outside of October-March, members are permitted to release and subsequently hunt ring-necked pheasants, quail (Gambel’s, scaled, bobwhite), chukar, and/or pigeons with prior approval from HSC staff.  
  64. SPECIAL EVENTS: HSC may host special events throughout the season.  During these events, field reservations may be limited or restricted.
  65. HUNTING RESERVATIONS: Reservations are on a first come first serve basis and must be made at least 24 hours in advance of a designated hunting day.  
  66. HUNT CANCELLATIONS: We understand that cancellation of a hunt reservation is sometimes necessary. In order to provide fair opportunity to all members, we require that you cancel at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled hunt. Failure to cancel within this window, or failing to show up for a reservation will result in forfeiture of your hunt fees.

  2. PRIVATE PROPERTY: HSC property is private. Hunters are expected to respect the land owner and their property. Destruction of property will result in automatic membership termination without refund. 
  3. TARGET SPECIES: Dove, quail, pheasant and chukar hunting is the only allowed hunting with this membership. There is absolutely no hunting of big game, waterfowl, predators, or turkeys on the property. 
  4. PROPERTY ACCESS: Access is only allowed on approved hunt days or if reserved in advance through the office. 
  5. ENVIRONMENTAL: This reservoir is the main source of irrigation water to support all the farmers in the area. As the Denver Metro grows, this reservoir may one day become the primary municipal drinking supply. It is vitally important that we be good stewards of this land to keep the land and water pristine and clean. We believe all our members will share this value with us. There will be no tolerance for members who do not.
  6. DUMPING: There is absolutely no dumping of trash or hazardous materials on site.
  7. DUMPING/SPILLS OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: All trash must be put into the provided dumpsters. No dump of any trash is allowed. Intentional dumping of any hazardous material including fuel, oil, coolant and sewage on the property is strictly prohibited. It is imperative that you notify lake management as soon as possible so we can clean up the spill before it seeps into the soil. You will be held financially liable for all cleanup of intentional dumping or failure to report an accidental spill.
  8. SANITATION: No refuse shall be thrown into or left on the shoreline of the lake. 
  9.  AQUATIC NUISANCE SPECIES (ANS): ANS is a major threat to lakes in Colorado. Introduction of ANS into this reservoir could result in the end of our ability to boat on this lake. It is imperative that we do everything in our power to prevent the introduction of ANS. By signing this document, you acknowledge that you have received the BOATERS GUIDE TO ANS and fully understand the material.
  10.  CLEAN, DRAIN, DRY, DISPOSE: After leaving any other body of water, make sure you completely clean, drain and dry your boat. ANS can be too small to see and can survive in any level of water. Dispose of any bait or plants.
  11.   ANYTHING ENTERING THE WATER: ANS can be transported in the mud of your boots, in your bait box, in the water of your kayak, etc. Please do everything in your power to eliminate the chance of being the one who introduces ANS into Milton Reservoir. Remember, CLEAN, DRAIN, DRY, DISPOSE. (It takes 30 days to dry to ensure ANS organisms are killed.)
  12. ALTERCATIONS: In the event of an altercation of any kind, those who are involved are subject to expulsion and loss of membership without recourse or refund. Any issues need to be referred to HSC management.
  13. DISCLOSURES: These rules and regulations may change as dictated by the landowner, county, state and federal governments. 
  14. UNTAMED LAND: It is understood that the Premises consists of mostly undeveloped and untamed land. The member understands that the property’s use involves inherently dangerous activities, and that there may be hazards (known and unknown, hidden and observable), including but not limited to, dangers such as holes, cracks or openings in the earth, fence wire, snakes, wells, swamps, brush and other growth, ponds, harmful plants, wild or venomous animals, insects, bats, unauthorized or careless persons on the land, other hunters, or other risks that may be dangerous and cause injury and/or death and the member assumes all such risks as their own responsibility, without liability to or recourse against Heritage or Farmers Reservoir and Irrigation Company (FRICO).
  15. WATER QUALITY: It is understood that the source of water in Milton Reservoir is largely from the South Platte River which also feeds the surrounding lakes such as Barr Lake. The member understands the water has not been treated and the water quality is dependent on its source. Poor water quality upstream will result in poor water quality in Milton Reservoir which may include but is not limited to algae, bacteria, high or low pH, or other substances that may be harmful to human or animal health. Heritage in no way warrants the water quality in Milton Reservoir, nor can control it. For more information about the water quality at Milton Reservoir and ways to improve it, go to http://www.barr-milton.org.
  16. WATER LEVEL: Heritage Sporting Club has no control of the water level in Milton Reservoir and in no way warrants the water level. The primary use of the reservoir is for irrigation so the water level will change throughout the season. 
  17. OUTSTANDING DUES: All fees must be paid in full prior to reserving a hunt or accessing property. The member’s privileges and access to property will be suspended until all fees have been paid in full.
  18. REFUNDS: No money will be refunded or prorated at any time if your membership is terminated for any reason, or if a deposit is given and a member does not renew their membership, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  19. ABANDONED PROPERTY: Any property left after the expiration of your membership is abandoned and considered property of Heritage Sporting Club. If cleanup of your property is deemed necessary by an agent or employee of Leaseholder or Landowner, you will be charged at the rate of $150.00 per hour for any clean up and any hauling fees that are applicable.
  20. SUBLEASING/ASSIGNMENT: There is no subletting or assignment of your membership. The membership is strictly for the members listed in this agreement. 
  21. NSF CHARGES & FEES:  If a Member has a check returned due to Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) there will be a minimum fee of $100.00 charged to the Member.  Good funds payment MUST be received by Member Services within 3 calendar days of Notice to the Member of said NSF on their dues payment.   Failure to make payment to Member Services in this time frame will result in termination of the Membership.
  22. LATE PAYMENTS: All late payments will incur a $50 initial penalty and a 2% per month penalty after that. 
  23. FINES: There are no fines. Failure to follow the rules will result in Termination without Refund. This is a gentleman’s club. Warnings are not given.


READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING.  THIS FULL RELEASE IS AN ENFORCEABLE CONTRACT BETWEEN YOU AND HERITAGE SPORTING CLUB LLC.  IT INCLUDES A RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND WAIVER OF CERTAIN LEGAL RIGHTS. In consideration of being allowed to access and use, in any way, Milton Reservoir and the surrounding premises (collectively, the “Lake Property”), you acknowledge and agree as follows: 

  2. Rocks, roots, vegetation, steep slopes, and unstable soils may create tripping and slip and fall hazards. High fast-moving water, deep water, uncertain bottoms, ice and mud.
  3. Weather is unpredictable and changes quickly.   Lightning strikes, blizzards, heavy rain, drowning, hypothermia, hail, high winds, landslides, and wildfires are possible. Water may from time to time contain harmful bacteria or parasites. The lake may freeze and ice thickness is unstable and changes rapidly. Risk of drowning, hypothermia, and death from falling through the ice.
  4. Equipment at the Lake Property may break, fail, or malfunction. Hazardous material hidden in all areas of the property including underwater, docks, blinds, pits and club materials having faulty construction. There are no lifeguards at the Lake Property. There are no rescue vehicles or medical facilities at or near the Lake Property. There are no trained security personnel at the Lake Property. 
  5. The risk of injury from ammunition and being shot from other guns. The risk of handling firearms and or being near others that have firearms in their possession. The risk of hearing damage from noise or firearm discharge.
  6. Walking in rugged country, including encounters with wildlife, animals, insects, venomous snakes and plants. Rattlesnakes are known to be on the property. 
  7. Physical stress.
  8. Unclear property boundaries and it is the hunter’s responsibility not to trespass.
  10. YOU RELEASE ALL CLAIMS AGAINST THE LAKE OWNER AND OPERATOR.  YOU, for  yourself  and your  heirs, assigns, personal representatives,  and next of kin, RELEASE, INDEMNIFY,  AND HOLD HARMLESS the Lake Owner  and   Operator from  any  and  all  causes  of  action  (including  but  not  limited  to  negligence),   claims,  demands,  losses,  expenses    (including attorneys’ fees and costs) and liability arising out of or related to any INJURY, DISABILITY, or DEATH that you may   suffer, or loss of or damage to property (including  theft by third parties), arising directly or indirectly  from your access to or    use of the Lake Property. 
  12. IF YOU CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE LAKE PROPERTY, YOU AGREE TO PAY FOR ITS REPAIR.  If you (or, if you are a parent or legal guardian, your child) cause damage to the Lake Property (including equipment, natural features such as habitat, trees and water or fish), you agree that you will pay all costs and expenses associated with its repair or replacement (“Repair Costs”), including the costs of collection of the Repair Costs, which may include court costs and attorneys’ fees. You will pay for replacing damaged HSC decoys damaged at full MSRP retail prices. If you injure a HSC hunting dog, you will pay all medical expenses and lost revenue. You agree that replacement of a HSC hunting dog is $20,000 in the case of the dog’s death.
  14. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE. You are responsible for knowing and following all Heritage’s rules and regulations. Access and use will be limited by club rules and procedures and can be revoked for non-compliance. All members and guests will obey state and federal hunting laws while on club properties. All members will be in charge of transportation, firearms/ammunitions, and handling/processing of game.
  15. PHOTO & VIDEO RELEASE. I hereby grant permission to the rights of my image, likeness and sound of my voice as recorded on audio or video tape without payment or any other consideration to Heritage Sporting Club and any of its related companies. I understand that my image may be edited, copied, exhibited, published or distributed and waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product wherein my likeness appears. Additionally, I waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of my image or recording.  I also understand that this material may be used in social media and advertising within an unrestricted geographic area. By signing this release, I understand this permission signifies that photographic or video recordings of me may be electronically displayed via the Internet or in the public setting. There is no time limit on the validity of this release nor is there any geographic limitation on where these materials may be distributed.
  16. The undersigned has/have read this Full Release and understand its terms. This Full Release is executed freely and voluntarily, with full understanding that the undersigned is/are giving up substantial legal rights.

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