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1) Owner acknowledges only one PWC/Boat is covered by this agreement. Additional PWC/Boats, Trailers and similar possessions will not be left on marina premises without a properly signed and accepted agreement.

2) This Dock Agreement is for annual rental of the slip. The annual rental charge must be paid in full prior to use of said boat slip. This annual rental shall run from the First day of July to the Thirtieth day of June. This annual rental shall be renewed automatically on the same terms and conditions as set forth herein unless the owner provides written notice to the marina at least 30 days prior to the end of this year or any subsequent annual rental term of owner’s intention not to renew rental agreement for next year. It is specifically provided that the marina may increase the rental charge for said slip from year to year provided that the marina gives the owner written (email) notice of said intended rental increases at least 15 days prior to the end of the then existing rental term. Owner shall keep marina advised of owner’s current mailing address, Current email address, and all phone numbers for owner.

3) It is mutually agreed that the marina does not accept the PWC/Boat for storage, shall not be held liable in any manner for the safe-keeping or condition of the same, and is not responsible therefore as warehouseman but that the relation between the parties is simply that of landlord and tenant, and it is understood and agreed by the Owner that the marina will not be responsible or liable for any damage or loss to or of the said PWC/Boat, tackle, gear, equipment or property either upon the premises of the marina, from any cause whatsoever, or for injury of the Owner or his/her guest occasioned by and cause upon the marina premises or adjacent thereto.

4) The marina shall have a lien against the above owner’s PWC/Boat and contents, for unpaid sums due for use of dock facilities or other services, or for damage caused or contributed to by above Owner’s PWC/Boat or by Owner to any piers or property of marina or any other persons.

5) Owner agrees to comply with all posted rules and regulations as fully as though they were set forth herein and said breach of the agreement or violation of posted rules and regulations occur, this rental agreement shall terminate immediately, and the marina may remove the PWC/ Boat from there dock space at the Owner’s risk and expense and retake possession of the dock space.

6) Waiver of any one condition by the Marina shall not be deemed to be a continuing waiver.

7) In the event that owner does not remove owner’s boat and other property from the premises of the Marina at the end of the rental term of in the event owner breaches the term of the Dock Agreement, owner specifically agrees that marina shall have the right to remove said boat and owner’s property from premises of the marina and store the same at the Marina’s shop parking lot or another location. In the event of such storage by marina at said shop parking lot or other location, a daily storage fee of $10 shall be assessed against the owner and marina shall have a lien against the owner’s boat and contents for any unpaid storage fees along with any fees for removal of vessel which can include but not limited to trailer rental and outside labor charges for removal.

8) This agreement expressed the entire understanding of the parties. 

Rules & Regulations Governing Dockage

1) Only boats, in good condition, and under their own power shall be admitted to dockage spaces.

2) Refuse shall not be thrown overboard. Trash shall be deposited in containers supplied for that purpose. No person shall pour oil, paint, spirits, flammable liquid, or pump oily bilges in the marina areas. This includes gas from a gas can. Bringing fuel on the docks is prohibited.

3) Subleasing of dock space, transfer of boats between slips, or from one slip to another slip, shall not be allowed, except upon prior approval of Marina. Owner agrees that in case of emergency, the marina may move the boat from the particular space rented, to any other dockage place.

4) Owner must supply a copy of the vessel registration for the vessel in the slip that owner rents. Bring your registration with you and we will be glad to copy it. **RECOMMENDATION: Leave a copy of your boat key here. If you forget your key, you don’t have to go back and get the key. We will have a copy for you!**

5) Owner must have a current liability insurance policy on any vessel/PWC docked at the marina facility and supply a copy of proof of insurance to the marina.

**RECOMMENDATION: Leave a copy of your boat key here. If you forget your key, you don’t have to go back and get the key. We will have a copy for you!**

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