Lakeview Cottages & Marina

Boat Rental Rules & Waiver

Reservations: You must be 21 years of age the full rental amount including damage deposit (if applicable) must be made before the watercraft can leave the marina.

Reservation Deposit: The deposit must be paid within 24 hours of creating the reservation or the reservation may be cancelled. A valid credit card is required to be on file for all boat reservations.

Cancellations: 10 days prior to reservation will be a full refund minus 10% administration fees, 10 days to 48 hours before reservation will incur a 50% cancellation fee of the deposit amount. Less than 48 hours prior will result in loss of deposit, there will be an option to reschedule if the cancellation was greater than 24 hours prior. Cancellations due to equipment issues will result in a full refund. Holidays and holiday weekends are non-refundable and do not qualify for rescheduling.

No Call, No Show Policy: Deposit is forfeit for ALL no call/no shows.

Weather Policy: All weather cancellations are made by Lakeview Cottages & Marina. Cancellations due to severe weather will be offered to reschedule or a full refund minus credit card fees of 3.5%. We do not cancel for overcast or light rain. We base our decision on guest safety. Weather cancellations are made the day of the reservation.

Early Return: No refunds or prorated rates for watercrafts that are returned early. In the event the watercraft is called to return due to weather, prorated refunds will be offered if the watercraft is returned more than 90 minutes before the normal return time.

Rescue Fees: We will provide and walk you through a full detailed map of our main 10 mile operating area. 5 miles north and 5 miles south. If ANYTHING happens to the watercraft in these 10 miles we will come get you free of charge (unless in designated no-go zones). We offer this due to the detailed map and our boats being well maintained. If you are outside of these boundaries, a rescue fee will incur. All fees will be reviewed during the map walkthrough.


Fuel: The watercraft will be supplied with a full tank of gas. At the end of the reservation we will refuel the watercraft and the amount will be applied to the reservation. The renter is responsible for all fuel used.

Inspection: Lakeview Cottages & Marina, to the best of its knowledge, the watercraft is in good working condition. The renter is encouraged to inspect the watercraft before it leaves the marina. The renter must notify management before the watercraft leaves the marina to avoid being held liable for damages.

Boating Equipment: Lakeview will provide personal floatation devices for standard adult sizes, fire extinguishers, throwable floatation device, and all other equipment pursuant to laws and regulations by the state of Kentucky. We have very limited floatation devices for children due to proper fitment. It is highly recommended to purchase floatation devices for children to ensure a proper fit before the reservation. Refunds will not be given and the watercraft will not be allowed to leave unless all children have a properly fitted floatation device. Child safety is our number 1 concern.

Return of Boat: Renter agrees to return the watercraft before the end time and end date listed on the rental agreement. Failure to return the boat by the designated time/date will result in additional rental charges starting at $25 per 15 minutes. Renter will not be charged if waiting for Lakeview staff for fueling and are within the "No Wake" buoys at the marina; or if the renter has notified Lakeview of equipment issues. Renter has been advised and acknowledges that the charges for lost or damaged equipment, to clean or repair or replace equipment will be charged to the credit card on file.

Damages to Equipment: Renter understands and acknowledges that the all equipment is to returned in a clean, undamaged condition, in the same condition as existing at the start date and time of the rental period. If said equipment is not returned in suitable condition and/or has sustained any damage to the engine, prop, interior components, exterior components, aluminum pontoon, hull, or any other component of the boat/motor in its entirety during the rental period, Renter acknowledges and understands Lakeview has the right to charge Renter for any damages, repairs, replacements, or cleaning of any damaged equipment or loss of property using the credit card on file.

Cleaning: Renter agrees that the watercraft will be returned at the end date and time of the rental period, with all trash bagged. Renter acknowledges and agrees that a cleaning fee starting at $50 will be charged to the credit card on file if the watercraft is not returned as it was received. Chocolate, cheesy chips (cheetos, doritos), and kool-aid are highly discouraged and normally result in clean up fees. This list is not all inclusive. If it can make a mess at home, the watercraft will be worse and expensive to clean.

Renter Warranties and Representations. Renter represents and warrants the following:

  1. Renter acknowledges all laws governing operation of the boat and that the Renter will comply with the laws and regulations at all times;
  2. Renter is adequately familiar with the operation of the boat;
  3. Renter will operate the boat in a safe manner at all times;
  4. Renter will not operate the boat while intoxicated;
  5. Renter understands the operation of the boat involves risks and that the Renter assumes all liability associated with the operation of the boat; and
  6. Renter has viewed the power boat safety videos provided at rentalboatsafety.com. 

Towing/Lily Pad: When renting a watercraft that allows the use of a towable float the Renter acknowledges that towing behind a boat has some inherent danger in the form of injury and/or death, and will not hold Boat Owner, Boat Owner’s agents, servants, successors, heirs, executors, administrators and personal representatives against all suits, actions, claims, demands, or damages that arise out of Renter’s use of Towable Float or Lily Pad. 

Life Jackets: Any person under the age of 12 must wear a life jacket at all times while on the boat. All persons must wear life jackets while swimming.

Indemnification. Renter hereby expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Boat Owner, Boat Owner’s agents, servants, successors, heirs, executors, administrators and personal representatives against all suits, actions, claims, demands, or damages that arise out of Renter’s use, misuse or abuse of the Boat. This also includes any injuries and/or death to any persons. Boating in general carries inherent dangers. Some dangers include: Drowning, slips/falls due to boat movements, slips/falls due to wet floors, pulling of tubes, slips/falls while jumping into the water. This list is not all inclusive. The Renter assumes all liability for any injuries that may occur.

Renter has read and agrees to all items listed above.

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By signing below the Parent or Court-Appointed Legal Guardian agrees that they are also subject to all the terms of this document, as set forth above.
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