Dock Slips

The renter is subject to the following terms and conditions: Renter(s) should make his/her own independent determination.

We only need this waiver filled out once per year. If you have multiple boats please fill one out for each boat. If you get a new boat please fill out a new agreement.

By signing below you are agreeing to our terms on this agreement for the entire year.

1. In case of emergency, as determined by Raccoon Lake Boat Rental, Raccoon Lake Boat Rental shall have the right to move the renter(s) boat if possible if the boat is unattended and the renter(s) cannot be reached. However, under no circumstance is Raccoon Lake Boat Rental under any obligation to provide this service. Costs incurred by Raccoon Lake Boat Rental shall be billed at the normal rate. Renter(s) agree to indemnify Raccoon Lake Boat Rental and hold harmless from all liability, loss, or damage caused by or to the subject boat. In general, the renter(s) shall be solely responsible for the emergency.

2. Renter(s) agree that only reasonable and customary use will be made of docks and facilities covered hereby, that no unnecessary wear and tear, disturbance, nuisance, rubbish, or garbage will be permitted on the dock or premises, and that renter(s) will keep docks and premises covered hereby free and clear of gear, tackle, and other obstructions. If the renter(s) and anyone in their party is unruly, drunk, on drugs, or bothering any other equipment or boats on the dock that do not belong to them the dock slip will be forfeited immediately without refund and park security will be called. Raccoon Lake Boat Rental has cameras around the dock for security. If you see something suspicious please say something so we can look over our cameras. 

3. Renter(s) MUST cancel at least 48 hours in advance to receive a refund. Refunds will NOT be given if the renter(s) have not called, left a voicemail, emailed, or sent a text message 48 hours before their check-in date. Our email is: rlboatrental@gmail.com and our text # is 765-592-3046. YOU MUST RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION FROM AN EMPLOYEE ACKNOWLEDING YOUR CANCELLATION. Sometimes we cannot hear voicemails or email/text do not go through so please make sure you have a confirmation from us before assuming it is cancelled. If you have not received confirmation of your cancellation your rental still stands.

A cancellation within 24 hours of your rental time or a no-show on the day of the rental will result in the renter being charged their dock slip in FULL.

There are no refunds or discounts due to late check-ins, early returns, changes of plans, illness, weather, or other issues that may arise.

After we make a refund on our end it typically takes 4-5 business days to show up on your account.

4. Renter(s) certify that this agreement has been read and the terms and conditions set forth herein are fully understood. Renter(s) further acknowledge that they will examine the slip at the start of their rental and inform an employee of any issues.

5. Raccoon Lake Boat Rental makes no representation or guarantees concerning water level. If the lake is flooded Raccoon Lake Boat Rental is not held responsible or liable for any damage to the boat or bodily harm the renter(s) may have whether it be during shuttling or at the dock.

6. Even-numbered slips on the left side of the dock facing the water. Odd-numbered slips are on the right side of the dock. Slips 28,27,14 and 15 have lights in front of them. Raccoon Lake Boat Rental tries to accommodate everyone and give the requested slip, but it is not guaranteed renter (s) will get the slip they requested. Please do NOT park in a boat rental slip! Those are slips 26 and down on the left side of the dock facing the water. 

7. You MUST be moved out of your slip the following day by 10 AM or you will be charged $50. Please be considerate of those renting the slip after you! Not having your boat out on time causes a domino effect on parking. 

8. Please fill out your registration number and all boat info. It makes it a lot easier on the staff to know who should be in what slip if we have all of your information. Also, renter (s) will NOT be able to park in the slip until this waiver has been completed.

9. Please stay in the slip number assigned to you. Changing slip numbers without our knowledge will result in a fine. Not parking in the correct slip will again cause a domino effect. We have some renters who need certain slips due to being handicapped, boat size, etc. Please be considerate of other renters. You will get a confirmation on which slip you will be in. We will also have it posted outside of our office door.

10. These are uncovered slip rentals and do not have power.

11. We are unable to do seasonal dock slip rentals. If interested please contact the park office at 765-344-1412. Our dock slips can only be rented for 2 weeks at a time. 

12. Raccoon Lake Boat Rental is not liable or responsible for lost or stolen items, damages of any kind, or bodily harm. 

13. Prices are subject to change. 

14. Raccoon Lake Boat Rental now has the option to have a customer on file if you wish to do so to pay for gas or anything in our shop without having to have your card present. Please contact a crew member upon your arrival and they can help you set that up. 

15. RENTER has 14 days from the time of the charge to make a dispute. Items cannot be disputed after the 14-day charge grace period.

16. Dock slip numbers are not guaranteed and there can be changes to your slip number after your reservation has been made. Please check your confirmation texts and our board outside of our office door to confirm your slip number. If you need a spot closer to the parking lot due to health reasons please make a note on your reservation so we can make sure your slip isn’t moved.

RENTER has carefully read this agreement and fully understands its contents. RENTER is aware that this is a release of liability and a contract between the renter and Raccoon Lake Boat Rental and signed of their own free will. I (WE) HAVE READ THE ENTIRE AGREEMENT AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AS SET FORTH ON ALL PAGES; I (WE) ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF A COPY OF THIS AGREEMENT.

July 21, 2024

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