Experienced Club Membership

This membership form and agreement is for EXPERIENCED OR SOLO STUDENT PARACHUTISTS ONLY and must be completed prior to skydiving with Skydive GB Parachute Club.

Club Rules

1. General

1.1 Skydive GB Parachute Club Ltd (SGBPC) is a member’s club that provides parachute training and is affiliated to British Skydiving, the sport’s governing body.

1.2 All active parachuting members must have a current BS Membership, medical certificate and be a paid-up member of SGBPC.

1.3 No aircraft or equipment are to be utilised without proper authorisation.

1.4 To use airside facilities at SGBPC, you must be a current member of SGBPC. This document acts as your Membership Agreement.

1.5 SGBPC is a company registered in England and Wales as Company Number 12452186. The company, a not-for-profit sports club, is limited by member’s guarantee of £1. As a club member, the limit of your liability is £1.

1.6 Failure to abide by the rules set out within this agreement could result in termination of your membership at the discretion of the committee.

1.7 Membership is not valid until the relevant membership fees (below) are paid.

1.8 Each member is expected to promote the well-being of the Club.

2. Fees

2.1 All parachutists/skydivers agree to pay an annual membership fee of £50 to become a member of the Club.

2.2 Membership starts from the date of your intended initial visit.

3. Safety

3.1 All parachuting at SGBPC takes place under the rules laid down by the British Skydiving Operations Manual.

3.2 All parachutists/skydivers must follow the rules laid down in the club’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which are available upon request.

3.3 It is every person’s responsibility to keep the drop zone and spectator area clean and free from litter (FOD).

3.4 All accidents, injuries and incidents MUST be reported to a member of staff immediately.

3.5 All off drop zone landings and possible damage must be reported to the CI. Off landings may result from:

3.5.1 Increase or directional change in wind conditions.

3.5.2 Poor canopy handling.

3.5.3 Poor spotting.

3.6 Parachutists landing in crop fields are to make their way to the nearest hedgerow by following the furrows and not cutting across crops.

3.7 Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the airfield except the designated smoking areas and NEVER in proximity to aircraft, fuel stores or parachute equipment.

3.8 Alcohol consumption is not permitted on the airfield until the last aircraft flight of the day has left the ground, and no-one will be permitted to jump if they have consumed any alcohol at all that day. Should a member of staff decide that a person is unfit to jump for any reason, they will not be permitted to jump.

4. General Rules

4.1 Food and drink are not permitted in the hangar, classrooms, kit store or packing area with the exception of bottled water.

4.2 Parents must keep their children under strict control and away from aircraft, equipment and the drop zone.

4.3 Dogs are not permitted across the entire site, including associated car parks, adjoining farmland and approach roads, without prior written permission.

4.4 East Leys Farm is an active farm with livestock and has its own campsite exclusive to members of the Caravan and Motorhome Club only. Drive sensibly on approach roads and car park. The site speed limit is 10mph.

4.5 Park sensibly in a designated parking area, ensuring clear emergency access to the runway is available at all times.

4.6 Airside vehicle movements must strictly be agreed with the drop zone controller or chief instructor prior to any movements taking place.

4.7 All members and visitors are respectfully asked to act in a sensible and responsible manner around the drop zone and local areas.

4.8 The use or sale of any illegal substances on the airfield is prohibited. Any such activities will result in a life ban, and the police and British Skydiving being informed.

4.9 No credit will be extended to any club member and all goods and services must be paid for in advance

4.10 Guests are welcome providing they remain within the boundary of the spectator area, club house and car park (unless agreed by a member of staff). Guests are the responsibility of the club member.

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By signing below the Parent or Court-Appointed Legal Guardian agrees that they are also subject to all the terms of this document, as set forth above.
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